The Sign:



Hoggle lugged a large trunk of wood and paint down the Labyrinth, he pulled and fought till he managed to finally get it to the outer wall where he normally worked.


The two overly large doors shut behind him as he continued to lug the trunk behind him. His small body was not up to the challenge, the trunk was almost as tall as he was and it was very much longer. Yet still he pulled and yanked till he got it to just the right position he needed it.


Large slabs of wood flew across the almost dead garden as Hoggle searched for the one that he needed. He grinned from ear to ear as he pulled a large square plank from the bottom. He too though tossed this aside as he grabbed paint and brushes and and a small cloth. Soon he had set himself to work.

He dunk his brush in a jar of horrid red paint and slapped it down on the plank with a particular wet slap. He clumsily stroked it over the wood and every now and then dunked it back within the paint only to slap it with the same sickening wet slap on the wood. When he had finally finished he stood back to admire his work. With a small triumphant humph, Hoggle returned to the trunk to pull out a few more items.


Hoggle's stubby hands brought the hammer repeatedly down on the nails till he had them all fixed just where he wanted. He stood back and grinned. There it was done!

"Um Hoggle?" He spun round to come face to face, well face to….lets just say knee, with the Goblin King.

"Yes Your Majesty?" He backed away a bit wiping the red paint on his pants.

"Um Hoggle shouldn't that say 'Don't Piss Off the Fairies' not 'Don't Piss On the Fairies'?" Jareth looked down at the squat little dwarf. He knew that Hoggle was one mushroom short of a fairy ring, but even he knew how to make a sign.

"Well why don't you tell your goblins that!" He flung his hand out and pointed to a few very wet, very yellow fairies stalking around like they were about to kill someone. Jareth tried not to laugh, but couldn' help the huge smile that crossed his lips. He nodded and started to walk away.

"Oh and Hoggle…." The dwarf stood straighter and tried himself not to laugh at the little fairies.

"Yes." Jareth smirked as he began to disappear.

"Your sign is crooked." Hoggle looked back and groaned, he had nailed the damn thing on its side.


Author's Note: Ok yeah well I know this is rather random and stupid really. I just thought of this after talking to Gebo about this sign I saw that I want that says "Don't Piss Off the Fairies"

RAChristy (8:41:14 AM): Hehe Jareth needs one

Gebo (5:42:05 PM): Or Hoggle, more like.

RAChristy (8:42:36 AM): hehe this is bad of me but he needs one that says "Don't Piss on the Fairies"

Gebo (5:42:59 PM): Hehe!!! falls off chair

Disclaimer: Nope don't own any of it!