Concrete Naruto was inspired by a favorite song "Concrete Angel" by Martina McBride. There is an OC, a tiny bit of OOC (I hope not too much and if there is please tell me) and this takes place in a different time frame, Naruto, Sasuke and the younger ones are all 3 years older (and Sasuke is the same age as Naruto, Sakura, etc. They had to be in the same grade for a big main reason, you'll find out later), and it has nothing to do with ninjas (though it did at first, just didn't fit). If you do not like yaoi, or homosexual relationships then don't read and don't flame in the reviews because I really don't care what some homophobe thinks.

Warnings: lime and possible lemon, shounen-ai and maybe yaoi, SasuxNaru, child abuse, violence, AU, OC, OOC, and character death (not telling who but just a hint... they have -bleep- colored hair MUAHAHA... ok... done).

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or the song "Concrete Angel" by Martina McBride

Concrete Naruto

Chapter One

The hand swung out, painfully striking the blonde's face causing him to fall back into the wall. He bit his lip, begging the tears to stay back, begging his voice not to cry out. He was supposed to be a man. Men didn't cry, so neither should he. He must have courage. One day, one day…

Early mornings were always difficult for the young blonde. The aches and pains were worse then. But he could handle it, he had forced himself to over his lifetime. It was something he had grown accustomed to. It was his routine.

Naruto sighed as he rubbed his newly formed bruise, frowning at his horrible appearance in the nearly broken mirror leaning against the cement wall of the basement. No one would love someone as ugly as him. He had always thought this, everyday of his life. The people of Konoha hated him. They shunned him as though he was a freak of nature. Even his own –

"Get your ass up here for breakfast!"

-family despised him. The voice of his aunt never failed to strike fear into the young blonde, causing him to tremble in anticipation. "Y-yes Emi-san!" he called hastily, dreading the idea of being slapped for not responding fast enough.

Quickly, he pulled his large orange sweater, that always managed to cover the majority of his bruises, over his black t-shirt and threw on his black sweat pants. He didn't bother running a comb through his blonde hair, it proved a pointless task. His blonde hair was another thing that made him a freak. Most people had black or brown or another shade of dark hair in this town. But he had his father's features.

Naruto had never known his father, who had died before he was born. His mother died shortly after his birth while he was only an infant, which is why he lived with his mother's older sister, Emi. She didn't like him and she didn't like having to take care of him, even though she wasn't technically "taking care" of him when you considered any kind of legal or moral codes of conduct. Regardless, she was stuck with him in her house until he was old enough to get his own apartment. He was actually fearing the day he turned sixteen, the legal age, knowing that he wouldn't have the money to live on his own and finding work with his reputation would be nigh impossible. However, the fear would dissipate when he thought of all the abuse he'd be leaving behind. He would never get slapped around by the older woman ever again. That made him want his birthday to come faster.

Again the fifteen year old sighed in despair before climbing up the stairs and facing the day that would prove to be miserable as the previous ones.

"Here." The work stricken woman spoke simply before slapping down a bowl containing what Naruto could only guess was some sort of soup or beyond-soggy cereal in front of him.

"Thank you very much, Emi."

Naruto's reward for his kind thanks was a slap from the hot towel the woman held in her hand. "Don't talk to me in that tone of voice!"

"I'm sorry." Naruto lowered his head in obedience, following the rules that he'd learned brought him the least amount of abuse. Bow your head obediently, respond promptly, never look Emi in the eyes, eat everything in front of you, never go upstairs or into any other rooms of the house beside the kitchen and the basement, and never-ever tell anyone about the 'discipline'... not that anyone would care or believe him.

Once the woman turned her back to the boy and resumed whatever it was she was doing, Naruto calmly, quietly and neatly ate his disgusting, sorry excuse for food. His aunt was a wonderful cook, for other people that was. Although she would never make Naruto something good, delectable, or tasty. He suffered with leftovers of sickening food that took all his will power to keep down. He had never had any descent food, never tasted something good, but he knew good flavors and good food existed. He smelled it whenever Emi took the time to cook for herself or the local bake sales.

Naruto departed to his high school without saying a word to his aunt. High school had also proved to be tough for the young boy. Even the teachers weren't friendly to him. They merely spoke shortly to him about assignments or projects and never answered his hand in class. After a few years Naruto gave up and never raised his hand in class, but he always payed attention and got good grades regardless of the way people treated him. Not that it mattered. Emi wouldn't praise him for it and he had no friends to share his successful grades with. Like everything else, Naruto had grown accustomed to this, and pretended (even to himself) that it didn't hurt.

In the classrooms and in the hallways people, even teachers, whispered and looked at him with hurtful stares as he walked by. All of this pained the boy deeply but no one actually harmed the blonde physically, except his aunt. This was presumably because Naruto's father had been a respectable figure before his death. It was because of what his mother had done that caused everyone to hate him, his name and even his aunt. Emi took out her anger of having his mother for a sister and having been disliked after what her sister had done all out on Naruto. He was the offspring of such a horrible woman... so everyone took out their hate for her on him, the only person left to bear the name Uzumaki.

Emi luckily didn't have to live with that last name and after Naruto was out of her life, she'd regain social status again, or at least that's what he overheard her saying to herself. Naruto didn't necessarily believe that people would go back to respecting or even liking Emi again, though. It was in their blood, presumably. Which was why he and his aunt had been basically shunned when the blood in Naruto's mother boiled over. The people around them didn't want to risk coming close to that ordeal ever again.

The bell rang and Naruto rose from his seat at the back of the classroom. Obviously he kept to himself, even in class, and everyone let him. When there wasn't a seating plan, he sat in a secluded area and those teachers with seating arrangements put him at the back of the class with no one sitting beside him unless absolutely necessary.

Sighing, he waited until everyone else departed from the classroom before getting up and exiting the room. However, he wouldn't proceed to the cafeteria like all the other students did during the lunch hour. His aunt never packed him anything or gave him money and he was too afraid to sneak something or steal some small change. So he would exit the building and walk past the soccer field in the back of the school to sit on the low branch of a tree as he ignored his growling stomach. He was used to the low growling of his stomach, the familiar feeling of emptiness, and the longing for sustenance. It was just something else that he'd grown to lkive with and make part of his pathetic routine. Naruto did have hope, however, that it would all change when he turned sixteen and everything would get better for him. He could move away somewhere, maybe, where they didn't know his name. Yet Naruto knew this was impossible... things would never get better for him. After Emi's plans of kicking him out follow through, he'd probably end up on the streets, eating out of the garbage and never getting the chance to finish high school. This was a secluded town and walking safely to a new one would be too great a task for someone without food or water to pack or money for transport. Naruto was trapped, in every possible way.

The raven watched as the lonely blonde sat in his usual spot on that very same tree. It was where he always was. It never changed. And for some strange reason the Uchiha would come and watch the blonde, wanting to talk to him but never actually approaching. He just sat on the bleachers, pretending to either read or work on his homework, occasionally though he would have to tell some of his many admirers to leave him alone. Sasuke was a popular person because of his stunning good looks, his grades and his athletic abilities. Not that he ever cared. He never liked the attention and never accepted an invitation to go out or go to a dance. As if the Uchiha would go to a mindless dance that played horrible music far too loud. His infamy was deemed annoying and he'd brush people off with his cold and stoic behavior. The other person he seemed to have interest in was the blonde boy who caught his gaze far too often to be normal.

When Sasuke looked up again at lonely boy, he glared to himself as he caught sight of the new bruise just under Naruto's right eye. It angered him that someone would beat him, and that someone could only be his sad excuse for an aunt. She had no right to blemish the blonde's good looks– yes, Sasuke found Naruto attractive and why shouldn't he? Naturally darkened skin, a beautiful lithe frame - albeit slightly too thin to be healthy but luckily not malnourished - gorgeous and bright blonde hair that fell in messy tangles around his face, and piercing cerulean eyes that Sasuke wished to drink up. Naruto's features were obviously masculine with brief frames of femininity that could entice anyone. The only thing was, the boy himself didn't know how beautiful he truly was. It was that sad look upon his face and those horrible bruises - not to mention the prejudice connected to his identity - that often deterred people from seeing how beautiful the blonde actually was.

Sasuke could only guess that there were other bruises underneath the boy's concealing amounts of clothing. And sure enough, he would occasionally spot a bruise on his face or his ankles which were both always bare for the world to see due to the fact that his pants were too short. Sasuke often wondered if that was how they were meant to be - some strange breed of long capri pants - or if it was because he grew too big for them and his aunt would not buy him new clothes. The entire village knew she could afford it. She had money to spare since she was the only family member left to inherit all of her sister's and brother-in-law's money. But did she ever spend any on her nephew? No. Emi was a greedy, selfish, violent bitch that needed to be put in her place.

The scowl was now evident on the Uchiha's normally emotionless face. He detested how this woman acted, treating her own flesh and blood like scum. It was dishonoring. But there was nothing a young boy without a family could do about this. Sasuke had lost his family at a young age. So he knew what it was like to be lonely. Although Sasuke couldn't claim that he lost his entire family. He still had an older brother. But that one didn't deserve the Uchiha title. He was a traitor and the cold blooded murderer their family… all except Sasuke, who he left to suffer, to grow hating him, to grow alone and to grow with the fear that he may return to kill him.

Panning back to the blonde, he realized the boy had moved. He had moved to another branch on the other side of the tree. Turning his back to the direction of the raven.

Sasuke cursed to himself. The boy must have seen his scowl. He didn't want to be one of those that Naruto considered to hate him. Though, considering the way that the Uzumaki was treated, he must believe everyone on earth hated him. Even the Uchiha, who secretly wanted the blonde. Yes, Sasuke wanted Naruto. He had ever since he had seen the boy when he entered the high school.

Before, Sasuke hadn't gone to the same schools as Naruto. Though, like everyone else in Konoha, he knew the rumors of the Uzumaki family. He hadn't ever thought of the boy as just a murder's child. He was also the son of an honorable man, but most people focused on the fact that his mother had been a serial killer, and they all believed he would grow up to be one himself. However, when he saw the boy in their History 10 class, he thought he was gorgeous and instantly wanted to get rid of that painful look of depression by replacing it with a smile, for he knew a smile would compliment the boy's looks greatly. But now it was in the late winter of March and still Sasuke had not said a single word to Naruto. The raven sighed. He just didn't know what to say, or how to start a conversation. Anything else that he'd ever wanted... he'd never been afraid to simply go for it. Bluntly tell people how it was and take what he desired. But Naruto was different, fragile and Sasuke was afraid, afraid of hurting him.

Glancing at his ticking watch he realized that lunch was already half over and he needed to talk to his Math teacher in less than five minutes. Giving one last look to the forlorn blonde, he headed off to the main building.

Naruto looked up, feeling that he was being watched, and saw that same dark haired boy on the bleachers. He was there almost everyday, sitting, reading and occasionally fanning off some of his admirers. Naruto may have been unsocial but he knew of how popular that boy was. And could you blame him with those looks? If only the Uchiha would give him the time of day. He had felt attracted too him ever since that first day in History class when the boy had transferred to their school. So dark, mysterious, proud… it was so alluring to Naruto that he couldn't help but like the other boy. Naruto had never had feelings like that before. Sure he'd desired many things he knew he could never have before... like good food, a warm bed, and a loving family. But these feelings he'd felt for Sasuke Uchiha were different... much different.

Out of all the days he'd seen Sasuke sitting their in his routine position, he'd felt as though they were in two separate worlds, cut off by an invisible wall. But today something was off about the boy's normally emotionless expression, he was wearing a scowl as he stared off in space. Only he was not just staring off, he was staring at Naruto - right through that supposed invisible wall.

The blonde jumped. He had been glaring at him. Even the boy whom Naruto secretly liked reviled him. He knew there had been no hope with Sasuke at all before, considering who he was and the fact that they were both male. But what possible hope would he ever have with a boy who despised at him? Solemnly and dismissively, he got up unnoticed and moved to a different branch on the other side of the tree, leaning his back against the trunk so that his back was facing the Uchiha. Naruto rocked his head back against the bark. Eventually he would have to accept the fact that he would never be loved. Not by anyone.