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Pairings: I haven't fully decided yet, whether this is going to be a sasunarugaa, or what, but when I do, you'll know. Till then, It'll probably center on kyuunaru, and sasunaru. Gaara WILL be in this fic, so watch for it...

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Description: After a brutal rape at the hands of a gang, Naruto finds himself pregnant. With

Sasuke and Kyuubi in tow, he runs, knowing that Konohagakure is unsafe for his unborn child.

Will he find love? Or death, for him and those he cares about at the end of the road?

Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto, Sasuke wouldn't be KILLING Naruto at the valley of the end, he'd be humping him. (kinda blunt, but true...-Otaku)

Kits Chapter One - I Linger in the Doorway...

(Naruto: Twelve

Sasuke: Thirteen (one week past his b-day)

Kyuubi: unknown

Pregnancy: Two weeks along.)

Naruto wasn't a happy boy at all. Especially if you call being happy not puking your brains out at three in the morning! And especially not for the past WEEK! He was seriously going to kill Kyuubi, if this turned out to be a cold, just for the fox's amusement.

No, Little one, this is not my doing. I suggest you go to that human you call a brother, and talk to him about it. He may have some idea of what to do.

"Fox, if I find out you had anything to do with this..." He left the threat unfinished, and went to grab his coat. He was sure Sasuke wouldn't be happy about being awakened at three in the morning, but he really had no other alternative. The hospital wouldn't take him unless it was an emergency, and even then they'd just patch him up so that he'd survive, and then send him on his way.

And with graduation being just two days ago, Naruto really couldn't afford to be ill right now. Whatever it was must have hte potential to be life threatening, if Kyuubi couldn't heal it instantly. (wow, I've never heard anyone say a child could be life threatening...-Otaku) Hopefully Sasuke would know what to do.

You see, he and Sasuke had been friends for a very long time. Ever since Sasuke had come up to him, after class one day a few months after the Uchiha massacre, and looked at him.


"What do you want, Sasuke?" Naruto asked, sounding resigned, but keeping his plastic grin on.

"You hide it. You smile, while I can't. You know what it's like to be without family, without anyone

who cares, and you hide it from everyone, rather than rage against it. Why?" Sasuke had a mildly pissed off look, which translated to confusion, if you could speak Uchiha.

This question caught Naruto off gaurd. No one had ever seen through his mask. They all just assumed he was a trouble making Dobe, and let him be. But now of all times, Sasuke was questioning his mask.

"It's just who I am." Naruto said, feigning misunderstanding. He couldn't afford to let the Uchiha toy with him. He couldn't afford for his mask to break.

"Don't lie, Dobe! You and I are the same! I...How? How do you stand the pain?" Sasuke said, looking close to tears. (remember, people, This is just a few months after the massacre, sasuke is cold, but he hasn't perfected his stoicness yet.)

"I don't. I...I just train, until I can't think anymore because of the exhaustion. And then I sleep, so that I can dream nightmares, and wake up in the morning to start it all over again." Naruto said, keeping his face emotionless. "That's what I do. If you want, I can teach you how."

Sasuke looked at him, and slowly, began to nod. So began their mutual friendship, the bond between them growing so strong, that when Naruto told Sasuke about Kyuubi, all he did was shrug, and say, "So that's where you got the new Jutsus from."

End flashback

As Naruto flew threw the streets, running as fast as he could, a smile touched his lips, a real one, as he thought of his best friend, his ONLY friend, his brother in pain. Sasuke had been with him through thick and thin since then, though they kept up the 'rivallry' in public. Sasuke had provided him with a place to go to after the beatings, though he had desprately wanted to stop them. Naruto had told him no, that they would just say that he had bewitched the Uchiha heir, giving them more ammo to use against him.

So now, here he was, running through the abandoned Uchiha district, trying to get to the mansion Sasuke had claimed as his. He reached it pretty quickly, and knocked roughly on the door. Then he opened it, stepping to the side, as the shuriken slammed into the ground just behind where he had just stood, and slipped into the hallway. Silent, making no noise whatsoever, Naruto stalked down the main hallway, deactivating any traps he couldn't slip past.

After a bit, he made it to the kitchen, to find a VERY pissed off Uchiha raven sitting at the table, with a bowl of instant ramen at the ready and some tea for himself. He glowered at his best friend, taking in his slightly unkempt apearance.

"Naruto, don't tell me they snuck into your house again." Sasuke said, voice betraying nothing, yet causing said blonde to flinch. That voice, in that tone, begged him to defend himself properly against the morons who hurt him. But he couldn't, becase that would make it worse.

He shook his head, taking his seat. "No, Sasuke, it's just that...Well, you see, I've been ill just about every morning now for the past week, and Kyuubi can't heal it, whatever it is, and I don't know what to do." Naruto sighed, jumping into his ramen, like a starved man onto steak. Sasuke watched his long time friend with interest. He never could fathom how the boy could eat so much ramen, yet never gain a fat-induced pound. The boy was all muscle. By any means, he should be malnourished, but for some reason, he was fine.

"Naruto, you should go to a doctor." Sasuke said. He had never talked to Naruto about doctors before, so what Naruto said next surprised him.

"He'd just give me a placebo." Naruto said, brushing off the comment. "No one wants to waste good meds on the 'demon'. So why bother?"

Sasuke growled. He seriously hated these morons. Look what they did to Naruto, who was probably (next to himself of course) the most brilliant ninja in the village! Sure, he was a little ADD, but that could be dealt with easily! Sasuke himself had figured out several methods that made the kitsune-carrier pay attention VERY quickly. He had no problem maintaining the 'Dobe's attentions either.

"Sasuke, Kyuubi thinks it might be something to do with him..." Naruto said, mouth pursed, looking perturbed about something.

"So let him out, Dobe, and let him tell us." Sasuke said, scoffing. Naruto got bright again, bouncing around, as he performed the seals, creating a Kage Bunshin. He waited, as Chakra infused the other Naruto, turning it into an older-teens red-head. Said red-head looked around, and stretched, his lean musculature showing off. His crimson eyes turned to the boys, and he smiled the infamous 'Fox Grin Ver. 2.0'. Both boys smiled back.

"Oi, Kyuubi, what are you talking about?" Naruto asked, finishing the last dregs of his ramen. Kyuubi looked over to the blonde, and Sasuke caught the worried look on his face. However, he didn't have time to do or say anything, because Kyuubi answered.

"You're pregnant." Ramen sprayed all over the kitchen, the owner of said kitchen, and one VERY amused fox-demon.

"You gotta be shitting me!!" Naruto yelled, jumping up, looking seriously pissed.

"No, Naruto, I am not 'Shitting you' as you so eloquently put it." Kyuubi said, his rogue grin still very much attached to his face. "To put it bluntly, you are pregnant. With child. A bun in the oven. Take your pick, I've got more."

Naruto stared at him, horror coming onto his face. No. Not that night... Anything but that.

Sasuke looked between his two friends, and 'ahemed' to catch kyuubi's attention.

"Kyuubi, how is it possible for a male to be pregnant?" Kyuubi frowned at the lack of honorific, but couldn't blame the kid. It was a stressful situation.

"Well, to put it simply, we fox demons don't particularly trust each other usually, and so therefore, why would any male trust a female to bear a litter of kits, and then hand one or two over to the father to raise the child? So instead, the males of our species long ago adjusted themselves, so that at certain times, a male could in fact carry his OWN child, his own heir. All he needed was a partner to provide the other half of the DNA, which was quite easy to come across, seeing

as we can seduce damn near anyone." Kyuubi was interuppted in his rant however.

"I didn't seduce ANYBODY!!" Naruto screamed, tears threatening to fall. This wasn;t his fault! It couldn't be! He turned to Sasuke and yelled it again, wanting Sasuke to understand. Sasuke looked on, slightly surprised at the blonde's adamantness. This however made Sasuke wonder, how had naruto gotten the other component, the other DNA, and without his knowledge too, for Sasuke was sure the blonde hadn't gone out and TRIED to get pregnant.

Then it hit him. They'd finally done it. They'd taken it too far, and now Naruto was pregnant.

"Who was it, Naruto?" Sasuke said, his voice a violent calm, and his blood-red sharingan shown anew. Naruto sniffled in response, and shook his head, eyes adamantly on the floor. He refused, and Sasuke swiftly crossed the room, and forced Naruto's face up to look him in the eye. The fear in those sky-blue eyes drove Sasuke insane, he wanted to end it, to end that pain and fear. But he needed to know who.

"WHO, Naruto?!" He asked, shaking the other boy a little.

"I-I d-don't know. It was the middle of the night, and I was asleep, and I didn't see. There were a lot of them..." Naruto's voice broke, as he was thrown back into the memory of that night two weeks before.


Naruto was awoken from a dead sleep, sitting up, as his window was forced open. In swarmed a bunch of people. Their size made it easy to guess most of their genders, though a few were questionable. They were all men, and they were leering at him in the dark, but he couldn't tell who they were.

Then they were on him, and in cruel voices, they EXPLAINED what they were doing to him, telling him all about who and what he was, a demon, nothing more.

"And why shouldn't a demon repay those who take care of him?!" One screeched quietly, ripping off Naruto's pajama top. The others tittered, laughing at Naruto's frightened whimpers and soft shouts of 'stop!'

"Hush now, we're only taking our rent..." One of them said, smoothing his hand over the blonde's inner thigh. Kyuubi growled violently in the back of Naruto's mind, but Naruto clamped down on him. If he changed, Kyuubi would kill these men, and then it'd get worse. Best to give them what they want and let them leave.

He screamed that night, as he was torn inside over and over. The men had their fun with him, some his mouth, some his backside, others still just cutting marks into his flesh. But all that would heal. Kyuubi would have most of it healed by the time he awoke the next day. But worse still was the fear that settled over him, the fear that those men would come back, and hurt him again. The fear that others would see it on him and decide it was okay to do it again. The fear that even if he did tell someone, no one would care, no one would even listen to him, or worse, accuse him of lying, accuse him of being the monster he was.

It took Kyuubi two days to suppress the mental damage enough that Naruto wouldn't flinch around other men, including Sasuke. Naruto hadn't wanted anyone to know, and so Kyuubi hadn't forced him to tell Sasuke, but now...Now he had no choice.

end flashback

"Naruto, you...You should have told me! I could have helped! I could have done...something!" Sasuke urged, quietly. He watched as the kitsune moved closer, placing a hand on Naruto's shoulder. The blonde flinched away, and sobbed quietly.

"You couldn't do anything. Not without making it worse. They'd beat me worse, gang up on me more, or worse, throw me from the village. I'd be alone again, and you would too. There's nothing we can do about it." Naruto said, his voice completely emotionless, as if explaining something as stationary as history.

Kyuubi felt the wave of anguish pushing against his own mind, as Naruto prepared for Sasuke to leave, to blame him, something. He walked up to Naruto and roughly slapped him.

"Now, you listen here, kit. We both love you, and neither of us are going to give up on you just because some group of perverts decided you were their plaything! There is nothing in this world that would make us abandon you, so you just get that thought out of your head right now! Now we have to sit down and figure out what we're going to do, becuase I, for damn sure, am NOT allowing you to carry that child here, especially since, technically it's mine!"

Now Sasuke raised an eyebrow at the demon, wondering what the fuck was going on.

Kyuubi shrugged, "My chakra changed the DNA of those bastards to match what would have been mine when I was alive, so technically, this kid is mine and Naruto's." The red-headed demonlord looked slightly embarrassed at this.

Naruto looked up at him, looking deep into crimson eyes, trying to find a lie.

"So, this is NOT their child? They can't take it away from me?" Naruto said, a small smile playing on his face, causing Sasuke and Kyuubi both to smile with him. Sasuke stepped up and answered.

"No, Naruto, this is yours. Your baby, your family, to raise and love and care for." Sasuke folded the blonde into his arms again, and sighed happily when Kyuubi pulled them both into his strong arms. Once there, Naruto's shaking slowly ceased, and he began thinking, wondering, planning. Sasuke was thinking as well, deciding what would be best for both him, and the dobe resting with him in the shelter of Kyuubi's embrace.

"Naruto, we should leave this village." Kyuubi said, voice deep, rumbling in his chest. He looked down, as the two boys looked up at him. "I could train both you and Sasuke, train you to be far stronger than any of your pathetic teachers. I know a village that will accept you, accept both of you, our kit, and myself all at once. Think about it. A place where you won't be hated, but revered, as my host, my mate, even, if you chose it."

Naruto looked up quickly, slamming his head into Sasuke's jaw. The raven hissed in pain, but said nothing. The blonde was speechless. Had Kyuubi offered to be Naruto's mate?! What was going on? Sure, Naruto was carrying Kyuubi's child, but surely that meant little to the fox! Naruto turned cerulean eyes to Sasuke, who shrugged. It wasn't really his business who the Dobe mated with, was it?

"This village seems like a pretty decent place, Dobe, and who am I to turn down a chance to be

trained by the greatest demon to ever live. My only goal is to get stronger, and that means I

need power. Kyuubi is offering me that. I'll abandon this village to take it, so it's up to you,

Dead last. I kind of have to follow you anyway." Sasuke answered, Uchiha smirk in place.

"But, Konoha won't let me leave. The old man would be forced to hunt me down..." Naruto

said, face turned down in sorrow. Kyuubi lifted it quickly, forcing sea-blue to meet fire-red.

"But Konoha has no choice! They couldn't find this village if they tried! I told you, Naruto, long ago, that I would do damn near anything to keep you alive! That includes happy, too, you dumbass, or did you forget that! This is YOUR decision! No one can stop you if you want to leave! I'll kill them if they try!" Kyuubi shouted, trying to convince the boy. If only he would listen...

"...Alright. I'll go, but what about you, Sasuke, aren't you worried about being a Missing-Nin?

Wouldn't that kind of ruin your whole 'ressurect the clan' thing you got going?" Naruto turned

skeptical eyes to the obsidian ones of his friend.

Sasuke smirked, "Women find Avengers extremely sexy, dobe, in case you haven't noticed.

And anyway, if I have no luck there, I can always get you pregnant again after this one."

Naruto stood, gaping, as Kyuubi collapsed, his tails twitching in mirth. Sasuke jsut stood

there, smirking, as if daring Naruto to do something about it. So Naruto did, smirking himself.

"OH, REALLY?!" Naruto said, jumping over the table, and proceeding to tickle the living daylights

out of his two best friends. This proceeded long into the day, and they ended up collapsing on top of one another, taking a nap on the living room floor. This was a sight of unimaginable warmth, one of family, and one of peace. Peace that would soon be shattered, all because of a simple choice...

End Chapter

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