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Description: The prelims begin! Sakura and Ino face off, and Koku faces off against Shino. After that, we get to see Tenten and Temari fight it out! It's gonna be good guys!

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Kits! Chapter 21 – I lie inside myself for hours…

Tsunade watched the murmurs of ascension pass through the crowd of gathered teens, and watched the shock ring on their faces. She let that settle for a few moments, before smirking. She turned, facing a jounin no one knew, someone with long brown hair, and a few scars along his cheeks.

"Fuka here will explain everything." She smirked, stepping back as the jounin stepped forward, his steps echoing in the suddenly quiet arena. He looked around himself, as if checking each face.

"The matches will be one on one. If you lose, you're out. Simple as that, and you can try again next year." He smirked, "Got it?" He smirked.

There were nods, and murmurs, and for a moment, Naruto wondered what would happen if someone was killed. He was answered rather quickly.

"Winners are welcome to stay after their matches and watch their possible opponents. Those that are injured, after their match, will head to the hospital. Whether they want to, or not." He was harsh, his voice deep, but he smirked, showing them he meant it.

Tohru sighed. Well, looked like he'd be in the hospital sooner rather than later. He looked around, seeing a few others wince at the news too. He took careful note, in case he had to fight any of them. They seemed tough cookies… but… He smirked, because he'd learned a few things in the demon kingdom.

Fuka went on to explain that the matches would be chosen by random lottery, and that those who'd survived the forest had already been inputted into a computer. That computer was working out the possible matches now, and was getting ready to kick out the first match.

"In the meantime, get your skinny asses up to the balconies!" He cried, shooing them. "Come down only when your name is called, got that?!" They all mumbled a 'yes, sir' but only because no one was sure what else to say. Sasuke was surprised. It was hard to command the respect of various types of kids.

The ravenette watched his blonde mate, just wanting to be sure he was okay. Those blue eyes were riveted, dully, upon the screen, waiting for a match to come up. There seemed no end to the confusion and sorrow in those eyes. Sasuke wished he could take away that pain, that sorrow, but Naruto seemed lost in it, and they were in the middle of a war, for lack of better term.

Everyone's heads turned up in surprise as names shifted through the screen finally settling on:

Ino Yamanaka Vs. Sakura Haruno

Sakura frowned, hating the idea of going up against someone so weak. She growled, jumping down into the arena, her dress fluttering around her hips, and her fishnets keeping everything out of view. She smirked, "Come on, Ino-pig."

The blonde growled herself, smirking. "I'm gonna take you down, Cherry blossom Widow." She hissed, taking her sweet time to get downstairs. It was really only to fuck with the other girl, though. But Sakura seemed cool as a cucumber. Snorting, she smirked, "Took you long enough, Bitch."

Ino snarled at the insult, launching a barrage of shuriken that Sakura only dodged gracefully. She looked as if she were dancing. It was only after Ino growled, launching forward in a short taijutsu match, that Sakura knocked her away. Smirking, the girl leaned down, snatching Ino's long blonde hair, and tugging, so that the blonde ended up on her knees.

"Admit defeat, Ino." The pinkette demanded, pulling up the woman's head, and sliding a kunai against her throat. "Or I'll really hurt you."

Ino growled, kicking the green-eyed girl's feet out from underneath her, and smirked, pinning her. This was quickly devolving into very little but a catfight. Naruto grinned, showing some liveliness, "GO SAKURA-CHAN!!!" He called, unable for forget his old crush, even if he was mated now. Hey, he could at least cheer her on, couldn't he?

Sakura hissed, her nails cutting into the girl atop her's flesh, "Fuck off, Ino…" She purred, her paralytic poison taking affect, and quickly making Ino fall over. As an added insult, the girl smirked, leaning over her fallen foe, and slicing off all of that lusciously long blonde hair. "Now… Feel free to live your life in fear, ugly bitch." She purred.

"Winner, Sakura!" Fuka announced. "Now, get the hell off my stage. Medics!" He cried. The medics moved forward, grabbing up Ino and carting her off. Fuka moved in front of everyone. "Okay, ladies and gentlemen, next match!"

Again everyone turned their eyes desperately to the screen, some hoping to be shown, others praying they weren't. Gaara sighed, closing his eyes, and retreating into himself, curling up in Shukaku's arms. Ugh… They were lucky he hadn't snapped already and started murdering everyone. He was this close. The only reason he didn't want to was because Iruka was there… And somehow… he didn't want Iruka to see him kill.

It seemed wrong somehow. And it seemed like it would turn Iruka towards the blonde quicker. And he didn't like that outcome. He didn't like it at all. It would be unforgivable.

The screen finally showed it's concensus, declaring:

Zaku of the Sound Vs. Shino Aburame

Tohru immediately perked up, which caught the attention of Naruto, who giggled, and gently nudged the injured nin. "Do you know him, Tohru?" He asked, and was surprised to be rewarded with a blush and a turned up nose.

"No… No I don't." he muttered, but his green eyes glittered as he watched Shino move down. He'd been so curious about the bug nin. After all… Well, they'd been writing back and forth via Hidari and Aurora for a long time. So, he wanted to know more! He was just… curious! That was all.

Shino stepped into the ring standing across from his opponent. He frowned behind his color, surprised to see the boy he'd be fighting had both arms in a sling. Finding himself slightly angry, he decided to give the poor bastard a choice.

"Fight me… and you won't live to recover. Forfeit now, and get treatment." He deadpanned, hoping to god that the kid would ignore his warning. He'd wanted to fight for a while now. Something in the back of his mind said he wanted to impress the creator of those lovely little insects, but… He threw that out.

The male before him smirked, one of his arms wiggling in the sling. He laughed, "HAH! Looks like I have movement in one of them… That's MORE than enough to take you down!"

The injured male leapt forward, going for a solid strike to Shino's face. Shino dodged, blocking with one arm, not startled by the pain on the male's face. He was even more surprised to see the triumphant look on the teens face. "Take THIS!"

Suddenly, out of the palm of his hand, an explosion of sound startled everyone in the building. Tohru gasped, wanting to reach out and save Shino as he rolled away, his ears ringing, and his body shaking. What the HELL?! His body ached, and he turned to face his opponent. Everone looked on in startled on.

"Alright fool, you had enough yet?" Saku growled, knowing that no one could take that directly and still be able to hear. He was surprised however, when suddenly, loud chittering shifted through the air, and everyone began to look around, surprised and curious as to what was going on.

Shino stood, silent and watching, as his kikaichu began to slide out of his skin, the holes that Saku had blasted through it, helping quite a bit. The human hive bit his lip behind his cowl, hoping that no one saw the pain on his face.

Kazu shuddered, his eyes riveted on Shino. That is, until he heard the chittering coming from behind him. He turned, careful to keep the silent nin in his sight, before gasping. There was a swarm of beetles behind him, all staring hungrily with beady black eyes. He shuddered again.

"They're a type of parasitic beetle, that feed exclusively upon chakra… A swarm that size… will suck you dry ina minute." Shino intoned, warning the male. "You've only got one real option. Surrender. You can't fight two enemies at once. Much less hundreds."

Zaku looked between the swarm and Shino, the swarm and Shino… Finally, he bit his lip.

"I give." He shook his head. "I… I'm done." He murmured, turning back to his team, shamed and utterly useless. He was a broken ninja. He'd lost. He'd lost bad. God dammit, why hadn't he been more careful in the forest!? Why had he let himself be HURT like that?! He shuddered, thinking about those damned Rock nin, and how he would get them back…

It took a bit to settle down the crowd, and Naruto literally had to sit on Tohru's lap just to keep him from going to Shino to make sure he was okay after that blast of sound. He sighed, saddened by it.

The screen shifted again, sorting through, and deciding the next match. Pretty much everyone groaned. What was it with the girl against girl?!

Tenten Vs. Temari of the Sand

Temari smirked jumping down, and using her fan to float down. Smiling, she waited for her bun-headed opponent to follow. However, her eyes widened at the sight in front of her. What a CUTIE! There was no WAY she was defeating THIS one too quickly…

Purring, she slid her fan shut. "Listen up little girl… If you see the third star on my fan… You'll not only lose this match… You'll lose something else precious too…" She smirked, "So please, just give up."

The brunette glared, "NO! I'm going to win this!" She declared, pulling a shuriken. Temari sighed, hoping she wasn't just a projectile weapons user. After all, this would get boring real quick if she was. However, her hopes were in vain, because it appeared she was. Launching a barrage of shuriken that Temari swept away with a near invisible wave of her fan.

"Projectiles aren't going to work on me." She warned. After all, she didn't want this girl hurt. She was far too cute.

"Shut up!" Tenten blushed, glaring. How had the woman knocked away her weapons?! She growled, pulling out a scroll, and through a series of complicated flips, began literally barraging the blonde with weapons. It was obvious the brunette had little left to her attacks, and no one was really surprised when Temari knocked them away again. Though Gaara was THIS close to just killing the girl.

Seeing this, Temari sighed. She turned back to her new 'friend', and grinned, flicking open her weapon of choice, showing one of the purple 'stars' on the inside. "Two more stars to go, little one." Temari purred, still standing where she'd started at the beginning of this match.

Brown eyes narrowed, and Tenten growled, pulling two more scrolls. After a series of gestures, obviously to use the girl's chakra to boost her physical reserves, Temari watched as smoke burst out around her opponent.

"TWIN DRAGONS!" Tenten cried, the scrolls rising, the smoke making the twirling objects look like two dragons circling each other. She burst from the cover, opening each one, and beginning her biggest barrage yet. Hundreds of weapons, headed in Temari's direction.

And again, they were knocked away. Not a single one reached their mark, and Tenten growled to see a second purple circle on the fan's surface. She hated this. Flexing her fingers, she used the razor thin wire attached to each weapon to draw it back, aiming to send them after the girl again.

Temari knocked these away as well, and smirked as the girl fell, hard, her wind knocking Tenten so off balance that she couldn't even land properly. Smirking, Temari held up her fan. "Three stars, little one… Time to end this."

Suddenly, she lifted the massive paper fan, and cried out, "WHIRLWIND ART!" The winds in the arena swirled, picking up Tenten in a cyclone of massive pain. It was like blades of wind cutting into Tenten's soft skin, and Temari regretted hurting such a beauty so, but… She had no choice.

As the jutsu ended, and the girl fell, Temari caught her, holding her close. She grinned, "I told you you'd lose… and here's the something precious…" She purred, leaning in and stealing a kiss, hiding them both from the sight of the spectators with her fan. She pulled back, leaving a breathless and horrified Tenten blushing on the floor.

"WINNER! Temari of the Sand!"


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