New story.


" Improve my endurance ? " Kaoru kaidoh questioned following his data collecting senpai .

" Hai , if you want to improve your endurance, come with me to my house, so I may inform you what you need to do. " Inui stated pushing up his glasses and glancing at kaidoh.
" ...Ill be there." Kaidoh stated hissing, looking away from his senpai, his face flushing slightly.

" Hm. Ill meet you at the schools entrance ." Inui said continuing walking off the courts.

" Aa. kaidoh. Shall we leave ? " Inui questioned, straightening his posture and fixing his glasses.
" ...Hai Inui senpai " Kaidoh said shifting awkwardly.

They had arrived at Inuis house and had proceeded up to Inuis room .
Kaidoh shyly observed his surroundings.

" Kaidoh would you like a glass of water ? "
" Hai.."

Inui left Kaidoh in his room, as he went to retreive the water. Once again , surveying his surroundings, Kaidoh noticed one of Inuis many note books. Silently he picked it up off of Inuis side table.

Embarrassingly opening the cover.

What he saw astounded him.

What he saw was acurate sketched pictures of him hitting different shots. Mostly of the ' Snake' and the ' Boomerang snake '. Each in different angles.
Beside each was little jot notes beside parts of the pictures that the notes represented.
On the next page were complicated calculations that would counter act the snake & how to improve the shot.

He skimmed through the rest of the note book , and found many more sketches of him with calculations and notes accompianing each. Along the way he found possible training exercises and so on.

Upon hearing footsteps on the stairs , he quickly closed the book and set it back on the table .
A few seconds later , Inui appeared and met a furiously blushing Kaidoh .

" Aa. Here is your water Kaidoh-kun. "

" Arigato Inui-senpai " Kaidoh thanked Inui , blushing harder at the term Inui had used.

" Youre welcome Kaidoh-kun . " Inui said pushing up his glasses and taking a seat by Kaidoh who was shifting uneasily, eyeing the glass of water Inui had given him.
Kaidoh asked aloud.

" Inui- senpai ... is this really water ? "
" Of course it is Kaidoh-kun , although if you wished , I could get you a glass of my revised health drink. " Inui replied calmly .
Paling considerably , Kaidoh declined the offer and drank the water.

" Inui - senpai , you wanted me to come here about my endurance.? "
" Yes. I almost forgot. " Inui declaired. Grabbing the note book Kaidoh had previously viewed.

" Now according to my data, you could improve your endurance by breathing exercises , relaxation and stretching your muscles , expanding and contracting them .

" Is that all ? " Kaidoh asked after a pause.

" Yes Kaidoh , that is it . " Pushing up his glasses again. Inui set the note book back on the table.

" Now Kaidoh to do breathing exercises you must breathe deeply and completely . You can also breathe quickly , like you do when your scared , excited , surprised or exhausted . Try and breathe down into your abdomen & then your chest. When you exhale you must expel all the air from inside you. "

" I see. What did you mean by excite ?" Kaidoh questioned.

"...By excite I mean aroused , extremely happy. It is proven in studies that humans tend to breathe quicker when they have feelings of arousal or excitement. It is quite similar in surprisement also. " Inui stated .

" A-arousal!? " Kaidoh blushed profusely.

" Yes arousal "

" Inui- senpai thats not... its not ..." Kaidoh choked .

" Its natural Kaidoh kun . Everyone s been aroused at one point or another ." Inui said looking at Kaidohs completely red face .

" Kaidoh kun ..." Inui questioned quietly leaning foreward in Kaidohs direction.
Turning his head around , Kaidoh didnt notice how close their proximity was and ended up closing the distance between them.

Behind Inuis glasses , his eyes widened in surprise. He was

Kissing Kaidoh Kaoru !

...well now.
FIRST KISSING SCENE ! - Lame. i know.