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Neither of them could pull away from the other.

Inui terribly confused as to why the other was making no action, decidedto test Kaidoh to see how far hed let him go.So slowly and cautiously Inui started to kiss back. Gently allowing the tip of his tongue to dart between his own lips and graze Kaidohs.

There was a 70 - no approximately 95 chance this was not going to abide well with the

Shocked by Inuis advance, Kaidoh gasped, giving Inui the entrance he had cautiously
seeked for.

He could feel his senses liquidating, all except for his reality sense, which was screaming at
him to do something.

Kaidohs sense quickly snapped back and he quickly pulled away from his senpai.

" I-Im sorry Inui senpai! " Kaidoh exclaimed flushing a brilliant red.

" Sorry for what Kaidoh? " Inui implored knowingly.

" I-uh I kissed you." Turning redder still upon the confession.

" That is quite alright Kaidoh-kun. I enjoyed it. " Inui smiled leaning back slightly.

" I-Inui senpai..." Kaidoh exclaimed, shocked at Inuis own confession.

" May I, Kaidoh-kun?"

"Huh?" Kaidoh blinked, looking at Inui.

" May I kiss you again? " Inui repeated. Hiding a devious smile.

Kaidohs eyes widened.

" If you...want to senpai..." A shy blush and smile accompanied Kaidohs small statement.

It was Inuis turn for surprisement.

This was unexpected.

" But!...Take off your glasses.."

" T-take off my glasses."

" Hai. If your going to kiss me...take off your glasses." Kaidoh instructed looking at Inui.

Inui stared back.

His hand crept up to his face, taking the bridge of his glasses inbetween his thumb and

He removed them.

Folding the arms in on themselves, he set them ontop of the notebook.


He looked back at Kaidoh.

Who had leaned in.

No words were spoken as Kaidoh looked at Inui and Inui looked back.

Inui smiled.

When Kaidoh finally broke eye contact. Inui spoke, while grabbing his glasses again about to slide them on.

" Am I aloud to kiss you -? "

" Leave them off." Kaidoh interupted. Carefully taking the glasses away from Inui, reaching over and setting them on the table once again.

" You can kiss me, If you leave them off." Kaidoh spoke seriously.
A small blush creeping across his cheeks.

" Deal." At this point, Inui just wanted to kiss Kaidoh again.

Inui leaned in first meeting Kaidoh at the lips.
Withouht the confusement of last time, Inui just held a small kiss between them.

Inui broke away first.

He leaned back and looked at Kaidoh.
Who, eyes still closed, smiled.

Inuis heart lept.

It was rare to see such a serene look on kaidohs face.
Inui smiled back, he leaned forward and brushed away a stray lock of Kaidohs hair.

As Kaidoh opened his eyes. Inui snaked his hand in behind him, and pulled him into a more fearless kiss.

So into the passionate kiss he was recieving, Kaidoh didnt even realise he was being lowered unto the bed.
Inui straddiling over him, both still joined by the kiss that had them both breathing hard. Both of their hands roaming over each other in eagerness
they broke apart.

Kaidoh sunk into Inuis pillows further as the realization of what they had done and were doing struck him again, only harder this time, being in such a position with his senpai.

But Inui, sensing Kaidohs new found hesitation, Brushed his fingers across Kaidohs cheek, his thumb running across the bruised lips.
Kaidoh leaned into Inuis hand.

"We dont have to." Inui spoke, his voice just a bit gruffer than hed expected.

Kaidoh, vaguely surprised toward Inui, looked embarrassingly to the side.
" I- I dont mind."

But Inui moved off Kaidoh anyway. A stoic expression upon his face.
He took up his glasses.

" Uu.- Inui? " Kaidoh sat up.

" Nani? " Inui spoke from across the room.

" What are you doing? "

A silence was formed, before Inui spoke again.

" Making your training schedule. "

The answer.

Despite its logic, surprised Kaidoh.

He felt a twinge in his heart.

Like a knife.

He rubbed at his eyes.

He - was going to cry.

Unsure about everything, Kaidoh turned to face the wall beside Inuis bed.

Gripping a pillow tightly, he buried his face into it.

Muffiling silent tears.

" What do you think, about having in training on Wendensday? Eh, Kaidoh? " Inui
retorically spoke. Already knowing that Kaidoh would follow his instructions.

But when he recieved no answer, he turned around in his chair.

Kaidoh was curled up in the middle of the bed. Back to him.

" Kaidoh?" Getting up from his chair, Inui made his way over to his bed.

" Kaidoh..."

Second time speaking, he noticed a small flinch in Kaidohs curled up body.

Placing a warm hand upon Kaidohs shoulder.
He moved it slow circling motions.

A comforting massage.

But Kaidoh further himself into the pillow.

Inui. By now. Assumed Kaidoh was seriously upset about something.

He rolled Kaidoh over, so that the shorter, smaller teen was almost in his lap.

Gentely he brushed away Kaorus fluff of hair the appeared over the top of his pillow.
Surprising the fluff of hair was soft.
Like the fur of a new born kitten.

He continued to run his long fingers through Kaidohs hair.

Kaidoh though remained buried into the pillow.
But under the minstrations of Inuis fingers he had let his silent sobs disinigrate into silent moans.

It felt so good.
So warm.
So familiar.

He shifted, trying to allow more of Inuis hands to reach him.

The lithe fingers trailed down the exposed skin at the back of his neck, before they trailed up, tracing around the back of his ear.

He shivered involuntarily. It tickled.

He gasped when he felt the fingers trace the shell of his ear again.

Biting his lip. He shoved himself further into the pillow.

" Kaidoh...whats wrong? " Inui questioned again at the movement.

Kaidoh remained silent still. His shoulder warming under the heavy grasp of Inuis hand.

He couldnt allow Inui to see him. It was embarrassing enough that he had started crying at his house.
But he began to relax as Inui continued to rub his back soothingly. The heavy pressure against his tense muscles
was like a lullaby.
Slowly, but surely. It was lulling him to sleep.

Inui noticed as he felt the muscles drop their taught positions, and Kaidohs breathing dropped to a slower steady rate of in and out.

Taking a chance, Inui pulled the pillow away from Kaidohs grasp.

Kaidohs eyes were red.
Hed been crying...

Inui for almost the first time was confused.

What had he..what had happened to bring for such an emotion from Kaidoh..

He didnt ponder on it, but lowered himself next to Kaidoh, and pulled the boy close to him.
The pillow from before, squashed under Inui, And Inui was Kaidohs pillow.

The hand that wasnt proping up his head, rubbed up and down Kaidohs arm.

" Im sorry. " He didnt know why he was saying sorry, but he felt he needed to.

" ...Its okay."

Inui started. When had Kaidoh woken?!

"..guhuh.." He didnt know what to say. It had taken him completely by surprise.

"Im sorry too...about earlier...I just..I just didnt know why.." He could feel Kaidoh grip the folds of his gakuran.
A silent inclination that he was uncomfortable in what was about to be said.

Inui waited with patience for Kaidoh to continue.
Eventually he did.

" Why.. you stopped..left.." Inui could almost feel the heat radiating from Kaidohs cheeks.
But he thought on the statement.

" I thought you were uncomfortable...with what was and couldve happened. " Inui shifted.

" I didnt want be uncomfortable around me in the future..." He lazily scratched the back of his head.

" Oh." Kaidohs grip had relaxed, his head resting on Inuis chest. " I wasnt...very uncomfortable...Its just..that..that was my first kiss.." His face turned into Inuis gakuran.

" Pardon ? "

" ...I said...IdidntmindcauseitwaswithsomeoneIreallylike." Kaidoh rushed out.

Inui decifered the words in less than a minute. " I see. Well...Kaoru Kaidoh...I like you to."
It was true, he wasnt lieing.

And to assure Kaidoh who had stilled the moment the words reached his ears. He bent down and kissed Kaidohs lips firmly.

" I dont kiss people I dont like." The statement was punctuated by Inui kissing the tip of Kaidohs nose.

Kaidoh smiled up to him. " Me neither..."
And with all the words that felt needed to be said.
Kaidoh curled up next to Inui and closed his eyes again.

Inui watched him for a few minutes, before sleep too nagged at his eyes and he slept. The last thought on his mind had been -

The predicted reaction He had expected Kaidoh to express, had been unexpected.
Very unexpected.

Hed have to take note of it.