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The One Just For Me

Chapter One.

"Yuki! Yuki.. Please let me in! I'm sorry; I won't bother you any more I promise! Yuki!" Shuichi pounded on the door with his fist trying to get Yuki's attention, but knowing all too well that the blonde writer wasn't listening. Sighing in defeat Shuichi turned and left the building and strolled along the dark streets of Tokyo.

He had first decided on the idea of going to see Hiro, but then again Hiro has been acting odd lately, and won't speak to Shuichi much. So he decided to go see his partner in crime. He walked up the steps to a decently sized house and knocked on the door. After a couple of seconds of waiting, the door open to reveal a flour covered Ryuichi Sakuma.

"Shu-chan!!" Ryuichi squealed in delight and glomped Shuichi, covering him in flour.

"Hi Ryu-chan" Shuichi said gently prying the ecstatic singer off of him.

"What's Shu-chan doing here so late?" asked Ryuichi, now wondering why on earth the bubble gum pink haired singer was there.

"Yuki kicked me out again" Shuichi's shoulders slumped, his head hanging.

Ryuichi's face turned from its childish expression, to one that was serious.

"Come on inside Shuichi, you can stay the night" Shuichi looked up at the older singer,

"Thanks" He swore he saw a hint of anger in the older mans eyes, but it quickly disappeared as Ryuichi turned back into his child like self. Walking into the house he noticed there was flour everywhere.

"Um… Ryu-chan? What happened to your house?"

"Kumagoro wanted to make cookies, so that's what I'm doing, making cookies!" Ryuichi skipped back into the kitchen to continue on his task of making cookies.

"But then why is there flour everywhere?" Shuichi asked following his idol into the kitchen, which had even more flour everywhere.

"Kumagoro thought it was a funny idea to have a flour fight" Ryuichi gave Shuichi a big goofy grin. Shuichi thought he looked absolutely adorable. But after having that thought Shuichi inwardly smacked himself. What was he thinking!? He wasn't supposed to think that way about his idol, especially when he's with Yuki! Ryuichi noticed something was wrong.

"Shu-chan are you ok?" He asked with big eyes.

"Uh... y...Ya, I'm ok Ryu-chan. No worries" Shuichi smiled. Ryuchi nodded and went back to his mad stirring getting even more flour everywhere. Shuichi laughed.

"Ryu-chan would you like some help?" After about an hour of getting the recipe right, they finally sat down on the couch to gobble down warm cookies with milk. Ryuichi stretched and yawned.

"I fink it's time me and Kuma go to bed, night night Shu-chan" Ryuichi sleepily hobbled off to bed. Shuichi sat there for a bit thinking, when he heard Ryuichi walk back into the room.

"Ne Shu-chan?" He asked.

"Ya, Ryu-chan?" Shuichi looked up at his idol.

"Are you happy with Yuki?"

Shuichi sat there shocked for a moment. He never expected Ryuichi to ask him anything like that.

"Uh...y.ya I guess..." Shuichi stammered. Ryuichi nodded, but Shuichi saw the sadness in the older signer's eyes.

"Ok well night shu-chan"

"Night" Shuichi stared after Ryuichi, puzzled by his question. Was he happy with Yuki? He frowned; he was always getting kicked out and called mean names all the time. Shuichi shook his head in frustration, he would think about it tomorrow. Right now he needed sleep. Walking into the guest bedroom, he got into bed and stared at the ceiling. Sighing he closed his eyes and drifted into a dreamless sleep.


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