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Chapter 3.

After a long day at the studio, Shuichi was pleased to go home. He waved bye to his band mates and walked out the building. He gazed at the sky that was red from light pollution. He sighed. Hopefully Yuki will let him back in. Turning he headed home taking a short cut through the park. He stopped. This was were he had first met Yuki. He went over to the railing and looked over Tokyo. It was simply beautiful at night. "Shu-chan? Are you happy with Yuki?" Ryuichi's question from the night before popped into his head. Was he happy? Well sure he loved Yuki and all… But lately the only time he saw Yuki was during sex. He frowned. Shaking his head he continued home. When he got to the building he went and stood in front of the apartment door. Biting his bottom lip and taking a deep breath, he walked in. The apartment was dark and quiet. Shuichi took off his shoes and headed for Yuki's office. Sure enough there was the blond writer typing away at his keyboard. Shuichi knocked quietly on the open door.

"Yuki?" But the blond ignored him and continued to type.

"Um… I'm home…" Shuichi looked down at his feet when again the author didn't answer.

"Look I'm sorry about what ever I did yesterday. I'm um…" He trailed off into silence. Finally Yuki stopped tying and turned to look at him.

"What?" His tone was ice cold. Shuichi frowned.

"Nothing… I'm going to hop into the shower…" He turned and left, hearing Yuki reply with a disinterested "Whatever".

Stepping into the shower, he let the hot water run over his head. Why was Yuki being such a bastard lately? He shook his head and finished bathing. After he went into the bedroom and crawled into bed. He snuggled into his pillow. Was he happy with Yuki? Again the question popped into his head. He didn't know anymore and why did Ryuichi even want to know? He had never asked much about his relationship with the writer before. Why all of a sudden did he want to know if Shuichi was happy or not? He sighed and rolled onto his back to stare at the ceiling. It was going to be a long night.

Shuichi woke with a start the next morning due to having yet again a gun barrel shoved into his face. Then came the voice of his crazy manager.

"You have five minutes to get dressed and get outside" Shuichi groaned. Forcing himself out of bed.

"Fine, I'll be down in a minute" K nodded and left. 15 minutes later everyone was in practice room 2 for rehearsal. Shuichi muffled a yawn and dragged his feet over to the microphone.

"It's way too early to be practicing" He grumped. Suguru rolled his eyes and Hiro chuckled.

"Ah Shindo-kun. You have a concert in less then a week, you need to be prepared" said the basket case Sakano. Shuichi started grumbling to himself but complied. After a good four hours of Shuichi moping and practice it was time for lunch.

"Shuichi, you going to come with me and Fujisaki for lunch?" Hiro paused at the door to ask. Shuichi shook his head.

"Nah. I think I'm going to brainstorm some ideas for our collaboration with Nittle Grasper" Hiro nodded.

"I'll grab you something when we're out then" With that he turned and left. Shuichi sighed and looked down at his notebook nothing coming to mind. Maybe a short snooze will help. He stood and was just about to flop down on the couch when something heavy crashed into him sending him flying to the floor.

"SHU-CHAN!!" Ryuichi glomped Shuichi excitedly. Shuichi smiled and gently pushed off Ryuichi and sat up.

"Hey Ryu-chan. What brings you here?" Ryuichi held up a notebook.

"I thought that we could work on our lyrics for our song together!" He grinned. Shuichi smiled again.

"Sure. I was actually just thinking of some ideas for it." Ryuichi jumped onto the couch dragging Shuichi along with him. He cuddled up to Shuichi and opened the notebook to a blank page. All the while Shuichi was blushing at the closeness of his idol.

"I was thinking of something to do with a love story of sorts… Ne Shu-chan? Are you listening?" Ryuichi's eye's filled with tears. Shuichi snapped out of his thoughts.

"Oh… Um… Sorry, a love story you say? Sounds good to…" But Ryuichi interrupted before he could finish.

"Shuichi would you ever leave Yuki?" Shuichi froze. There it was again. Shuichi sighed.

"I…don't know"

"Would you ever leave him if you knew that someone else was in love with you and would treat you the way you should be?" Shuichi looked at Ryuichi to see nothing but a serious face. He looked down at his hands.

"I… I…" Ryuichi gently pushed his chin up so he had to look him right in the eyes.

"What if I told you I was in love with you and would never kick you out, call you horrible names and do nothing but love you with my whole heart?" Shuichi's eye's widened in shock. Ryuichi…was in love with him? Before he had any chance to answer soft lips were pressed against his. His eyes widened even more. He wanted to stop him, to tell him he loved Yuki no matter what. But something wouldn't let him. Instead he found himself kissing the older singer back. Ryuichi's hands ran down Shuichi's sides and bean to slip under his shirt. Shuichi finally realizing what was happening broke apart and stared at the other singer.

"Shuichi…"But Shuichi had already run out of the practice room. He didn't stop when he left the building. He just kept running and all the while the events that just occurred kept replaying in his mind. What did he just do? How could he have betrayed Yuki? Next thing he knew he was in that same park. The same park where he met the blond writer. He sank to the ground and cried. He cried until there were no tears left to shed. Taking a shaky breath he picked himself up and walked out of the park to wander the busy streets of Tokyo.


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