Author's Note: You lucky, lucky people you.

You are the lucky few that are NOT getting a note to tell you this story is ending! Hooray!

For some reason my stubborn mind is insisting it can finishing this given time and furthermore – with my time off (coming soon in May, check my profile people!) and improved skills after having had writing help on LJ – you will benefit from a better reading experience.

That being said, don't look for updates next week. LOL, sorry folks but though my free time is coming up, it isn't here yet. I can say for Vanteerian Charm that it will be a long, hard road to re-writing the 9000 words lost to that issue I told you guys about where I lost my files – I remember the plot though so fear not. It's just the time to write it all back… As for Rejected Runespoor I had promised an overhaul and it will come. Having re-read I know it is NECESSARY and it will be done before I can think to continue writing. As for Just What I've Never Wanted, it was almost complete before I lost my files and this one hurts the most… I had the most beautiful scenes ready for the near-end… I have to muster up the motivation to work myself back there again. I will though, that's a promise.

So these three stories – though it will not be immediate – will be continued. Hang in there people,

Love Tinks