Title: Mine

Summary: What would i do without you, my love?

AN: Kay, so here's chapter 2. It'll probably be short too cuz im in writers block. XP so imma take a shot at this and hopefully it turns out good.

CHapter 2


It had been pretty quiet between the two adults all day. The other traveling companions where starting to worry because of the lack of fighting between them. Most of the time Fay would tease Kurogane with silly names or poke at him until it got to the point where he would chase the mage around the house with his sword. Now Fay would only look to Kurogane and give a small smile when he caught the ninja glaring at him. Whatever was going on needed to be resolved, because the children where going inside from the silence.


Kuroganes eyebrow twitched with every anoying tap of the fork. He was about ready to take it away from the mage and either break it in half or stab him with it. He controled his temper slightly and simply murmerd through his clenched teeth, "Could you stop?"

Lately there had just been something bugging Kurogane. It had to do with Fay. No matter what he did it annoyed the hell out of him more than usual. Even the simplest smile angered him. Maybe it was the fact that he knew it was fake and meaningless. He could see through that broken mask of emotions.

Fay stopped with the tapping and put his fork down. It was quiet again. Syaoran glanced back and forth at Kurogane and Fay, which were eating their dinner. Sakura nudged him with her elbow and nodded. They had planned to ask the two what was up, but neither really wanted to get into their personal business. They decided it was for the best and Syaoran volentierd to ask them. He looked down at his plate, so that when he questioned them he wouldn't have to make eye contact. Clearing his throat he poked at the rice on his dish, "Is something wrong? Both of you have been very quiet today." Both Kurogane and Fay looked at him. There he was again with that fake smile that urked Kurgane so. "Nothings wrong. I guess we're just really tired. It's nothing to worry about, kay?" He stood up with his plate, leaving the table and putting his dish in the sink. "I think i'll go to bed now." He walked into his room and shut the door quietly.

Sakura looked at Kurogane, "Kurogane-San...everythings okay?" He kept his eyes on his unfinished rice, "Yeah."


Fay had to admit that the silence was getting to him also. He didn't even know why it was so silent. He wasn't angry at Kurogane. Myabe he felt weird because of the whole doughnut thing. He looked at the scratches that Kurgane had accidentally left when he slapped him on the hand. A slight laugh escaped from his lips. "So stubborn." A soft knock could be heard on the door, creaking slightly when it was opened. Fay looked over his shoulder, toward the door. He had been sitting in his window sil, looking out to the streets below. He hid his hand unnoticeably when he saw who it was. Kurogane stepped in, closing the door behind him, "We need to talk.." The mage smirked, "Are you breaking up with me?" Kurogane growled, "Quit messing around." ((just FYI..they aren't actually a couple...yet..? XD)) He leaned against the wall and crossed his arms. It was quiet for a while until Kurogane broke the silence with a sigh, "Im sorry, okay?" He looked away, avoiding eye contact. Fay blinked. He's actually apologizing? A slight smile formed on his lips. He Stretched and yawned, "So..I guess ill be going to sleep now!" Smiling widely, he made his way to his bed. Kurogane clentched his fists, "You were supposed to say," He mocked the mage in a high pitch, girly voice. "You don't have to be sorry, it was my fault anyways for shovi--" He trailed off when the soft sound of snores reached his ears. He sighed and decided he really couldn't be mad at Fay this time. Being mad at him for no reason was a waist of time in his eyes. He watched Fay as he slept. He was lying ontop of his blanket, slightly curled in a ball. He found it funny how Fay would scrunch up his nose slightly whenever the wind blew in from the open window, causing his hair to tickle it. He'd chuckle quietly, stopping only when the mage would move a little in his sleep. He didn't really want to wake him. No matter how many times he told himself it wasn't true, it came to be clear to him that he liked being around Fay.

Kurogane closed the once open window and then covered Fay, brushing the hair out of his face. His beautiful face. His skin pale with a slight pinkish tint to his cheeks; his lips parted just a bit, bringing in and out the air of soft breaths. Kurogane ran his fingers through the other mans hair absentmindedly. Catching himself doing this, he pulled his hand back and turned for the door.

"Kuro-chan.." Kurogane stopped with his hand on the doorknob and looked over to Fay, who was looking back at him. Fay smiled, "You don't have to be sorry, it was my fault."

I know it's short and im sorry. XP