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Chapter 1: The Obsession

Obsession, Knives had decided, was something that crept up on a person, or at least in his case. He'd held a grudge against humanity, even attempted to destroy the entire species on more than one occasion. And by the time Knives had figured out that he'd developed a preoccupation with homo sapiens, he'd been beyond caring.

But his brother had put a halt to his plans and his obsession. By gunpoint, no less. And the months of bed rest that followed had only succeeded in something even worse happening. At least that was the way he saw it.

For you see, he had switched from one obsession to another. Certainly the first one remained, if only a little bit. Such a thing as hating an entire race enough to destroy them simply didn't disappear overnight. He still held more than a trace amount of anger and rage at the humans, but taking out his feelings on them no longer held the appeal it once had.

The half-year that he spent recuperating, being coddled by the two humans and his brother, had changed him. Now his thoughts were filled with something other than his next plan to destroy humanity. Instead, visions of black hair and violet eyes danced through his head. Meryl Stryfe, insurance agent and one of the two resident humans, had captured his attention.

And he'd tried to put her out of his system. But like a sand leech that had latched onto your leg, she'd been impossible to ignore. He'd tried everything, too.

After he'd made the startling (and frightening) discovery that he was obsessing over a human, he'd tried different tactics to purge her from his system.

At first Knives had simply pretended that she didn't exist. Before his discovery he'd spoken a few words to the human. This had ceased after he'd figured out how she was effecting him. Every time Meryl had entered the room he would act as if she weren't there, but then she'd made it her personal mission to get him to pay attention to her. She'd practically camped out in his room. The woman read a little, but most of the time she spoke to him. Even when she had been met with complete silence the woman had never had the sense to shut up!

Eventually he'd snapped and it had been only his strange fascination with her that had saved the woman from a certain death by angel blade. Still, in his rage he'd fiercely grabbed her shoulders and pressed her against the nearest wall, pinning her their with his own body until they were nose to nose.

Suffice to say both of them had been shocked at his uncharacteristic behavior. When the red haze had lifted from his eyes he'd slowly backed away, letting her slide down the wall until her feet touched the ground.

"That is enough," he told her. "I do not know why you've incessantly bothered me, but as you haven't noticed, I wish to be alone."

Amazingly, Meryl had not been angry or frightened by his behavior; not a tremor or a speck of rage colored her voice. "I should be the one asking you what you think you're doing. Knives." "You suddenly stopped speaking to me. I had no way of knowing why." A lock of hair fell in front of her eyes and she impatiently pushed it away. "Do you honestly believe that I would leave you alone? Not with your history of violence!"

But he never heard her question. His mind was still wrapped around that strand of hair that she had so carelessly flicked away. Knives' body was almost trembling at the realization that he had wanted to touch and move that hair. He, ruthless plant and killer of millions, had wanted to touch a human. He'd wanted to smooth his hand over her soft skin, tucking those black strands behind her ear...

Now Knives had little experience with intimacies of any kind, let alone physical. So these renegade thoughts of his had shaken him to his very core. And he dealt with it in the only way he knew how.

He ran away.

Not literally, of course. Instead he'd lashed out at the source of his distress, pushing away the unknown, his confusion adding a harsh tone to his words. His brows narrowed into a frown at the woman before him and his already cold eyes had hardened into glaciers.

"And am I supposed to care that you do not understand my actions?" He took a menacing step toward her. "You are nothing to me, human. Your words, feelings, and even your life are insignificant."

By now he'd backed her into the wall again and as he watched a single tear trickled from one violet eye to cascade down her pale skin.

He'd forced himself to harden against her obvious distress. Knives knew that he shouldn't care if he'd made her cry or the possibility that he was pushing her away for good.

She bowed her head, hiding her shining eyes and wet cheeks. "I'm sorry," she whispered, no small amount of self-derision coloring her voice, "I had no idea that I was such a bother to you."

Without lifting her eyes she'd made her way out of the room.


That had been a week ago and he'd not seen her since. Even when he'd ventured out of his room there had been no Meryl around the house. He'd checked, too. Berating himself the entire time, Knives had stealthily searched each room while Vash and Millie had been occupied elsewhere. Not only that, but he'd looked for her on three separate occasions, and at different times of the day.

Seriously annoyed and feeling very uneasy Knives finally sat himself down on his bed to explore his actions. Why, he asked himself, was he getting so worked up over a measly human. He had seen many like her over his long life, before he'd settled down at his spaceship. Though Knives did admit that she was more optimistic and brave than the typical human.

She was certainly shorter than most, barely coming up to his chest, but she more than made up for it in attitude. Meryl was a one woman army when there was something that needed to be done. Her work ethic was commendable, even by his outrageously high standards.

Her black hair was of a normal hue, except for the blue highlights that seemed to shine in the sun...

He shook his head as if to clear the image from his mind. Lately his thoughts had been straying like that. Rather than focusing on whatever he was doing, he'd find his thoughts steering toward her. Which was one of the reasons why he was analyzing himself at the moment.

But back on the topic, the only abnormal quality about her was her violet eyes. It wasn't everyday that you saw a human that possessed that color of iris.

Other than that she was normal. So why was he obsessing over her? Why?!

Knives stood and began to restlessly pace his bedroom. As far back as he could remember there had only been two people in his entire life that he had held any measure of feelings for. His brother and...Rem.

Just thinking about her brought a torrent of confused and jumbled emotions. On the one hand she'd been both mentor and mother, and on the other she'd been another human who'd enslaved his sisters.

But thinking about her brought him back into the past, before he'd set out to destroy the human race, back when him, Vash, and Rem had lived together happily.

One particular memory came to mind. It had occurred not long before his beatings at the hands of Steve had begun.


Rem had been growing even more determined to educate them in everything human. And with their rapid physical growth, she'd taken it upon herself one day to teach them about their bodies.

Even now he shuddered remembering when she'd told them about the "birds and the bees". Vash and him had been nothing more than mortified along with a thoroughly embarrassed Rem.

After that she'd started them on a new series of videos that were all in the romance genre. They'd watched a lot of "classics," as Rem had described them. Everything from Gone With The Wind to Wuthering Heights was part of their 'learning.'

And when they'd finished watching the movies she'd chosen for them, Rem had set them aside and talked to them about what they'd seen. She'd explained about what the word love meant and the different aspects of it.


Knives shuddered horribly. No. He had to be wrong. There was no possible way that he was in love with a human female; especially the particular female by the name of Meryl Stryfe.

But the plant knew he was just deluding himself. Somehow, someway she'd wormed her way into his heart. Maybe it had been her stern, but kind demeanor? Or was it the way the sun shined on her porcelain skin?


The plant knew that he shouldn't be thinking these things. These thoughts of his were dangerous, both to his sanity and his health.

For the past month his dreams had been plagued by a small woman with violet eyes. The female had aroused new and frightening emotions, ones that he'd never felt for a human since Rem. Protectiveness, possessiveness...love.

He hadn't needed an interpreter to figure out that the woman was Meryl. But for him to feel like that toward her, a human he'd known for a short time, one of the females that followed his brother around, had caused him even more grief.

But the big question was what was he going to do about these traitorous feelings? As much as Knives wished that they would simply go away, he was not naive enough to believe that problems such as this solved themselves. No, he would have to do something himself. But what?

He knew that before his brother had bested him he wouldn't have hesitated in destroying her. But now...now Knives knew that he couldn't harm her. To do so would hurt him as well. For no matter how disgusted he was with himself, his affection for her was too great.

What did humans usually do in these types of situations, he asked himself? Well, if he were to go by the movies he'd seen as a child, and if he were to consider himself the leading male character, then he should rush off to find her and apologize, allowing them both to have a happy ending.

Just the thought made him shudder yet again. Did human males really indulge in such unseemly behavior? They had to have no pride whatsoever.

But, a small voice in his mind asked him, would it be such a bad idea to go and find her? It had been awhile and something urged him to see her, to check if she was alright.

Yes, that was what he would do, Knives decided. He would find her and assuage these urgent feelings.

The first step would be to talk to Vash. He would know where the tiny woman was.