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Chapter 5: Never-Ending Love

'They still fought like an old, married couple,' Vash thought to himself. He stood in the living room of the home Knives and Meryl had made for themselves. Richly decorated, the large area could comfortably fit a small army.

The two in question were at that moment shouting at each other. In one hand the woman waved a small and nonthreatening fist, in the other a cane. His brother seemed unaffected and unafraid of both.

Around them congregated their two children and their children. The first and second generation of something new and wonderful, a merging of up until now were two separate species.

Though, by watching the two parents, one would wonder if maybe them getting together wasn't more of a farce. Meryl Stryfe, insurance lady and foul tempered wench, married to Knives Millions, self-proclaimed destroyer of mankind marrying? It'd been fifty-one years and he still hadn't gotten used to the idea.

A gentle hand settled on his shoulder. Turning slightly, he found Millie standing behind him, a small smile on her face.

"Are they at it again?" Her soft voice flowed over him and he again thanked whatever entity had allowed him the opportunity to spend time with Millie. With her around, his usual bouts of self-depreciation and self-loathing had become things of the past. Her quiet confidence in him had spurred him on to become a leading technician in plant.

Along with Knives, they'd been able to create awareness of the need for more than one energy source. Even now they were developing a system which would harness the suns' rays into usable electricity. If everything went according to plan, the plants would soon find their burden a lot lighter.

Jerking himself out of such deep thoughts, he answered Millie's question, "Aren't they always?"

Chuckling, they fixed their stares on the other couple. Meryl and Knives had calmed down, having separated and started mingling amongst their family. But every now and then they would look back at the other and frown, obviously raring for another fight.

For a woman her age, the small insurance lady moved nimbly through the crowd. The epitome of a mother, she made sure that all the grandchildren received a hug and her attention.

"I'll be right back," Millie told him, then moved away toward the kitchen. And no wonder. The family ate through food like a pig in slop.

Vash felt a presence at his side and turned slightly, finding his twin standing next to him. The spiky-haired blond threw a brotherly arm around the frowning plant's shoulders. "Hey, Knives! Long time no see!"

Said male grunted in response and gave him a glare. Yep. Same old Knives.

"And what are you so joyful about?" Knives' gruff voice spoke of his exasperation with his brother's bright and sunny demeanor.

Vash faked a hurt expression. "What? Can't I be happy about seeing my one and only brother?"

Another grunt, this time of disbelief.

"It has been more than five years since we've seen each other," the golden blond pointed out.

Knives rolled his eyes. "Not near long enough."

The Stampede withdrew his arm . . . then slapped his brother hard in the back, causing the plant to be slightly thrown forward. "I know you don't mean that, Knives! You're just trying to put up that tough-guy act again!"

"Can't you quiet down?!" he hissed with narrowed eyes, looking very much like a snake. The expression very much reminded him of a certain violet-eyed person. Scary.

He held up his hands in defense. "Okay, okay. No more shouting." The Humanoid Typhoon suddenly sobered. "But how have you been? Seriously."

Knives straightened, shrugging his shoulders. "The same. The woman won't stop bugging me about watching my health." He sneered. "She seems to have gotten it into her head that I am getting fat."

His brother snickered, earning him another glare. "Sorry, but who would have thought that you'd ever adjust so well to married life?"

"It's not so much 'adjusting' as 'enduring' . . . " the former destroyer of mankind grumbled.

"What was that?"


"If you say so . . . "

"I do."

Vash felt a large grin spread across his face. It was times like these that he was especially glad that he had saved his brother long ago in that small oasis.

Movement and noise across the room caught their attention and both males watched as their perspective wives came toward them, a large cake held between them.

"Happy anniversary!" they cheered.

"Is that what day it is . . . " Out of the corner of his eye Vash saw Knives' hands and eye twitch, sure signs he was annoyed by his forgetfulness.

What Vash had forgotten was that today was the fiftieth anniversary of both his and Knives' wedding day to Millie and Meryl. They'd decided on a double wedding to make the event simpler.

Back in the present the girls had set the confectionary on a nearby table and were cutting out slices. The plates with the treat were passed around until everyone was stuffing themselves and making light conversation. Their job done, the two insurance ladies made their way over to their husbands, a piece of cake in either hand. Over one arm Meryl still held her cane.

Both boys took their slices and Vash happily devoured his. He smiled his thanks as gulped the last bit down in under a minute. Meryl, who'd taken her place next to Knives rolled her eyes while Millie smiled prettily, her smooth complexion only adding to her beauty.

Vash mulled over that fact for what had to be the billionth time. You see, both Meryl and Millie had been slightly . . . altered. Rather than growing old as humans were wont to do, both had retained their youth to a certain degree. Instead of looking in their seventies both women had the appearance of being in their late twenties.

They'd discovered the age slowing ten years after their marriages. It had been impossible to tell the difference before then. Knives had taken it upon himself to study the phenomena and had eventually, after much research, figured out what had triggered the age slowing. He'd been loathe to tell them for the longest time and they had wondered why until he'd finally answered their question.

Apparently performing . . . a certain act with a plant was the prime factor. Knives' embarrassment at the topic had been noticeable in his slightly pink cheeks and he'd strictly told them never to ask him again. This was only after they (meaning Vash) had bugged him nonstop, continually asking what the cause was.

Still, it had worked in their favor and now they had mates who they could spend their lives with.

Yelling beside him caught Vash's attention and he shifted to find his brother and Meryl once again arguing, again over the same topic, the cane the woman held in one clenched fist. It had been a "present" from Knives that he'd given her earlier as a joke on the suggestion of one of their children.

Meryl was not amused.

"I am NOT old!"

"Woman, your age dictates that-"


'Maybe giving her a cane hadn't been such a good idea...' Knives thought as he rubbed his head. Said male growled and lunged at his wife who shrieked and dodged away from his grasp, worming her way through the crowd with Knives hot on her heals.

It was obvious to all that they were in love.

Vash shook his head in amusement. Even after all these years they still felt so strongly toward one another.

One would think they were obsessed with each other.