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(Enter Marta and Anise)

Marta: I've been wondering … are you sure you don't have anything like tree spirits in Auldrant, Anise?

Anise: Pretty sure. I mean, the closest we'd get is if some ghost were haunting a tree, and seeing how there was the Sword Dancer … but yeah, nothing like you guys have. Why?

Marta: Well, Ratatosk's a tree spirit, and he's the lord of all monsters. In ancient times Ratatosk and his Centurions would make pacts with warriors that could bond with monsters to help balance the mana. They were called Knights of Ratatosk. Knights could command the monsters to help them fight.

Anise: So what're you getting at—(blinks) Oh, no, you can't be serious, right?

Marta: Why not? Don't you think it's rather strange that Arietta can bond with monsters and have them fight for her?

Anise: She was raised by monsters! She's not a Knight of Ratatosk or anything! And even if she was, Ratatosk would have some pretty poor taste in making Gloomietta one of his Knights.

(Enter Tenebrae)

Tenebrae: Ah, but she did at one point have dozens of monsters under her command all at once when the Oracle Knights ambushed the Tartarus. She would have made an astounding Knight. Even Lord Emil can only command so many monsters in battle at once.

Anise: Wait, so the lord of monsters himself can't use more than a few at once? That's silly, that's like the Colonel only commanding a handful of all his men!

Tenebrae: You forget that Lord Emil is constrained in his human form, and his power had lain dormant much of his journey.

Anise: I don't think Gloomietta would have become one of his Knights in any case, all that mattered to her was Ion.

(Exit Anise)

(Enter Emil)

Emil: … Actually, I've been thinking about that, too. Arietta really would have made a great Knight.

Marta: Yeah, since she was raised by monsters, she'd have an easier time bonding with them.

Tenebrae: Indeed, helping balance the world's mana would have been a better use of her energy than the regrettable events Commandant Grants set into motion on Auldrant.


A/N: First thing I thought when I played ToS II was that Emil was the next Arietta the Wild. He even had someone to protect! Except Marta could fight better than Ion could (however, Ion is made of pure awesome as Luke's MA extension).

Also, there will be more ToV PS3 costume skits, just haven't figured out the next one (prolly gonna be either Tear and Estelle or Luke and Flynn), and there will be future skits in which Rita aims to exact her revenge on Genis and Raven. Fun fun!