A/N: thanks to all who reviewed the last chapter, cookies for all

A/N: thanks to all who reviewed the last chapter, cookies for all. I didn't get the emails, so it's kinda ambiguous on who gets them.

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Chapter 6: The Ceremony… Who's this?

The two kunoichi started racing for the mountain, leaving the men in blinking.

"What just happened Kakashi?" asked a bewildered Naruto.

"I think we just got left by our girls, wearing dresses, heels, and Hinata-chan is pregnant," replied Kakashi looking amused.

"Shouldn't we catch up? That way we aren't late, and Tsunade-baa-chan won't pummel us for it," mentioned Naruto, shuddering.

With that both men started racing after the girls.

At the mountain

As Hinata and Sakura sit down, Kakashi and Naruto appear in their seats.

"Took you guys long enough to get here," murmured Sakura "Tsunade-shishou is about to begin."

"We got here as soon as our jaws were back in their normal positions," replied a laughing Kakashi.

"WHAT?! Jiraiya is in a tux? Has the world as we know it ended?" shrieked a shocked Naruto, staring at his teacher.

"Hush Naruto, surely you didn't think that Tsunade-hime would let him out of the house in his normal noxious outfit did you?" asked Kakashi, looking over at him.

"I didn't expect a full on tux, and man that dress Tsunade-baa-chan is wearing is amazing," Naruto looked at her, a little shocked.

"Hush Naruto," said Hinata calmly, "Tsunade is beginning."

Naruto immediately quieted down, and Kiba, sitting on the other side of Hinata smiled at her, happy that someone could shut him up.

"Thank you all for coming today," began Tsunade looking out at the entire village, which had shut down for the ceremony, except for the ninja on border patrol. "We are gathered here to give two excellent the promotion they deserve. Today we recognize them for the excellent service they have given Konohagakure in their careers as ninja. They have made our country a better place, and have done more than their teachers ever imagined., or expected them to do." She looks over at Jiraiya, smiling.

"They have created a way of life that we have become accustomed to," began Jiraiya, standing up, "It has been our pleasure to watch them grow and learn. It has always been our hope that they would do great things, and they have more than lived up to those expectations." He looks out at the crowd. "We are so proud of them today, and every day. They have brought up the opinion of our country higher in all of the other hidden villages, more so than any other in the history of Konoha," stated Jiraiya proudly.

"Would you please welcome Haruno Sakura and Uzumaki Naruto to the stage," said Tsunade, smiling widely.

everybody cheers as the two stand up, blushing slightly, to walk to the stage

"Today we," Tsunade stated, holding hands with Jiraiya, "are conferring on these two the status of Sannin of Konohagakure."

everyone stands up and cheers wildly for the two

"As you all know, they both deserve this, but we feel the need to enumerate some of their accomplishments," stated Jiraiya.

"As far as I am in the field of being a medic-nin, Sakura has far surpassed me. In becoming the best medic ever trained, she has completely cured Gekko Hayate of his cough, making it possible for him to regain the full rank of jounin. And her pet project has been trying to regenerate Lee's chakra coils," Tsunade began.

"And I'd like to interject that as of yesterday, I found a way to finish generating his chakra coils." interjected a glowing Sakura. "I also finished the procedure yesterday."

A glowing Tsunade beamed down at a happy Sakura, as everyone cheered again.

"Good going forehead!" was heard from the crowd, and Sakura grinned, assuming the "good guy" pose, even getting the glint off of her teeth.

"As for Naruto's accomplishments, he has, with his ANBU team, wiped out most of Akatsuki, and went on countless missions to bring up our status," interjected Jiraiya, smiling down at his protégé. "Also, we have one more announcement," he says, planting his hand on Naruto's black clad shoulder.

"Yes, thank you Jiraiya. As of next week, I will be retiring as Hokage," she pauses, gauging the crowd's reaction to her words. " My successor and your new Hokage is one Nar…"

"Excuse me, Lady Tsunade," interjected Hagane Kotetsu, one of the jounin on patrol. "I'm truly sorry to have interrupted your speech, but we have encountered a Suna nin that we don't know. Izu ( Kamizuki Izumo) is taking him to your office."

whispers run through the crowd

"Whose name was she going to say?!" "Is it Shikamaru? His last name starts Nar." "It could be Naruto"

"Tsunade holds up her hands, showing some of her age, "As I was saying, your Hokage will be Naruto Uzumaki."

The wild cheering of everyone else drowned the few unhappy mutters out.

"Now, if you will excuse us, I have some business to attend to," said Tsunade, looking a little tired.

With that Tsunade, Jiraiya, Naruto and Sakura all took off for the Hokage tower.

in the office

"Why am I being held here? I demand to see your Hokage," a rough voice nearly shouted, perfectly audible through the thick door. Kotetsu winces. The door opened, quickly dislodging Izumo, who promptly ran into Kotetsu, who blushed.

"Have you seen Tsunade? I really, really need her here, our 'guest' has spent the last half hour threatening me and Genma," spat out a flustered Izumo.

"Calm down Izu, she will be here shortly. I interrupted her making the announcement of who her successor would be," replied Kotetsu, looking fondly at Izumo.

"Oh really? And who is this paragon of perfection? Who is our new boss?" asked Izumo, who was truly interested.

"The number one hyperactive knuckle-headed ninja himself, Naruto Uzumaki," stated and amused Kotetsu.

"It would cost us how much to move to Suna?" asked Izumo jokingly.

"Absolutely nothing. We're being sent with Sakura on her mission to Suna," replied Kotetsu, completely deadpan.

"We have to go with that nut job in Tsunade's office? "

"What nut job in my office? I was under the impression that an emissary from Suna was arriving today?" Tsunade asked suddenly.

"He says he is from Suna, Lady Tsunade," replied Kotetsu, jumping slightly, bumping into Izumo.

"Well then, move so I can get into my office," stated Tsunade, staring at the two.

As they move away Izumo started, "Lady Tsunade, he has been threatening me and Genma."

"Well, threatening Genma I can forgive. Threatening the man who runs my errands, I can't. I will take care of that," she said walking into her office. "Welcome to Konohagakure, you must be Shenlong-san. Kazekage-sama mentioned that it would be you coming to escort my student."

"That nut with the senbon wouldn't believe that I was from Suna, and spiky just sat there glaring," retorted Shenlong. "So I was naturally myself, an asshole."

"I can believe that, and Genma probably deserved whatever you threatened him with. Izumo, however, was just doing what he was told to do, and as one of my assistants doesn't."

"I stand corrected, Lady Tsunade. But I don't apologize, not for anything or anyone." replied Shenlong, looking directly at Tsunade.

"Ahh, Sakura, there you are. This is Shenlong-san. Shenlong-san, this is Sakura-chan, my apprentice." Tsunade says, looking over her shoulder.

"Its nice to meet you Shenlong-san. Kazekage-sama has told us much about you," replied Sakura, bowing slightly.

"Eh, Gaara actually talking to someone other than me, its still a bit weird," replied Shenlong.

"Sakura, are you packed?" asked Tsunade, looking a bit worried.

"Of course Tsunade. I've been packed for nearly a day now," replied Sakura, " it's been delivered to the gates for transport."

"Good, then you, Kotetsu, Izumo and Shenlong-san can be on your ways." Tsunade said, looking relieved. "I trust Izumo did the packing Kotetsu? Otherwise your stuff wouldn't be packed."

"Yes, Tsunade-sama," replied Kotetsu, looking a bit shamefaced.

"Off you go then. I'll see you two when you return in a month, Sakura, stay as long as you are needed."

At the gates

"Well, Kashi, this is good bye for now," said a slightly teary Sakura.

"It will be ok Sakura, I know it will," said Kakashi, looking away slightly.

"'Bayo, Kakashi. It will be ok, Sakura will come back and it will all be ok," mumbled Naruto.

"Well," said Kotetsu with a bit of false cheer, "its time to be off."

"'Tetsu, you don't need to be so happy. Kakashi won't see Sakura for months, he has a right to be sad," murmured Izumo, looking at his boyfriend.

"Come on, come on. Cut the sap, we don't have all day. We need to make the border by nightfall," interjected Shenlong looking at both couples.

"All right, all right. We're coming," replied the other three in unison.

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