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As far back as I can remember there have been tales of how wonderful our world once was. The King was fair and during the time of his rule life was peaceful and prosperious. Food was plentiful and poverty was rarely seen. Our world was a utopian civilization...or so I've been told. I have diffuiculty believing in this picture-perfect world when I have lived in it for so long.

The stories sound more like fairytales to me.

During the peak of life in our world the king unexpectedly passed away. Without an heir to claim the throne, our world was thrown into chaos.

Civil Wars were breaking out all over the country; sons were killing fathers, brothers were betraying brothers, blood and battles became common sights.

During the years following the king's death, rumors began floating about that there was a new becon of hope. A young man by the name of Ichijouji.

His intentions were said to be for the people, a peasant who just wanted to make things right with the world again. Being the only couragous fellow of the time he was immediatly coronated and peace was restored to us.

But, as it soon became known, his entire plot to gain the crown had been nothing but a scheme for power. He became a blood-thirsty tyrannt. He sent his armies to attack and pillage the towns until he was sure every soul feared him. He even renamed our world in his honor...I never knew what it was called before and those that do are too cowardly to say it. He ruled viciously for four years before he was certain that no one dared to rise against him. He married and had a son, the future heir to the Ichijouji kingdom.

This was the time I was born in.

Among the few towns left standing after Ichijouji took control was the peaceful Takenouchi kingdom, the town I was born and raised in (of course it had already been conqurered by the tyrants).

During the time of the War the Takenouchi kingdom was an oasis of beauty and peace amongst a world of chaos and fear, or so I've been told. Their grounds were green and fertile, their lakes clear as crystal, and their surrender was as quick and painless as they come.

It was near the beginning of the war when Ichijouji himself appeared at the doorstep of the Takenouchi kingdom. With his trademark cruel smile he offered the King and Queen two choices, the typical life or death question; "Surrender or die on the spot." The Queen was pregnant with their first child and fear had welled within both rulers. Bloody footprints followed Ichijouji where ever he went; towns were destroyed in his wake and gallons of innocent blood was spilt. They were petrified with uncertainty and did what they thought was best for their country and their unborn daughter. They surrendered.

Outrage followed this announcement. The citizens were shocked that their rulers would give up their land without so much as a fight. Many rebellions followed and many lives were lost until finally the kingdom was as broken as all the others. After the surrender Ichijouji demanded rights to everything within the town; food, important natural resources, and weapons, leaving the town with next to nothing. It wasn't long until the town was divided into Districts. The Fourth and Third were the decaying outer regions of the town, the Second were those that made an average living, and the First District was the comfortable inner circle surrounding the castle where the rich folk lived. Needless to say, communication between the First and Fourth was unheard of and it was rare for any of the Districts to speak to one another.

My parents made an average paycheck and were able to support the three of us until my mom got pregnant with my sister. Doctors, I learned, were some of the greatest thieves of my time. Their medical procedures were so expensive that we gave them close to everything we owned just to insure that my mother would would survive the birth. We were soon reduced to nothing and lived on the outermost reaches of the Takenouchi kingdom in the Fourth District.

Life was excruciatingly difficult for the three of us. My father lost his job taking care of my mother and was constantly preforming odd jobs to afford dinner, while my mother, nearly reaching the end of her pregnancy tried selling some of her exotic dishes to passerbys. Even I, almost four years old, had extreme problems. I was bullied by most of the other kids, who were much bigger and older than I was. I would often come home covered in bruises and wincing from a black eye or two. It seemed as though life couldn't get any worse until my mother went into labor.

I remember the first time I held my little sister. It made everything that happened seem worth it. She was named Hikari and the name suited her well. It didn't matter how bad life got for me after she was brought into the world. She would greet me with her light brown eyes and cheery smile. We were as close as siblings could get, and remain to be. But for some reason fate always finds a way to turn everything around.

Hikari was only five years old at the time. She was busy chatting about the day she had with the little girl across the street when something was thrown through the window behind us. Glass scattered everywhere and we raced into our parents' room. The look they shared with one another still haunts me to this day. They told us to hide within my mother's wooden wardrobe (one of the few items she managed to keep, it belonged to her grandmother and was a dear possesion of her's). I remember hiding in the darkness for what felt like weeks until we heard voices. The door was wrenched open by unfamiliar men in black and blue uniforms and we were dragged kicking and screaming out of our house. We looked around and could figure out what happened.

It was a massacre.

Bodies were littering the dirt roads leading all the way into the Second District's cobblestone streets. Our parents were among them.

We were thrown into a steel cart with a group of other kids, all of varying ages. One of the men that apprehended my sister and I gave us a cruel smile before saying "Welcome to Hell."

From that moment only misfortune followed us.

We were taken to the Ichijouji kingdom where I lived out the remainder of my childhood. The years that followed are too crazy and painful to think about, but when I turned twelve I finally decided to do something about it. I made a few friends during those four years and we banded together and became an interesting gang of thieves. We started out with small goals; stealing a few slices of bread or getting away with snatching a pouch of coins. I didn't realize I was so good at it until we went for something bigger; a jewlery cart. Without a hitch we managed to rob the greedy bastard blind. With large sacks of riches on our backs we figured we needed a place to stash the stuff. Hikari gave us the idea. We needed someplace secret, that not many visit, so she suggested the ruins of the Fourth District in the Ichijouji kingdom.

According to one of our friends Ichijouji ordered the Third and Fourth Districts to be destroyed in his kingdom too. All around there were only a few skeletons of what once stood; a wall or two that withstood the flames, a pile of charred wood that may have once been support beams, broken glass and grey ash still made the dirt sparkle. It was a wasteland and it was highly unlikly for anyone to come out here since the roads went through town. Perfect.

We choose the home that was the most intact; four walls were still standing. There were cracks and small holes in the base but they were still stable, the door was missing and the glass for the windows was shattered beyond repair, but this shabby place screamed home. Our skills in thievery advanced as we stole more and more to ensure that we wouldn't go hungry, but as everything began piling up we soon realized we needed a place to store the riches. We dug a deep hole and installed a wooden floor with a secret door to conceal everthing.

To make a long story short, we expanded that secret hiding place into an entire cavern that runs miles beneth the Third and Fourth Districts. And just as our home expanded and our ambitions grew more and more adventurous, our little group grew into a powerful force of nineteen people. We've robbed an infanite number of nobles, dukes, aristocrats, and other royalty across the country. Because of our famed success I've gained a nickname from the royalty; the Prince of Thieves. I have to admit, these stuck-up royals can give their "villans" some pretty cool nicknames.

I'm a villan in proper society, no doubting it. I constantly hear rumors when I'm undercover that I kill children and kidnap women, and these insane theories make me roll my eyes. I've never killed anyone and the only one I plan to kill is Ken. As for kidnapping women...obviously whoever started that one has too much time on their hands. Some of my best friends are women and I know from experience that they are the most confusing type of creatures on the planet. So for now I'm happily single and plan to stay that way for a while.

Currently my main focus is our most dangerous plot yet; robbing the one place that took everything from us; Ichijouji's castle.