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Chapter One

And so the insanity that old fogeys call school comes to an end

By Yours Truly a.k.a Saphyre Inferno


"Oh yay! Fweeeee! Jubilation! Calloo, callay! This is great! Absolutely spiffing!" Selphie Tilmitt was singing at the top of her voice, accompanied by a merry little dance.

Normally, this would've been a source of endless enjoyment to her friends, since Selphie's dancing skills were abysmal, and made her look very funny indeed. However, today was a different day. Selphie had chosen to boogie down in the middle of the street, attracting very dubious looks, and was embarrassing her friends like there was no tomorrow.

Kairi Shirogane was blushing so much her face matched her red hair.

Naminé Yoshizumi looked like she wanted the ground wanted to swallow her up.

Olette Ikumi was attempting to contain her laughter, without much success.

Even Yuffie Kisaragi, who could've rivalled Selphie when it came to being hyperactive, looked mildly annoyed and refused to join in with Selphie's festivities.

"C'mon, Selphie," Kairi said, glaring at her. "It's not as if were gonna have holidays forever, you know."

"But Kaikai, we won't have school for a grand total of two months! You must be really happy too!" Selphie squealed.

"Don't call me Kaikai! I'm not a poodle!"

"We're all happy, Selphie, but… ho hum… I hate to say this… BUT WE THINK THAT YOU ARE ACTING VERY HYPER, EVEN MORE HYPER THAN YUFFIE WHEN SHE'S HIGH ON SUGAR! ("I'm not hyper!")" Olette blurted out.

"Aww, c'mon guys- don't be such killjoys," Selphie said, pouting at them. "At least we all have some time to recharge before eleventh grade starts."

Yuffie shuddered. "Don't mention eleventh grade. I hate to think of all the homework we're gonna get then. That's so mean, since I am joining the soccer team on Mondays, the art club on Tuesdays, the basketball team on Thursdays and I'm also getting extra French on Fridays. And have I mentioned-"

"Your karate lessons on Saturdays, yeah, you told us," Naminé finished for her, shaking her golden head. "Yuffie, don't you think you're overloading yourself a bit? I mean, wanting to do lots of things is OK, but you're just reaching the point where it starts to get ridiculous."

Naminé was what one could call the groups "conscience". She possessed a decent amount of common sense (compared to her insane friends) and was one very artistic person.

Dark-haired Yuffie was the go-getter of the group. Energetic, (hyper)active and sporty, she enjoyed anything that involved balls, running, martial arts and candy.

Selphie was, undoubtedly, the romantic one. Some of her main hobbies was playing matchmaker for an unsuspecting Kairi and reading sappy romance novels, not to mention flirting with boys.

Olette was a living brain who always got great grades in school and was constantly reminding her fellow procrastinators of the homework they were not about to do.

And Kairi?


Kairi thought there wasn't very much she could say about herself.

OK, OK, she got pretty good grades in school and was mildly attractive, but… in contrast to her friends, Kairi felt boring and uninteresting. She wasn't artistic or sporty or flirty or a hard worker, only herself.

Oh come on, Kairi, don't start your "poor little me" monologue AGAIN. You're one great person, and you know that.

"Buzz off, conscience," Kairi thought.

Probably she was the only sixteen-year-old girl on the planet who still had regular conversations with her conscience, too.

Man, was she weird.

Selphie's voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

"My parents have stopped being so tight-fisted and have given me a raise in my allowance!" she chattered. "Which means… I'll treat you all to an ice-cream!"

Being rather low on budget herself, this wasn't an offer Kairi was about to refuse.


Twenty minutes later


Licking their ice-creams in silence, the girls were sitting on their favourite place- a tatty old bench in the park which was shaded by several cherry trees they could practically call home (on weekdays at approximately three-thirty after school, mind you).

"You know what, gals? We should get together and have a sleepover sometime soon. We haven't had one for ages… not with all the revising we had to do for those idiot exams a while ago," Selphie said. She licked her lips, savouring her lemon-flavoured ice-cream.

"By a sleepover you mean a night full of telling each other girly secrets, giving each other makeovers and playing truth or dare, right?" Kairi asked warily. Selphie nodded. "Well, that sort of stuff isn't exactly my idea of heaven (apart from truth or dare, of course) but since our lives are dominated with school work, why not?"

"I'd come- as long as you have candy! I heart candy!" Yuffie had already finished her snack, which, lamentably, had made her go slightly hyper. Sugar ALWAYS made her hyper, whether they liked it or not.

"Sounds fun!" Olette squealed, rootling through her bag for her diary. "Here we go! When do you guys wanna do it?"

"How 'bout the 8th?"

"Nah- I'm on holiday then," Naminé said.

"The 13th?"

"That's OK with me. What about you?"

"I'm free."

"Same here."

"We all are."

"Great! Who's house?" Selphie gushed excitedly.

"My mom won't be here on that day- she's got this conference somewhere," Kairi said. "So how about we all come to mine?"


"So all we need now is to check it out with our parents and we're set!" Olette scribbled down the date in her diary and closed it with a snap.

"Oh, dunking donuts!" Naminé jumped up. "I totally forgot! I was going to meet someone today!"

"Ooh! A date!? Who is it?" Selphie looked up at her friend, her eyes wide with a mixture of surprise and delight.

"Never mind that- gotta go." Naminé bent down to pick up her bag and broke into a run. "Sorry 'bout that! Talk to you guys later!"

"That is so not like Naminé,"a puzzled Olette said. Yuffie, Kairi and Selphie knew exactly what she meant- Naminé wasn't the sort of person who forgot about important appointments and most of the time she told her friends all the details about an upcoming date.

"I wonder who it is though," Selphie sighed. "It better not be someone hot! 'Coz if it is, I'm gonna be insanely jealous."

"I'd be surprised if there were any hot guys in the vicinity!" Kairi laughed, brushing a strand of auburn hair out of her face so it wouldn't get stuck in her strawberry flavoured ice cream.

"Oh yes there are!" Olette exclaimed. "Roxas, for example."

"Oh yes! And Sora and Riku and that Cloud Strife person who delivers pizzas and Leon and Takashi who is on the soccer team and Yamato Ishida in twelfth grade and Syaoran Li who is dating that cheerleader Sakura and-"

"That's enough, Selphie! Hey, wait a minute… you actually categorized Sora Haruno as hot? Hahaha! That was the funniest joke of the year!" Kairi burst out laughing. "He's about as hot as a sea snail!"

"No he's not! He's real cute!"

"Dream on."

"You're just denying it because you don't like him."

"Seriously, he isn't that good-looking."

"He is too!"

"Is not."



"I'm home, Mom!" Kairi yelled as she closed the door.

"Wait a sec, Kairi's home." Her mother stepped out of the kitchen, holding the telephone. "Hi, sweetie! Did you have a good day?"

Kairi pulled her brown school shoes off and slipped her feet into her white slippers. "Yeah. Who's on the phone?"

"Yukari." Her mom smiled at her, then carried on jabbering on the phone. "Yes, she's OK. And how's that boy of yours doing?"

Aha… so she's on the phone to Sora's mother. Not that I mind too much. Mrs. Haruno is really nice. Shame I can't say the same thing about her son, thought Kairi. She ambled across the hall into the living room and flopped down on the tattered red sofa that her father never let her mother throw out. Her father. Kairi felt tears come to her eyes. This was supposed to be the beginning of the summer holidays, a HAPPY time, so it was not the right moment to think about sad things.

Sighing, Kairi switched the T.V. on and flicked through the channels, hoping to come across something good. Nup. Everything was either programs for little kids, and there was no way anyone could get Kairi to watch a repeat of Teletubbies or Barney the Dinosaur. Probably the only decent thing on was some sort of old-fashioned black-and-white "comedy" with jokes that were barely funny. Yawn.

Kairi loosened her blue school tie and fanned herself with one of her mother's T.V. guides. Man, it was hot, but that was nothing new in this part of the Destiny Islands, especially in late June. She would have to ask her parents if they could finally get air conditioning. When she had last asked them they had replied with "Come ON, Kairi, you know air conditioning is going to make the world much, much hotter. Sheesh, don't they teach kids anything about global warming these days?" It wasn't as if the world was going to combust with only one more system.

Her mom walked in, looking very pleased with herself. "Kairi, I have some great news for you."

Kairi's heart leapt. "Are we getting air conditioning?"

Mrs. Shirogane frowned. "What are you talking about? No, it's much better." Her grin returned. "Sora is coming to stay with us in the holidays!"

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Kairi was mortified. This couldn't happen. "Mom, are you SURE you haven't made some sort of mistake?"

"No, of course not. Yukari and Hiroyuki are visiting their friends in Agrabah, and Sora wouldn't have very much to do there. Anyways, he's got this summer job here which he doesn't really want to give up just yet and-"

"Do I care what sort of summer job he has?" Kairi interrupted. "For how long are the Harunos gone?"

"Only for three weeks." Mrs. Shirogane smiled innocently.

Her daughter's jaw dropped in shock. "THREE BLOODY WEEKS?! No. Way. I am not going to put up with a total jerk for three whole weeks on the trot. Why doesn't he go stay with Riku or Roxas? They are his best friends (and I thought they were semi-sensible guys) and in case you have failed to notice, Sora and I hate each other."

"Oh, yes, I do remember that you two had a little quarrel a few years back ("Understatement of the century," muttered Kairi) but shouldn't you see it as the perfect opportunity to make up?" Mrs. Shirogane suggested.

Kairi glared at her. "Sora Haruno totally HUMILIATED me in front of the entire world, Mom, and if you are crazy enough to believe that we could remain in the same house for three weeks without waging World War Three, let alone make up, then you must be the dumbest person on earth," she exploded. "Why doesn't he stay at his own house, anyway? It's not as if he's still in preschool."

"Yukari was a little worried about Sora and wanted him to stay with people that she trusted." Mrs. Shirogane paused. "But the truth is… both of us are a little annoyed at the way you and Sora deal with each other. I mean, you two had an argument over something so trivial. You two were really close before that and you got along well. Then Yukari had the idea of letting Sora stay here so you kids could maybe get used to each other and at least accept each other."

"Well, I'm sorry to say that Yukari's plan will certainly fail but if that's the way it is… oh well. Three weeks will hopefully be over in no time," Kairi sighed, admitting defeat. She stood up. "Well, I'm going on MSN. Bye."

As she walked up the stairs, her mother called after her "I'll bet you 5000 munny that you two will be friends again by the end of the three weeks, if not more than that."

"Fine, then I'll bet you 5000 munny that we'll still hate each other as much as we do now. And what the hell do you mean with 'or maybe even more'? Are you some sort of matchmaker?"

"You'll see."

Kairi booted up the computer and logged on to MSN. Selphie and Olette were already online.

Shirozora: hi

KawaiiGurl: ello kaikai!!!

Shirozora: don't call me that.

EmeraldOllie: Boo people

Shirozora: The worlds about to be destroyed

EmeraldOllie: OMG noooooo!

KawaiiGurl: why? did u ask someone out??? did he say no?

Shirozora: ofcourse not

EmeraldOllie: kai hasnt asked any1 out since the sixth grade and even then she got me to do it for her

Kairi felt her cheeks redden. Nooooooooooo. Olette CAN'T do this to me!

Shirozora: Thanx Olette for telling the whole world dat

KawaiiGurl: ooooowee who was it?

Hunh. Typical Selphie to stick her nose in.

EmeraldOllie: it was

Shirozora: shuddup ollie

KawaiiGurl: plz who was it????????????????

Sk8border: hi gals

EmeraldOllie: roxas omg hi how are ya doing anything in the holidays?

Sk8border: you talk too much

HA. Now she could get Olette back for nearly telling Selphie about… oh well.

Shirozora: its cuz she luurves you

KawaiiGurl: hahahaha that's right

Sk8border: oh my… I feel honoured :-)

EmeraldOllie: do not

Sk8border: waaah :-(

KawaiiGurl: olette how dare u break poor roxies heart

Shirozora: Guess what guys and gals i have a major problem

EmeraldOllie: fire way

Sk8border: Wassup

KawaiiGurl: ooh which boy was it this time?

EmeraldOllie: SELPHIE!

Shirozora: typical selphie. no it wasnt a guy well it is

KawaiiGurl: look shes admitting it

Shirozora: but i certainly wouldn't want to date him

Sk8border: what happnd

Shirozora: …….

EmeraldOllie: cmon spit it out

Shirozora: sora has to stay at my house for 3 weeks

EmeraldOllie: yung luv ;-)

Sk8border: dont get up to anything naughty, ok?

Shirozora: what the HELL do u mean I hate him

KawaiiGurl: im SO jealous! soras too kyuuute

Why oh why did all the girls in the world like Sora? It wasn't if he was a five-star hottie.

Sk8border: but not as cute as me

EmeraldOllie: dream on roxas…

Sk8border: I thought you were ment to have a crush on me?!

EmeraldOllie: who told you that

Sk8border: Selphie

EmeraldOllie: selphies not the most reliable source of information

Shirozora: Die Sora Die

thekey: did sum1 mention my name?

Oh CRAPODOODLE. Kairi glared at the computer screen. FANTASTIC. Now her favourite person on earth was also online. And she had assumed that she would have at least a nanosecond of peace chatting to her friends.

Shirozora: holy crap its you that does it im logging off

thekey: isn't she lovely oO oh yah has your mom told u yet

Shirozora: yup. why don't you push off to Agrabah with your parents instead of invading my house????????????????

thekey: id be bored and anyway its more fun making u mad

Shirozora: I soooooooooooooooooooooo hate u

EmeraldOllie: turtledoves aren't they

Sk8border: yup hey wed better leave them alone…

Great help Roxas and Olette were.

KawaiiGurl: hey boys, kairi, yuffie, namine, olette and i are having a sleepover at kairis on the 13th of july do u 2 wanna come

Shirozora: selphie? how dare u! this sleepover is at my house!

thekey: to a sleepover??? isn't that a little bit wrong? I mean a boy/girl one…. watever. id be there anyway

Shirozora: you have such dirty thoughts sora… you PERVERT

KawaiiGurl: calm down. perhaps not to sleep over but… hey we can have a party!! kais mom wont b there. the girls can still sleep over, though. boys… mayb not

Shirozora: oh BLAH. since sora would have to be there we may as well invite roxas too and make Olette happy.

Sk8border: yeah. I have 2 go now ill phone 1 of u for details

thekey: another day to make kairis life hell. what joy!! can the other dudes come 2? I mean hayner pence and riku.

Shirozora: soraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I hate u! oh sry roxas. bye. see ya!

EmeraldOllie: bye roxas ;-)

KawaiiGurl: bye! and yeah they can come.

thekey: how come u 3 r all here right now anyway

Shirozora: well, smart one, we agreed to go on msn at a specific time.

thekey: ohhhhh

Shirozora: its not rocket science or anything

Sora was so dumb Kairi was surprised that he hadn't been held back several grades.

thekey: I guess id better not stick around so I don't have to listen to your girly chitchat.

MIGHTY ONE: girly oO has selphie corrupted your mind?

thekey: ahaha Yuffie you changed your screen name

MIGHTY ONE: yeah and…?

thekey: should be "hyper one".

Kairi couldn't help smirking. No one could call Yuffie hyper and survive.

KawaiiGurl: oh no….

EmeraldOllie: poor, poor you

Shirozora: In approximately five seconds you shall feel the wrath of yuffie kisaragi.

thekey: the wrath of yuffie kisaragi?

MIGHTY ONE: how DARRRREEEEE you call me hyper! just because I like to eat candy and I play sports a lot and I tend to talk a lot doesn't make me hyper! hyhygytgftrytghhyuhyuhyhyuyyghbhgbhu llfhlhfbhjjhjhynynhjnnvb bvh bv bvh gbvhgbvhgbvgbvgbgbhbggbgbhhhgbhhhbgb

thekey: erm… what was that at the end?

Shirozora: shes banging her head on the keyboard.

KawaiiGurl: I gotta go now… see ya guys!

EmeraldOllie: me 2. bye

thekey: wait! don't leave me here alone with a hyperactive wannabe ninja and a crazy lunatic!

Shirozora: I heard that!

MIGHTY ONE: t6ytyytyutgyythtuytry fgvgthytgfhygftgughytgyfuhytghyuhyuyghyyhytyyhyyhyghyttghyytgytytytytgyt

thekey: ok yuffie… chill out.

Shirozora: since only the insane people are here I think ill log off too. bye yuffie.

thekey: wait!

Shirozora: what now….

thekey: nothing.

Irritated, Kairi shut the computer down. So much for sympathy. She had hoped that at least her friends would share her pain but the response that she had received was not what she had imagined. Selphie was extremely jealous and Olette only teased her about what she had put as "yung luv". Ha. Ha. Ha. How hilarious. Not.

Grimacing, Kairi walked over to her bed and let herself fall onto the soft mattress. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. It had been an exhausting day.

She was on the verge of drifting to sleep when a sudden thought hit her.

She would be in the same house as a complete brat for three weeks.

Three whole weeks.

Three whole weeks of vacation wasted.


Kairi decided that when she woke up again, the first thing she would do would be to buy a doll, name it Sora and stick pins in its head. Then it would resemble him, too.

Cackling evilly, Kairi pulled the blanket over her body and tried to get to sleep, but was plagued with horrid nightmares of boys with spiky hair.


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