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Chapter 6 of Three Weeks

By Saphyre Inferno

"Our Book"

For bookworms like Kairi and Olette, this particular bookshop was heaven on earth. It sold everything from picture books to thick history textbooks.

For non-bookworms such as Selphie (who only consented to read shojo manga and romance novels), Roxas and Sora, it didn't hold quite as much charm but was still a fun place to browse.

"Welcome!" a dusk-haired assistant trilled, waving at them. "Be sure to take a look at our bargain bin- all books in there are at half price! Special offers guaranteed for great books to feed your hungry brain!"

"Well, if they feed our brain then they obviously are school books, and there's no way you'll get me to read any stuff relating to that prison camp," Sora muttered.

Kairi sighed. "You're so immature, Sora." However, her irritation was blown away when she looked around the shop. It was a peaceful place, so calm and inviting when compared to the hustle and bustle of Destiny Island's town centre. Normally she'd spend ages picking out things to read, but as she could sense Selphie and the others growing impatient, she walked over to the bargain bin and began to search through it for any decent stuff.

To her surprise, there was no second hand junk inside the bin, but some very popular novels which had only been placed in there because they had been reprinted with more attractive covers. Kairi's heart missed a beat when she came across some of her favourite books of all time, "Let Me Be Your Canary", "Part of Your World", "To Zanarkand" as well as "One-Winged Angel", only to remember that she had already purchased them a few years ago. Finally, Kairi decided on two books, one called "The Summoner's Daughter", the other "Interrupted by Fireworks". She was about to rush to the counter to purchase them when something else caught her eye…

… It was an ultra-expensive, limited edition copy of "The Art of Let Me Be Your Canary"!

"It can't be…" Kairi was gobsmacked. "That book was sold out three or more years ago," she mumbled to herself and made a grab for it.

"Hey!" A horribly familiar voice blurted out. "I was going to pick that up!" Kairi groaned, and looked into the grotesquely nastily freakishly adorable face of her worst enemy… it was, obviously, none other than Sora.

"Oh, shut up." Kairi was sick of him and his freakishly adorable face and the way they always bickered at each other. "Not again."

"I could say the same," said Sora, scratching his head. "But seriously, I found that book before you and I intend to buy it before you, too!"

Kairi clutched the glossy artbook to her chest and snapped, "I've been looking for it all over the place since my thirteenth birthday. You WON'T take it from me! I repeat! You WON'T!"

"Hang on. I LOVE THAT MOVIE!" Sora exclaimed in irritation. "I don't see why you get it when you always moaned like a dying cat when I watched it at your house-"

"Dying cats don't moan."

"What do you know?"

"I know that I'm going to buy this book right now!" Kairi dodged past him and hurtled towards the cash register in a flurry. She handed it to the same dusk-haired assistant who had welcomed them and stuck her tongue out at Sora while the lady checked the price.

The woman smiled at her innocently. "Funny pal of yours, ne?"

Nodding, Kairi's expression darkened. "Yeah."

The woman giggled- she really was more like a girl in some aspects- and trilled in her high voice, "3200 munny, please."

Grinning back at her, Kairi dug around in her purse for the correct change. There was a thousand-munny-note, and two five-hundreds… that made 2000… another six hundred were in the form of coins… damn… this was costly… two fifty-munny coins finally spilled out onto the counter, but only bringing her total up to 2700 munny. "No!" Kairi gasped, and the woman told her in the same oddly high voice that she didn't have enough, which was basically spoon-feeding the obvious. Kairi felt like panicking. This was embarrassing- but also disappointing. She really had loved the CGI movie of "Let Me be Your Canary"… it was a shame that she couldn't purchase it.

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder, and a voice was talking to the shop assistant, telling her that he'd pay half. Gulping, Kairi looked up to face this stranger, and found herself gazing at Sora. It wasn't really that surprising to see him standing there, paying for her…

Kairi looked back down, and, although she didn't like to admit it, she blushed a little. She had known that Sora wouldn't really let her down and buy the book himself, mocking her because she hadn't enough money. Maybe, deep down, they were still friends.

Maybe Sora wasn't that bad.

"You have a nice funny pal!" the woman said sweetly, and Kairi found herself laughing, and to add to her surprise, Sora laughed too and pulled her out of the shop, while Selphie, who was next in line, handed over the money for yet another teen romance.

There was a nearly painful silence despite the cheeriness of the outside kerfuffle.

"Um…" Kairi stared at the ground. "Thanks… I really appreciated that."

"No problem!" She could hear Sora snorting with laughter.


"I only did it so I could have fifty percent or whatever of the ownership of the book."


"I only-" Sora didn't get a chance to complete his sentence because Kairi had, almost quire literally, exploded.



Deep, deep down, Kairi sensed that she would never be friends with the spiky haired twit again.

And she couldn't give two hoots about it. She loathed him more that Winnie the Pooh, and that was saying something.


After making their way through several other shops (mainly stores to do with clothing, sweets, games and stationary) the group collapsed in a heap on one of the picnic tables in Harebell Park, exhausted. Selphie and Roxas ran off to buy hot dogs (for Olette and Sora), sushi (which Kairi and Selphie decided to share) and a hamburger (Roxas' favourite food) from nearby stalls while the others chilled out a bit.

Olette was reading Selphie's teen romance novel ("Actually, it's pretty well-written," Olette had added nonchalantly when Roxas poked fun at her) while Sora pretended to sleep. Kairi was writing things down in a new pink notebook which she had dubbed her next diary.

She hadn't kept a diary since… since…


It was too painful to even write in her diary, so Kairi decided to scribble a list of what the others had bought.

We went shopping today… and yeah, Sora (king of… nah, I won't describe him too vividly yet in case he looks over my shoulder and scalps me) came as well.

He's a really idiotic puny stupid person.

What did I ever see in him?

He is a brat.

I'm bored. Olette, Sora and I are sitting at a picnic table in Harebell Park while Sel and Roxas get our food. They buy it; we pay for it (although I only have 400 munny on me).

Otherwise… I am chronicling our buys here, simply because I have nothing better to do.

Me: 1/2 a book (Sora the puny twit owns the other one), a black shirt that was at a discount price of only 600 munny and some lipgloss. Also, Selphie bought me this notebook and I'll pay her back at home. It's pink (no duh, lol) and has a flower on the front- really pretty!!! Thanks Sel xxx

Selphie: Two shirts (one pink and one green) and half a ton of make up plus a book about a girl who falls in love with her teacher. Olette's reading it now. I know Selphie bought a lot… but she bought a lot of money with her.

Olette: A set of pens and a gluestick (actually it's awesome. The glue is orange) as well as a pretty silver necklace

Roxas: Roxie only bought the new "Avalanche" CD. He adores that band, but Olette hates them and he sometimes plays the song she hates the most, My Ex(ploded) Girlfriend, only to piss her off. I think they'll get together some day and that song will play at their wedding, hehehe.

Sora: Half of (MY) book and lots of sweeties. What a plonker.

As you can see, Sora buys pointless things and is a right-


My sushi's here! All hail sushi!


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