Their Memories of Fukinara High (Conflict between Fire and Water)

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There is this character that is going to seem a little like a Mary Sue. All I can say is, there isn't a lot of characters in SDK to write about that will suit the character I want, so I will reduce the amount of 'limelight' that Mary Sue is going to take.

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Although high school education lasts three years, my story starts in Yuya's second year.

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The first series of the story is titled: The conflict between Fire and Water. It's about Shinrei and Hotaru. Enjoy. : )

Chapter 1 – How it all started (Yuya's POV)

"Bye-bye Yuya-san!" my friends Rurumi and Miko shouted after me.

"Bye girls!" I laughed as I skipped my way home.

Allow me to introduce myself! I am Shiina Yuya, age 16. It is my second year in Fukinara High, and I hope to enjoy my high school life more now that I am a sophomore (2nd year of high school!). I've made many new friends in my first year, but I still stuck to my old friends in Fukinara Middle School like Rurumi and Miko.

"Ahh… it's Aki-kun's turn to prepare dinner…" I murmured to myself as I crossed the junction, another 200 metres to my house.

I currently stay with my brother Omoda Akira, or better known as Aki. He is 19 years old, studying his first year in Usako University. He is, in actual fact, blind since young (thus the slight delay in his studies). However, he relies heavily on his remaining 4 senses to live normally. Also, his uncanny sensitivity makes him 'see' things better than other people. Sometimes, I do forget that he is blind.

It was also Aki who 'adopted' me. You see, Akira isn't my biological brother. He found me on the streets when I was barely six years old, and brought me home. I was in the Omoda's family ever since. My biological parents didn't want me and threw me out. I can't even remember how they look like now. Although my name remained as Shiina Yuya, I don't bother correcting people when they call me Omoda Yuya instead.

My foster parents, Aki's biological parents, retired early. So, Mr. and Mrs. Omoda, ages 50 and 47 respectively, with a large pile of money, decided to travel around the world for their remaining golden years. Of course, they assured us that they will keep in contact with us and send money over to us for our daily needs.

Despite the assured income for us, Aki and I realised that the house that was left for us was too big for two people to accommodate. That is why for the past week I have been printing out flyers to paste around town, searching for tenants. Aki allowed me to do things my way, financial-wise. I have a knack (and a weird passion) for money. In fact, Aki always commented that he could tell that I am always thinking of money whenever I give this very shrewd 'aura'. (A/N: Just remember how Yuya always looked like when she thought of having money rewarded after turning in Kyoshiro in the anime/manga…)

My house soon came to view and… "Eh?" I wondered aloud when I saw Hotaru standing in front of our gate.

Not that I know Hotaru very well. He was in the same middle school as me, Fukinara Middle School. I usually see him with another girl called Akizuki Hotaru in Fukinara High. Both Hotaru and Akizuki are such prominent and popular characters, it's rather hard to mistake them for other ordinary people. Akizuki Hotaru is one pretty girl, and looks scary to begin with. Many people who knows her tells me that Akizuki, behind her icy-cold look, is actually a fun and crazy person, someone easy to get along with.

Hotaru however… is as scary as he looks. He is famous all around the school for his 10 cm (4-inch) clogs, the orange bandana on his forehead, the five ear holes on each ear, his orange hair and eyes. Because of his improper attire and a worse attitude, he's always in trouble with the teachers. I heard he is rather scatter-brained, yet charming and adorable to many of the girls, juniors and seniors included. It's just that he is very quiet and not sociable at all. The only person who is able to get him to talk, it seems, is Akizuki Hotaru, with her full bubbly personality.

I wonder what Hotaru-kun is doing here. I thought.

"Erm…" I started when I came up to him. He turned to me, still not speaking. What's with him? I thought. "You are standing in front of my house. May I help you?"


"I forgot what I came here for." he replied. I anime-fell.

This guy is more scatter-brained than I thought. I mused.

"Ahh… I remember. Is this Omoda's residence?"

"Yes. It is. I am Omoda Akira's sister. Pleased to meet you." I bowed.

He somewhat gave a half-nod. "When is Aki coming back from Usako?" I was rather surprised by what he said.

"You know Aki-kun very well?" I wondered aloud.

"I guess so. We've lost contact over a long period of time."

How long can that period of time be? Hotaru is of the same age as me, since when did Aki make friends with people so much younger than him? I contemplated.

"Then do come in," I smiled as I opened the gate to reveal our enormous 3-storey house. It is a traditional Japanese estate, complete with the tastes of paper sliding doors, tatami mats for floorings and raised platforms that 'elevated' the house. (A/N: I hope you could picture how it looks like. It is actually those typical Japanese houses in the old times, like you sometimes see in Samurai Deeper Kyo!) "Make yourself feel as if you're at home." I told him as I entered the house.

"I rather not." He muttered.

"Well, if you dislike my house so much…"

"It's not that, I don't like my house, that's all."

"Why not?" I turned around to look at him.

"I rather not say. Besides, I don't remember you very well."

Fine, he had a point. Hotaru looked around the house. "It's a nice place, I shall stay here."

My ears perked up when he said that. "What?" I asked.

"I am looking for a place to stay. A place to stay for a long time."

I could have cheered and start doing the victory dance. My first tenant! This means money…

Hotaru looked at me. "Your face looks funny."

I blushed as my face returned to normal. I guess that's what Aki meant by my shrewd face. "But… what about your pa…" and I stopped myself, a sudden inkling in me that tells me he doesn't want to mention about his family. Well… You need to wait till my brother is back. In the meantime," I pulled a pair of slippers from the cupboard. "You can wear this."

"I don't want to." He replied, rather embarrassed. I noticed that he was still wearing his 10-cm clogs. It dawned upon me that he must be really short for a guy to hold on to a pair of clogs like that.

"Why don't you take off your clogs and sit down over there?" I pointed to a chair near the doorway. "That way, I clean your clogs so you can walk inside with them, and I won't know how tall you actually are."

He gave a look of mingled surprised, startled that I saw what he was so uptight about. Finally, he nodded.

"Here, have some tea," I grinned cheerfully as I set the tray on the living room table.

"Ahhh, I remember you now." He said as he reached over for his teacup. "You're the little girl that Aki picked up a long time ago."

Yuya was astonished to hear the incident from him. "You know me? How?"

Hotaru didn't reply her, but stared at the clock silently. It was 4:30 in the afternoon. Aki-kun should be back soon. He closed his eyes briefly. "It's been a while. I wonder if Omoda Akira can still 'see' now." He spoke softly. I looked at him, feeling rather confused. Isn't Aki-kun blind since birth?

He opened his fire-orange eyes again. "He's back."

"I'm back!!!" Akira's voice came from the front door.

I hurriedly stood up and went to the doorway. "Aki-kun!" I cried cheerfully. "There is... huh?" I didn't continue when I saw that the living room, where Hotaru was supposed to be, was empty.

"There's someone in the house, isn't there?" Aki asked, smiling. He entered the living room. "See? I smell tea." (A/N: I know it's impossible to smell tea at a distance, but hey, it's Aki.) "The smell of your visitor is so familiar, but I can't remember who."

"There…" I gasped when I saw Hotaru again. How can he move so silently with those clogs? I thought when I saw his 10-cm clogs, still on him. Hotaru was creeping behind Aki's back, and his hand held a… dagger!

"Aki!" I yelled. But it's too late.

For Hotaru, that is. Before Hotaru could pounce on him, Aki turned around and held Hotaru's blade between two fingers, gentle but firm. "I see that you still can 'see'." Hotaru commented lightly, his face expressionless.

"Keikoku, why, you are moving so clumsily I HAD to notice." Aki smiled.


"My name is Hotaru now."

"Oh really? If you say so then!" Akira replied brightly. To me he smiled gently, "Yuya-san, don't be frightened by what had happened. Hotaru never believes I am blind, and always tries to test me." He chuckled.

"Of… of course I was frightened! I was freaked out! Hotaru-kun, please don't do that! Where did the dagger come from?"

"It's mine," he said off-handedly, returning the dagger to the sheath. "Akira," he said. "I'm staying at your house for a while."

Hey, he didn't even ask if he could stay at our house. I thought furiously, still disturbed by what had happened. He just assumed that he is staying.

"Fine with me, just pay the rental fee to my dear sister over there." He nodded at me. "And, Yuya-san, don't give that money-faced look."

I sheepishly stuck out my tongue and hurriedly changed the subject. "Hotaru-kun said he knew me. What's that all about?"

"Hotaru and I knew each other a long time ago, I do recall, at least ten years ago? No wonder you don't know Hotaru! You've lived in this house not long after that too. They've all met you before. But I doubt you remember them at all. I hardly mentioned any of them, you see." Akira cleared his throat. "This is Hotaru, he was previously known as Keikoku, but I think he prefers to be called Hotaru now."

I bowed slightly, in acknowledgement. Hotaru nodded, but said nothing, but to sip his tea.

"Since I can't remember them, dear brother," I smiled. "Do introduce all of your friends to me soon."

Little did I know that such a small request would change my originally simple life in high school into something never forgotten.

"Of course I would! I'm sure they still remember you! Sheesh, back then I thought all my friends were too old for you. I totally forgot Hotaru is of the same age as you. Oh yes, and Shinrei…"

"Do NOT mention his name," Hotaru said passionately. "He is something I don't want to be associated with."

"Shinrei?" I asked. But Hotaru gave a look that sent chills down my spine. I kept quiet.

"Don't mind him," Aki reassured me. "He just doesn't like Shinrei. Hotaru is still like the Hotaru I know so well, even after 10 years! And I heard you are still part of Ryu's maf… group," Aki uttered, looking at me.

"Yes, I still am, if you'd consider it." Hotaru replied stiffly.

"I see. It's been a while, I wonder how everyone is?" Aki reflected thoughtfully.

"Not my fault that you lost contact with us." Hotaru answered coolly.

To that Akira chuckled, but said nothing. "Well," he grinned as he took the cup of tea I just brought him from a kettle in the living room. "If you are going to stay here please pay a monthly rent fee of 15000 yen to dear Yuya." Aki looked in my direction and said, "And please, Yuya-san, you are giving that shrewd money-face again."


I grinned as I took Hotaru's rental fee. "Where's your belongings?" I asked.


"I forgot."

"As usual," Aki grinned. "But look! It's time for dinner! Do stay for dinner before you return home to get your belongings." Hotaru nodded.

"Are you sure you don't need help in your belongings?" I asked anxiously as I sent him off at our gate after dinner.

Hotaru looked at the trees rustling in the wind. "No, it's okay. It's safer for a girl to be indoors at night." I looked at his face, unable to tell from his expressionless stare. I smiled and greeted him farewell as he walked down the road.

(A/N: This is 3rd person narrative, and this is the POV that I will be taking for most of the story, hopefully.)

5 minutes had passed. Hotaru suddenly stopped in front of a streetlight. He was alone. "The distance from the Omoda's residence is far enough, whatever you want to tell me, spill." He said to the rustling trees. As if on cue, 2 men appeared in the midst of the shadows.

"Hotaru, it has been 2 months since you have appeared in 'his' meetings. If you don't turn up, 'he' is going to be angry, even if you are one of 'his'-"

"I shall decide my own actions and bear the consequences." Hotaru cut in. "You go tell 'him' that. Oh, and another thing, if you dare attack the house I was in just now…"

"You mean Omoda's residence?"

"You know what I mean. If you dare harm the house, or the people in it," he turned to them, so that the men saw the terrible look of fury in his eyes. "Even if attacking the Omoda residence is an order from 'him', I WILL personally kill you."

"But it's…" the other man started, but was nudged by the first person. "… I understand."

"Good, as for 'him', tell 'him' I will talk to 'him' one day too." Hotaru spoke. "Now, go, before anyone sees you."

The men disappeared as quick as they had come. Hotaru looked up at the starless sky.

"Darn, I forgot to ask them how to go back home…"

Hey people! Yes, from this chapter on, I shall go back to the story's original POV, which is actually in 3rd person narrative. And as for Hotaru, I bet you guys want to know, or could guess his secret (I put it rather obviously ya?).

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