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Long long time ago, in times of castles and sorcerers. Where magical creatures still existed, where fairies and ogres still lived, and where prince and princesses are famous. There was a young prince living in a very huge castle isolated from the rest of the kingdom. The prince's parents both died a year after he was born and so he was raised by the castle's mayor domo, Enma.

Enma tried hard to teach the young prince right manners and etiquettes, but amidst all these, the prince grew cruel and insensitive. He was selfish and unforgiving to his subordinates and many of his servants don't like the young prince.

It was a day before Christmas and everyone was busy preparing the Christmas party. The young prince was awakened by Koenma, the mayor domo's son, together with the late king's dog, Shiver.

Shiver jumped up and down the prince's soft comforter and the prince woke up irritably. He rubbed his eyes and eyed the dog disgustedly.

"Great, a furry dog on my freshly washed bedsheet. Who summoned this beast in here?" he groaned annoyingly.

"Oh pardon, your highness. I'll get Shiver immediately," the auburn-haired boy, Koenma, grabbed the enthusiastic Shiver out from the prince's bed.

"You dared bring that dog in the royal bedroom?" the young prince eyed the boy from head to toe. "Who's son are you?" he demanded in his usual high pitch tone.

"I'm awfully sorry your highness, it wouldn't happen again," the boy bowed apologetically.

"I believe I just ASKED you 'who's your father'?" the prince asked again.

The small lad bit his lower lip, hesitant to tell his father's name. It's his first day to work inside the castle and he wanted no more than to risk his father's reputation. "Err, your highness, it's my—"

"He's my son your highness," a deep tone answered from the door. He walked towards the two boys slowly and narrowed his eyes on his son. "My deepest apologies Prince Kurama, it is his first day to work here and my son's still under pressure. Rest assured that nothing like this will happen again," the big fat mayor domo bowed his head.

"He seems too clumsy to me," Kurama said. "Very well, let him work somewhere else, I don't want him near me," the prince commanded and Enma gestured his son to leave immediately.

The poor boy left, bringing the royal dog and himself away from the prince's room.

"Where's my maid? Why wasn't she the one who woke me up?!" the prince questioned madly.

"I'm sorry your highness, but your maid just gave me her resignation letter yesterday. She quitted her job as your personal maid," Enma answered between shivers.

The prince frowned, his eyebrow almost meeting. " Hmp! She's not even good anyway, go get me a replacement!" he demanded again.

"I did, your majesty, but you told him to leave,"

"Are you saying you had that clunky boy hired as my personal assistant?" the boy's emerald eyes pierced daggers on the old man.

The man shrugged instantly. "Yes...your most Excellency,"

"I demand another one, I don't like him," the prince crossed his arms and said indignantly.

"But your highness, no other else wants to take the job," the mayor domo reasoned out.

The prince grimaced and pouted angrily. "What?!"

"It's true your highness. I tried searching for a substitute but no one wants to be your personal assistant. It was only my son, Koenma, who is willing to take the job Sire,"

"Insolent little fools," Kurama snarled and sighed heavily. "Fine, go get your son, I want him to work on something for me,"

"Yes, young prince," the big Enma said abruptly and hurried himself towards outside the bedroom.


It was Christmas eve and everyone was running back and forth everywhere. Maids were busily arranging everything before midnight comes. Keiko, the castle's designer, flew from here to there to send orders to every servant she can find. There wasn't enough time left and the young prince was already whining about the delay in everything.

"Yusuke!!! Come here you fool!! I've been asking you for ages where the remaining lights are!!! Why haven't you delivered more lights yet?!" the almost exploding brunette angrily screamed at the castle's Lights Supervisor.

"Hey hey, calm down sweetie. I'm also waiting for more lights to be delivered here you know. It's not like I'm the one buying it from the town, and I didn't expect you needed more lights this year. Three thousand lights were enough last year, and now you're demanding for a thousand more. The people downtown cant deliver that much, it will of course take time," Yusuke answered her deliberately.

Keiko's brows furrowed at him. "Whatever you say light boy, I want all of my lights in five minutes!" she barked and left immediately. "And don't call me "sweetie" you dimwit!" she added and was totally out of view.

"Boy, that girl sure got a temper," the Royal Veterinarian, Kuwabara, whispered at Yusuke.

Yusuke could only nod in agreement. He was about to say more when the trumpet began to play, signaling the arrival of the prince.

Both him and the carrot-head Kuwabara sighed and looked at the approaching young prince on his throne. "Here's the royal spoiled brat, we better get into places,"

"Yea, see ya later Yusuke," Kuwabara nodded and went to the other side of the castle's spacious lobby.

As the prince laid himself on his big chair, all people inside the castle tilted their heads down to greet the prince.

"Merry Christmas, Prince Kurama," everyone greeted in chorus.

Kurama nodded and raised his chin up, scanning the decorations inside the castle. He searched everywhere and began to scream. "Keiko!!!"

The castle's interior designer hastened towards the prince, bringing her gown up to run faster. "Yes, your highness?" she halted and kneeled down immediately.

"I told you to add more lights, why are the lights the same as the previous Christmas?" he asked loudly, everyone flinched in instant.

"I'm sorry your majesty, I told Mr. Urameshi to bring more lights but he didn't show anything more than three thousand," Keiko answered anxiously.

And again, the prince called out another name. "Yusuke!!!"

Immediately, a raven haired man came running before him. Yusuke kneeled beside Keiko and the lady looked at him as though ready to knock him out in a minute.

"Your highness, I'm sorry to tell you but the villagers were not able to manufacture more lights for today's celebration. I was informed that the highest amount of lights that your subordinates in the downtown can only make is only three thousand," Yusuke apologized.

"They're just being lazy and slow! And because of that, I want five thousand lights next year!" the young prince said out loud.

"Yes, your highness," Keiko and Yusuke bowed and left the prince immediately, both with dripping sweat on their faces. Five thousand lights? How the hell is that going to be possible?

Enma went near the prince and cleared his throat beside him. "Sire, I am now going to start the ceremony," the old man said, holding the program with shaky hands.

"No, I want all the gifts for me out now. Bring out the gifts!" the kid said in outrage.

"But sire!"

"No buts! The Christmas you planned didn't suit my taste so I'm planning it my way. Bring out the gifts!!!"

With the order, everyone moved out from the lobby and was running everywhere for the royalty's gifts. Everyone was obliged to give something for the prince and so everyone was going everywhere to lay their gifts in front of the prince's feet.

When everyone had their gifts before the prince, the prince went near the gifts and opened it one by one.


The young Koenma was running all over town, his feet sore but he didn't want to stop. The young prince ordered him to bring a small young pine bush from the downtown. But he had been looking for it all day and he had not found any store selling small pine plants. All he saw were flower plants and vegetables store. He also tried going to the woods to find it their but a hunter warned him not to go, since wolves and other unusual creatures resided on the forest. Going there would be too dangerous for a young lad, the hunter said.

Koenma couldn't take to run a meter more due to exhaustion and dehydration and in a few seconds, he found himself touching the ground. And everything was darkness after that.


Koenma flung her eyes slowly. He woke up and found himself being stared down by two huge bubblegum eyes. He immediately threw himself on the nearest corner of the bed, his eyes widened in slight shock.

"Oh you're awake," an angelic young girl with heavenly sky locks greeted him with a smile. Koenma blinked.

"I'll call my grandma alright? Please don't move for a bit," she didn't wait for Koenma's reply as she hurried out from the room.

In a couple of seconds, two more women emerged out from the door. One was an old lady with pale pink hair, the other was a girl with auburn hair like his'. She seemed to be just the same his age.

"Look, grandma, he's awake!" the blue haired girl earlier dragged the old woman on his bedside. He flinched and covered his body with the blanket.

"Don't be scared little one, we wont hurt you," grandma said gently and handed him a bowl of hot soup. "Here, eat this. It seems like you haven't eaten lunch yet, where are you from?"

Koenma took the soup hesitantly. These people don't seem to be bad in his point of view, they were actually nice to get him and let him stay in their house for a while. The young lad looked at them.

"We're poor, so rest assured that your bowl doesn't have any poison on it. We can't even afford to buy one," the brunette girl told him.

Koenma looked at her then to the girl she saw earlier. She had a huge smile on her face as though she's so happy to see him, even if they just met.

"What are you waiting for? Eat up!" she exclaimed happily, shaving the bowl to his face.

He muttered a small thank you and ate the soup immediately.

When he finished, he handed the empty bowl to the brunette girl and in returned, the girl gave him water.

"Are you alright now?" the brunette asked him.

"Yes, thank you so much," he answered, smiling.

"So boy, where have you been? You were lying limply on the ground when I saw you, it seems like you have been through something," the old woman asked.

"Oh. I'm from the palace and the young prince asked me to get something here in downtown," he replied courteously after giving the glass back to the brunette.

"I see. What's your name?" granny asked again.

"Koenma Daioh,"

"You're the castle's mayor domo's son?"


"Whoa! Really? Cool!!! You live in the palace! I'm Botan!" the cute bluette reached her hand to him. Koenma smiled and shook it slowly.

Botan smiled back and dragged her older sister to him. "This is my big sister, Shizuru!" the girl introduced happily.

Koenma reached for her hand and the girl took it gingerly.

"You can call me Granda, dear one," Grandma introduced.

Koenma's face glinted happily. It's not always everyday he'll meet some people aside from the castle's servants. It felt nice and free. "It's nice meeting all of you!" he beamed.


The young prince felt totally umbrageous at the presents he just opened. None of it was on his taste, actually for him, everything he opened were trashes. So he simply threw it anywhere and began opening another gift.

He was on the 65th gift when everyone heard three consecutive knocks on the door. All heads turned on the huge main entrance, even Kurama stared at who could have interrupted his party.

"Insolent fool to meddle in my party!" he shouted and marched towards the entrance. Enma was immediately following behind him.

Two of his servants opened the door for him and his eyes met a grouchy and dirty old beggar. The young prince eyed her with disgust. "Who are you and what do you want?" he inquired immediately.

"Please have pity, young prince. I only want a glass of water and some food to eat," the old woman said in coarse tone.

"Disgusting. Everyone knows that if you want to get something from me, you need to pay it by working here in the castle. And in your case, I don't think your age suits for any vacant jobs here in the palace so go away," the grumpy boy answered. He even managed to produce a small smirk on his face. "And besides, you are so ugly I couldn't dare look at your monstrous face,"

"Close the door and send that beggar anywhere from this castle immediately," Prince Kurama ordered and turned around.

"Please sire, I humbly asked for just a little water and food. I'll pay you with this," the woman insisted and raised a single red rose out from her ripped wardrobe.

Kurama turned around to see what the old woman have. Then he laughed, "Haha! Are you kidding me? A rose for both water and food?" the prince went near the woman and harshly took the rose from her hand. He dumped it on the floor and repeatedly stamped on it.

"There. Your lovely rose is already dirty, you wont be able to pay me anything so get out!" Prince Kurama pointed the outside.

"That kid is totally going overboard! Arrgh, I want to strangle that brat and feed his body to the wolves!" Yusuke hissed, his fist clenching and unclenching in restrained wrath.

"Yusuke, calm down. Right now, we cant do anything about it," Keiko held his shoulder to stop him. "I'm sure the Prince would—" something amazing cut her short and she lifted her eyes to somewhere above all of them.

Everyone looked shocked and aghast. The old woman whom the prince tried sending away was covered with a blinding light around her. Her body flew up above all of them and when the light released her, a beautiful woman with shiny long black hair wearing a magnificent lime gown appeared. A wand occupied her right hand and a pair of wings plastered on her back. Needless to say, the old woman just turned into her real form. The fairy of Beauty, Ayame.

Enma's eyes grew larger and larger as the fairy's light brightened the whole room. Her light alone beat the three thousand lights Yusuke provided.

The young Kurama had his jaw dropped to the floor. His emerald pools constricted as though what he saw were his parent's ghosts above him.

The fairy of Beauty, known as Ayame, eyed the young prince with seriousness in her eyes. "Prince Kurama, you have been selfish and insensitive all your life. And for that, I will punish you and this castle," her voice echoed throughout the whole palace before darkness engulfed everyone...


Koenma was running his way towards the palace. He finally brought a pine bush with him, courtesy of Grandma and her lovely grandchildren. He passed the castle's gardens and big fountain when he noticed that the palace seemed dim and gloomy.

Have they slept early? Was the ceremony already finished? He reached the main door and pushed the door slowly, making sure no one would notice his arrival, especially not the prince. He slid himself inside the castle but what met him almost killed him on the spot.

Inside the palace were not humans but youkais in every form. Koenma flinched backwards, his steps getting closer to the door. He turned around to leave when he bumped on something.

" Hey Koenma, don't be afraid. It's me, Prince Kurama,"


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