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Botan was sent inside her room by Yusuke. The dragon youkai left her outside the huge oak door and muttered an apology before proceeding towards the left wing.

After the raven-haired man exited, Botan couldn't help but let all of her tears flow rapidly from her face. In front of the thick door, she broke down shamelessly, letting her heart grieve at the current predicaments. She knew everything was real and there was no way of escape for her. She was now held captive inside an unknown castle and with the most notorious unkind man she ever met.

But all through these, her immurement was not the major occupant of her mind. It was her family. Their faces in horror before they were turned into a huge plants were the things that really made her frustrated to the point that she can no longer find any hope of reversing everything back to normal. She didn't know why the fox prince threw her family inside the dungeon, but she held herself liable for everything.

If only she was stronger...

If only she wasn't such a crying baby...

If only she overcame her fear and defended them with her life...

"If only I was brave..." she murmured against the door, her kimono slipping down her shoulders and she didn't even bother rising them back up. She let herself give in with the heartache as her body limply settled down on the floor. "If only I was..."

" ugly girl then master will not resolve to pinning you on his bed," a voice from a distance filled in her sentence.

Botan's eyes broadened at the voice she heard. She shot a glace sideways and found no one at the vicinity. She clamped her kimono on her chest as she slowly turned behind her.

"Botan..." the man's voice called her gently.

She titled her head slowly, anticipating someone with ears of a rabbit or a lion's tail. But as she sent her vision upward, there was no tail waving behind the man. He was wearing clean brown slacks, a Chinese robe of blue with a red belt, a red hood and a white longsleeves beneath the robe. Botan moved her head more, anxious to see the man's face.

Finally, the man revealed himself as someone she knew a long time ago. "Koenma-kun..."

"Botan-chan," he acknowledged her with a warm smile on his handsome face. His auburn hair framed him perfectly and his smile looked like a light in a largely dark room for her.

Koenma kneeled before her and cupped her cheek slightly. "Botan, I'm sorry," he uttered in apology, his other arm extending around her back as he hugged her closely. "I'm so sorry..."

"Koenma-kun...please don't let go..." Botan returned the embrace with a tighter one, showing him how scared she was. They settled there for awhile, hugging each other until she satisfied her contentment. The most she needed was the warm of a friend and she considered herself still lucky for receiving it without further waiting.

At least she know, she has someone to turn to when everything turns her down.


Yusuke marched directly to Kurama's room after successfully accompanied Botan to her chamber. He was furious about Kurama's doing and this time, he was no longer going to tolerate his Master's inhumane act. Even if they're not humans anymore.

"Master Kurama!" he barged inside the fox's room, almost breaking the prince's door in the process.

Kurama noticed him and stared blankly at his subordinate's fierce face. "Something wrong, Yusuke?" he asked calmly, bringing the mirror he was holding down on his lap.

"Yes. DEFINITELY wrong! What you did to Ms. Botan was inconsiderable! Master Kurama, what were you thinking?!" he was in front of Kurama with both brows meeting in rage. He noticed his master sent him an abrupt glare, but his anger was great enough to outstand the prince's piercing orbs.

"I believe I didn't do anything illegitimate. I was being purely rational Yusuke. The two women invaded my property and so they were punished. Haven't we done the same to the people who tried pursuing this castle before? I was actually doing the security job which you were tasked to do," the fox youkai sighed and answered casually.

Yusuke narrowed his eyes on him. "But you never resolved to turning them to flowers and forcing yourself on their relative just to fulfill your sexual desire!" he barked at the silver head.

"If you think of it harder, Yusuke, I was actually being less evil to them. See? I haven't even killed one of them unlike the trespassers we used to encounter and then you're complaining about it?" the fox youkai answered firmly, wanting as much as possible to be left alone.

Yusuke was taken aback at the sudden realization. His master was right, he didn't even kill them. "But why are you doing this? Why don't you just kill them?" he said in constrained rage.

"Simple," Kurama gave a steady look on Yusuke. "I want some entertainment and the Botan girl was just giving me much more than what I was expecting." He smiled and brought his attention back to the mirror he was holding.

Yusuke clenched his fist tightly. "Master Kurama, I suggest you just kill her and her family than have the poor girl as your sex toy. With a captive as spunky as her, I doubt you'll get enough entertainment,"

"That's what we call 'challenging' isn't it? I love seeing her get so brave then suddenly melt down in front of her aching family." The small smile turned into a huge smirk as Kurama faced the dragon youkai once more. "Anyway, if you're just here to stop me from my plans, Yusuke, then I'm telling you, your attempt is futile,"

"Kurama you can't possibly--!"

"GO OUT, YUSUKE! Don't forget who you are in this castle, I am still the master of this house and you, as my minor, should not stand against my will! UNDERSTOOD?!" the white-robbed man stood up with a palm directly pointing at his subordinate. "Don't try my patience Yusuke," he warned as a huge flower monster escaped from his sole palm.

Yusuke, although lightly stunned at his master's immediate outburst, stood unwaveringly at his ground. His coffee eyes hued crimson with flaming anger as he cast a glare at his master. "You completely lost your sanity, Kurama. You have just become a monster," he said and left indignantly, slamming the door close.

Kurama sat back on his bed, cursing audibly. He bowed down and reached for the magical mirror that was thrown out from his lap when he stood abruptly. He stared at it frowning, seeing the two hugging occupants entering the maiden's chamber. All the while she was crying and then suddenly the brown-haired man embraced her and stayed with her for awhile. He grimaced at how intimate they seemed to be when they just met for like ten minutes.


He glared at the mirror and placed it beside the rose floating inside a transparent glass capsule. He laid on his soft cushions and glimpse on his right, where a portrait of his old self was placed. He stared at his used-to-be flame red hair for a long period before taking a bunch of his silver ones now. Muttering another curse, he tossed his hair back to the pillow and shut his eyes close. His breathing became short and labored as his chest inflated and deflated. For a hundred times Kurama, you don't want to be a human anymore. It was settled that you no longer want to be powerless. What more can you want? You are by far the most powerful youkai there is and this is enough. You are already happy of who you are right now. He thought as he tried calming himself down.

Then why did you keep the girl? Something inside his head spoke out unwontedly.

I am just sexually attracted to her. After I got what I want from her then she is free to go. He answered matter-of-factly.

Go? Free to go? Well, that's new Kurama. Usually, you kill the women you have enslaved after getting what you want. What changed your plans now? His head continued answering.

Kurama's eyes widened as he recalled what he just said. " Who are you?!" he quickly sat up from his bed and glanced sideways several times. The room was silent and dim, the same things he left before he had his nap. Suddenly, he realized someone was banging the door with light knocks.

"My lord, it's me, Keiko. May I ask permission to enter?" a girl's voice answered from outside.

"Come in,"

A click was heard, and the door screeched as a brunette opened, entered and closed it. "You're highness, I'm here to tell you that your supper is ready. Would you want me bring your food here or you'd like to eat on the dining room?" she kindly asked, her long fury tail swung steadily behind her.

"I'll eat here. Just bring the food here," he answered curtly.

"Oh…ok. I was hoping you would like to play host to our guest. She's waiting on the dining room," the cat youkai said, half on her way outside the room.

"I'm coming, tell her I'll be there in ten minutes," he responded almost immediately and headed to his wardrobe.

"Yes, sire," the pretty brunette smiled before closing the door with a bare click.


He walked down his long shiny marble staircases and headed towards his spacious dining room. A lengthy table ran across the room, occupying most of its space. Around it were chairs of mixed gold and red satin cushions. He gazed at the whole place, like it was somewhere he had never been. The lights were all out, illuminating the dinner place with beautiful combinations of colorful rays. It was a huge change of the usual dark and gloomy place he used to eat in. His vision ran around the walls, where statues of mythological gods and goddesses dwelled silently at every corner.

He welcomed himself inside his property, walking casually as though strolling down the footroad to Sakura park. His leaned form covered with pearl white tuxedo and his long hair tied neatly on the nape shamed the shimmering beauty of the lights above. His hair was magnificently shiny and far more eye-catching than all the lights of the carnival fused together.

"Good evening, Master Kurama!" all his inferiors greeted in unison, bowing lightly as he entered.

Youko marched to his seat, sat on it and delivered his eyes at the far end of the table, knowing someone was there but he never gave chance to be glanced at. Indeed, as clear as the deep ocean, she was there, residing innocently across him. She was still quite occupied with all the amazing lights and fancy decorations his dining room possessed, obvious by her head still wandering and glancing at her sides.

He stared at her passively, uninterested and visibly annoyed. He looked at the man behind her chair, the coffee haired man he least wanted to see.

As if on cue, the man neared Botan and whispered something to her ear, making her giggle a bit then composed herself. Much to the fox youkai's annoyance. How the hell can HE make her smile and laugh even in the bleakest moment of her life?

He looked at her as she looked back. The happy face that she showed earlier was long gone. A dim shade of hatred and pure vengeance masked the innocent contour as he steadied his sight on her face.

It was a typical reaction so he didn't mind it much. He was more attached at how her light make-up was able to lift her heavenly beauty above mortal capacity and how the pink gown matched her fair complexion and sky mane perfectly.

Another surge of emotion rushed to his brain and he lightly shook his head before lust filled him up again. His golden irises darkened at her solid face so he averted his eyes to his trustworthy chef, who was currently waiting for his orders.

"Yukina, the first menu please," he looked at the short lady with white bear ears.

"Hai, Kurama-sama," she answered immediately and snapped her fingers on the other maids. "Bring in the appetizer," she commanded in her mild kind voice.

A few moments later, more diverse food were delivered but no one dared say a word. Every now and then, Botan will call for Koenma at the far end and asked him the name of the next food that was served. After that she will giggle again before eating, but when Kurama tried meeting her eyes, she neglected them with a glare.

"Tomorrow we are getting married," Kurama announced, eyes still focused on knifing his steak.

Botan stared at him then stared back to her own steak. "Ok," she answered curtly.

Another long silence followed, almost freaking the other occupants of the room. Keiko, who was standing behind Kurama with Yusuke, sighed mutely at her unproductive plan of having Botan and Kurama talked at dinner. Goodness, all they're doing was glaring at each other and giving curt replies. What are they, deafmutes?!

Her boyfriend, Yusuke, did the same. Sighing seemed to be the most relaxing thing to do at that moment. He glanced at his girlfriend and shook his head hopelessly.

"Keiko," Kurama called.

"Yes, my lord?" the cat youkai answered hastily.

"I want you to prepare the wedding before noon,"

"Yes, Your majesty," Keiko replied then glanced at Botan's reaction.

"Yukina, I want you to have the dressmakers busy themselves tonight. My soon-to-be wife should have her gown readied before the wedding,"

"Hai, Kurama-sama," Yukina, the polar bear youkai bowed slightly.

"There is no need," everyone turned their heads to Botan. "I found a lot of gowns inside my chambers that will best suit the ceremony. You need not to order your dressmakers to work all night just to make the wedding gown," Botan said defiantly, her eyes focused on the master of the castle.

Youko cast her look as though saying, "I make the orders here".

"After this dinner I want you to have the gown busily made, Yukina. Am I understood?" he ordered the bear youkai again. The short woman nodded in reply.

"Don't feel so superior because you are going to be my wife. After the wedding, you will still be leveled slave here in the castle. I want these words carved inside your head," his cold voice said before he wiped his mouth with a cream napkin and he walked out from the scene.

Botan glared at the chair he left across her. She knew she should have thrown the knife on him while he was eating silently earlier. She stood up, got the knife and shocked everyone as she let the knife strike at the master's chair. It bolted neatly at the center the chair and Yusuke and the others sweatdropped and paled.

"You beast!!! I'll make you pay for this!!" she shouted wildly.

"Botan, calm down!" Koenma held her waist closely. "Sshhhh…"

"Ugh! I hate him. You guys should have killed him when he was younger and less powerful!!" she glared at Yusuke, as the lad approached her with his girlfriend.

"Hey, hey, don't blame me about his behavior. It's Koenma who tolerated him after the former mayor domo died," the blackhead reasoned out immediately, making Koenma sweatdropped more.

"Are you alright, Botan-san? You could have gotten yourself wounded with the knife!" Keiko exclaimed and checked Botan's hands for scratches.

"I'm fine. Just mad, ok?" Botan said exhaustedly.

"Here, let me escort you back to your room," Koenma showed her his hand and took her hand.

"I don't want to go back to that room. I want to stay with my family for the night," Botan said, much calmer now.

"Botan-san, we were ordered not to let you in the dungeon. Whoever defies master's order will be killed, that the major rule here," Keiko immediately told.

"Hai, you should get back to your room, Botan-sama," the short woman, Yukina, added.

Botan stared at her, then to Keiko, then to Yusuke, and finally to Koenma. "Botan, I know it's hard for you but right now, the best thing you should do is to stay calm. Believe me, everything will be alright," he cupped his palms on her cheeks and looked at her directly.

Botan's bubble gum eyes succumbed at the lad's request immediately. She nodded slightly and bowed her head down. "Ok. Take me to my room, Koenma-kun,"


Kurama held the mirror forcefully, almost breaking its delicate handle to fragments.

"You wrench!"

You Goddamn wrench!


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