This is my first attempt at a CSI fanfic, I am just borrowing the characters which all belongs to CBS. Please R+R .

What happens when Sara's past helps create a new future. This is based on the characters and show however I having Grissom and Sarah as only friends. Snickers all the way!!!

Grissom and Nick arrived at the 419. Two parents were killed and a little 9 year old girl had been found hiding in her closet. She had been scared of Grissom however she came out for Nick and refused to let go. She was scared and breaking Nick's heart. This little girl had the most beautiful dark brown hair with the deep brown eyes. This made him think of Sara for some reason. "You know darling I have a friend named Sara…." At the name the little girl started to cry and said " Momma Sara 555-2312" and then cried and curled into Nick. However Nick knew that number he had called it thousands of times.

Nick easily grabbed his phone from his jacket and hit speed dial number 1 and in a minute Sara answered. Sar does 1389 Millard Lane mean anything to you? Sara's heart stopped why would Nick ask that, unless. "Nick why are you there?" "Grissom and I was called for a 419" Then Nick heard a panic in Sara's voice as she said "I will be right there and hung up."

Sara knew this trip like the back of her hand, she made been making trips there at least 5 times a years for the past 5 years since they had moved there. Steve, Kallie or Stephanie which one? She could not ask she could not bear to hear it might just be her. Twenty minutes later Sara pulled onto the road and parked her SUV and ran out and up to the house. She could see Nick holding her and the tears just flowed, then she called out "Stephanie, Stephy, oh thank God you are ok." Stephanie saw Sara and wiggled away from Nick and the tears started to flow from her also. "Momma, Momma Sara, Momma Sara." Stephanie flew into Sara's arm and she grabbed her and both of just held on for dear life. "Oh, Baby, Momma Sara is here" Sara cringed this was there secret word to say incase she was ever in trouble. She was always Aunt Sara her mommy was Kallie and daddy was Steve the people she had choose to adopt and raise her daughter.

Nick and Grissom both stared at the sight. Sara with a little girl how had they not known. Grissom was holding a picture that was Kallie, Steve, Sara and a baby in the hospital. He showed Nick and said well I see we do not need to call her, how did…?" Grissom points toward Sara and the little girl. "Well I made a comment that the little girl looked like a friend of mine named Sara and she said Sara and her phone number and went quiet again. Well I knew who that number belonged to so I called her and asked if this address meant anything and 20 minutes later she was here and well you saw what happen." Nick was looking at the picture Sara was looking at the little girl and that face he knew was her face of I know this is best but I do not want to do this. The Westby's looked very happy. It was very apparent Sara was in a hospital gown and this must have been a photo after the baby was born.

Grissom did not know what to say , kids were not his thing. Sara and him had recently decided a relationship was not possible because when she asked him about kids he told her they were to old. Sara then told him that she could not continue as one day she might like a family, maybe even adopt. Grissom wondered how close Sara had came to tell him about her child, if he would have said yes would she have told him about her.

Nick walked up to the two Sara's eyes were red and swollen he figured she must have cried and been worried the entire ride to the house. "Sara" Nick said gently trying to get her attention "Sara, we need to get trace off of Stephanie and see if she saw anything." Sara cringed at the thought her baby was almost the same age as she was when she lost her parents. This was not suppose to happen to Stephanie she was suppose to have 2 parents and live happily ever after.

"Baby, this is my friend Nick we need to go with him and we are going to change your clothes and and ….. " Sara could not say anything more she was looking in her daughters scared eyes and right now all she wanted to do was scoop her up and get her away.

"Sara, we can not take any clothes from the house , you know…" Sara glared at him in a way he had never seen before yet, he had seen this from his mom when she was being protective of him or his siblings. "I want to go in!" "Baby stay here with Uncle Nick I promise you are safe with him I will be right back." "No Mama he will get you." Stephanie grabbed hold of Sara with a death grip. "Baby, did you see who did this?" Stephanie looked into Sara's eyes and nodded. "he told Daddy, that he was my real Daddy and he would not let anyone else raise me. Momma Sara he also said you lied he was yelling that he did not rape you. Then I heard Mommy tell him please do not hurt me, I called 911 and when the sirens were coming closer he shot them. Momma Sara it is my fault if I had not called the police maybe he would have not shot them." "Baby no, no, no….it is not your fault."

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