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An Officer and a Chaplin walked into the room.

Sara and Nick grabbed each others hands tightly.

"My name is Major Kloss this is Major Simms. Sara we need to talk to you privately, would you please come with us?"

"Nick is my fiancé, can he come with me?" Sara asked quietly.

"At this time, no. "

Sara stood up and Nick gently squeezed her hand to give her support. They did not need words to express there support to each other.

Sara walked out of the room with the officers. They just walked down the hall and into another office. When they arrived there, sitting in the chair was a little girl with brown hair and brown eyes looking very lost.

"Stephy?" She did not answer she instead just sat there looking out the window.

Sara slowly walked up and saw the look on her face; it was one she had seen in pictures of herself after her father had died.

Stephanie could here her voice, however it sounded so far away. She just wanted someone she knew. They suddenly she could see her and she could feel her touch. She was real.

"Momma Sara?" A small childlike voice came out. It sounded like a very young child not like a ten year old.

"Yes, baby, it is me. You are okay now, I am so glad to have you back; I missed you so much, I love you." Sara was now crying as she held her baby girl. They had almost lost each other. She may have made a choice to give her up for adoption when she was born however now she was making the choice to never give her up again.

"Momma Sara, can I just call you Mommy, do you think Mommy would mind? I missed Mommy and Daddy's funeral are they going to be upset?" Stephanie was trying very hard to keep from crying also as she asked her questions.

"You know I believe Kallie and Steve know all what have happen. They understand you could not be there, however we can go have a private service for them ok?

Stephanie nodded yes.

"As calling me Mommy, I would be very pleased, and you and I both know Kallie and Steve never were offended that we had a relationship or that you called me mom or momma at times. However are you ready to call me Mommy?" Sara wanted more than anything to have her daughter call her Mommy or Mom but she wanted it because she wanted to do it not because she felt obligated.

"I want to call you Mom or Mommy because I love you and you are my Mom. He, umm Owen, made me call his new wife Mom. I did not like that it did not feel right. She was nice though, however when she tried to help Max and me she disappeared. I think he may have hurt her. Max is my big brother did you know him?"

Sara took in a deep breath and tried to keep the additional tears from falling.

"No, I never met Max. Are you ready to talk about what happen with Owen? If so we need to talk with the FBI agents. Remember after Kallie and Steve died how you had to talk with Nick and the other police we need to do it again." Sara gently pushed her hair back and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Can Max and I do it together? However I would rather have you stay with me instead of a stranger this time." Stephanie looked into Sara's eyes.

"I will ask. Let me go talk to the people out of the room. I will be right back."

Sara walked outside the room and was greeted by the officers and by three FBI agents.

"Is she talking yet?" Major Kloss asked.

"Yes, she is very scared, she said she is ready to talk about what happen with Owen, however she wants Max and me both in there. Where is Max, is he ok?" Sara asked putting on her CSI mask she wore at work.

"My name is Special Agent Johns, Max was dehydrated, and he gave most of the water to Stephanie. So other than having an IV he is fine. He has been asking about Stephanie also. So if it is ok with you, I will escort you both to his room. Once his mother arrived we will then start the interview if she is ok with that." S.A. Johns had kids of his own and he was probably the most sensitive about these cases.

"Ok, let me get Stephy." Sara turned around and walked back in her room. This might be the first person that was FBI that she did not mind working with.

"Stephy?" Sara called.

"Can you just call me Stephanie or Ann? He said Stephy all the time and I just do not like it anymore." She showed fear in her eyes when she heard the name.

"Ok, Stephanie, well which would you prefer Ann or Stephanie? Also we can go see Max now in his room, as soon as his mom arrives then we will talk to the FBI. After we see Max do you want to see Nick and Catherine and rest of the team? They are all here and they want to see you. I know they are very excited about seeing you." Sara was standing beside her daughter as she asked her.

Sara saw a small flicker in Stephanie's eyes as she mentioned Nick. Like mother like daughter.

"Stephanie is fine, though Max calls me Annie, he said I was spunky like her, however he promised I was not going to be orphaned like her. Umm, can I just see Nick? I am not ready for a crowd of people right now. Tell Catherine that I am ok, and it is not her fault, Owen had studied electronics in prison so getting past her security system was easy for him. That is what he said at least. I know she thought I was safe." Stephanie then gave Sara a hug.

"Let me go get Nick. I will be right back. I need to let them know about you so give me at least ten minutes ok?" Sara asked.

"Sure, I am not going anywhere."

Sara gave her daughter a kiss on her forehead and then walked out of the room and back down the hall to the conference room where everyone else was at.

Sara arrived in the conference room and the entire night shift team was now present included was Jordan who had been working with Catherine on Stephanie's case.

Greg spoke out first. "Sara how is she?"

Nick stood up and gently caressed her shoulder.

"She is traumatized, however she is talking. She wants to let you all know thanks and that she is ok. Catherine she said she does not blame you. However at this time she would only like Nick to come visit her. Then we are going to see Max and she and him will give there statements. So I know you are all here for support and I really appreciate it, however it is going to be a long day. Max's mom is not due to arrive for another 4 hours. So please everyone go home and get some rest. Nick and Stephanie and I have a lot to talk about. Ohh, and please she does not want to be called Stephy apparently Owen used it and well, lets just call her Stephanie."

"Hey if you need anything at all you can call me, my cell phone is always on." Warrick offered.

"You tell her, Thanks, and I can not wait till she can come visit again. Call if you need anything." Catherine offered as she stood up and gave Sara a gentle hug and walked toward Warrick at the door.

"Well, you know I hate to sound like everyone else. However I am here if either of you need me. Not to mention once you three get settled I can teach your daughter the finer points of rock and roll." Greg smiled and gave Sara a hug and Nick a pat on the back.

Jordan congratulated them and offered her help and also headed out the door.

Last but not least was Grissom. "Nick would you mind if I talked to Sara alone?"

"Gris, Nick knows about everything to include our past, if you have anything to say then just say it to both of us."

"Well, then Nick you are very lucky never disappoint either of these young ladies. Sara, I just wanted to tell you I am very happy now that you have a family and please take all the time you want off to help Stephanie to adjust. Nick that goes for you also." Then Grissom walked out of the room.

"Believe you me I will do my best never to disappoint both of you. Now let's go see our daughter." Nick then smiled and gave Sara a kiss.

"Umm, Nick I did not tell her we are getting married yet, I wanted to do it with you." Sara explained after the kiss.

"Well let's go tell our daughter. Just hopefully she will be ok with it. I know I love you both, however if I need to wait then I will do what ever we need to for Stephanie."

"Nick, she asked to see you, however that is why I love you, you care more about us than yourself."

Then Sara and Nick headed down to Stephanie's room.