Title: Atlantis
Author: gunnman (William Gunn)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: All characters belong to DC Comics, Warner Bros., Al Gough and Miles Millar.
Spoilers: Season 6 thru 'Crimson'
Placement: One month after 'Crimson'
Quick Summary: Both Lois and Clark are trying to get some perspective after the 'Valentines Day Debacle' as portrayed in 'Crimson'. Yet inevitably they both end up in the 'Atlantis' club in Metroplois.
I would like to thank trixiemcbimbo for helping and betaing this story.


Lois had been fortifying her defenses, almost to the point of emotional detachment. Lois began rebuilding the walls around her heart when Oliver had left; but then after the 'Valentine's Day Debacle', as she began calling it, she began to really cut herself off from her friends. She was confused and a little scared. Who wouldn't be? She had lost an entire day of her life and from what she could discover – she had been aggressively pursuing her good friend, Clark Kent. Clark had told her he couldn't remember anything either, but the way he looked at her suggested otherwise. He told her he was sure they hadn't done anything – inappropriate. Knowing Clark for the Boy Scout he was, she believed him; until she had seen the clothes she had worn. The blouse was missing buttons and torn as if it had been ripped off of her. She knew Clark had also been affected, so maybe they had gone further than he thinks. Lois was mortified, Clark was her friend, truth be told her best friend. Yes, she had her share of fantasies about him; but she would never have acted on them. Then suddenly she's kissing him because of a 'mystical' lipstick. Now every time she sees him, she wonders what it was like to kiss him, how did it felt to have him hold her. She mustn't think like that, he was Smallville. It became easier to avoid him, and then she started having this recurring dream of gliding high above Metropolis in his arms. She needed to get out and get him out of her mind, so when Chloe proposed a girl's night out, just the two of them; she eagerly accepted. A night out in Metropolis, far away from her Smallville was just what the doctor ordered.

When Jimmy called Clark to ask if wanted to go to a Marauders game and hit some clubs, Clark's first reaction was to impress on Jimmy how inappropriate it would be to try and fix him up with Lois again. But, Jimmy assured him it would just be the two of them since; the girls were having a girls night out. Clark thought it over, and decided since Jimmy was Chloe's boyfriend, it couldn't hurt to get to know him better and to smooth over any lingering doubts he may have about Chloe's relationship with him. Hell, it might be fun having another guy friend, someone to go to the game with and talk sports. In the end, Clark was really looking forward his guys night.

The day quickly arrived and Lois got all dressed for a night of clubbing. She was wearing a form fitting aqua dress that accented all the right curves. It stopped about mid-thigh and showcased her wonderful legs, but best of all it brought out the green in her beautiful hazel eyes. When Chloe answered the door, she let out a wolf whistle and said "Lois, you look stunning."

"Thanks Chloe, are you ready to leave?" Lois replied.

"Let me just get my purse and we can leave," Chloe responded dashing back into Jimmy's apartment.

Lois stepped into the entryway and asked, "So what's on the agenda?"

"I was thinking of going to 'The Bunker' and make our way along the strip," Chloe said excitedly.

"Sounds good, let's go," Lois said pulling out her keys.

"No way Lois!!" Chloe exclaimed forcefully. She then added in a more sedate tone "I already called a taxi. You will not be drinking and driving tonight. I know you're still upset and I would feel better taking taxis tonight. I don't want to see you end up in jail again."

"As long as it's okay to crash here if we drink too much," Lois replied evenly.

"Jimmy said you are welcome to stay the night," Chloe responded beaming.

"Speaking of Jimmy, where is he?" Lois asked.

"He and Clark went to the Metro Marauders arena football game, and then later they'll probably hit a couple of bars," Chloe said. Then added when she saw Lois's frowning "Don't worry, this is not a set up. Jimmy just thought he should get to know Clark a little better. I think he's trying to make up for the misunderstanding that broke us up. He asked me what Clark would like to do, and I told him about Clark almost going to Met U on a football scholarship."

Lois's smiled and said "That's really nice of him. Clark could use some more male friends. You know do the whole male bonding thing – watch some sports, do a little fishing, and talk about women."

Chloe smiled, and then she heard the taxi honking. She grabbed Lois's hand and they rushed out the door.

Clark didn't know what to wear. He decided to simply change his colors to black instead of blues and reds. He wore a simple form fitting black tee shirt and black jeans with some black penny loafers. He felt a little uncomfortable since 'Kal' had really bought these, but 'Kal' had been more comfortable going out than Clark. He looked dressy enough for the clubs, but still casual enough for the game.

Clark and Jimmy had a great time at the game. Clark would predict what plays the Marauders would use and critique their execution. Jimmy had even suggested that Clark think about writing for the Planet in the sports division. Jimmy told him he had learned more about football in one night with Clark than in the rest of his life. The Marauders had won in overtime by one point, it had been a spectacular game. As they waited for the cab to pick them up Clark asked "Where to next Jimmy?"

Jimmy thought for a second and asked "Can we check out Atlantis? Every time I get a chance to go the line is too long. But, other than that anywhere is fine with me." "Just not 'The Bunker' – the Metropolis Hardbodies are there tonight and I don't need to see a bunch of men in thongs." Jimmy added chuckling.

Clark laughed along with Jimmy and said "No problem, that's not my idea of fun either. As for Atlantis, I used to know the manager and most of the staff; if they are still there, we should be able to get in without waiting in line."

"Great! I would love that, thanks CK," Jimmy said delighted just as the taxi drove up.