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Installment 17

Clark hugged her and whispered "Thank you Lois. It really means a lot coming from you."

"Smallville, anyone that knew you would say the same. I have always admired you. You're always looking out for other people. … If I ever hear that you repeated that to anyone, I will make sure Kyrptonite jewelry becomes a fashion craze." Lois said in a ominous tone.

Clark pulled away and laughed. After a minute, he said "Your secret is safe with me. Is there anything else you would like to know?"

Lois thought for a second and answered "What's this training you're supposed to do?"

Clark looked perplexed and replied "I really don't know. Jor-El has been pushing it on me for years. I always assumed it was my training to rule Earth."

"And now?" Lois interjected.

"I don't know, Raya said Jor-El sent me to keep Earth from ending up destroying itself like Krypton." Clark stated stunned and added "I don't know if I'm up to the task. I have been told that my humanity makes me weak. And you know how much I care for people."

Lois smiled and took his hands. She kissed each finger and said "Clark, it's your humanity and love of life that makes you the person you are. You a far better a person than any one I know. I know you; you only see your flaws. But, believe me Clark, you are a shining example of who we should all be."

Clark looked deep into Lois's eyes and replied "Thank you Lois. But, I'm no different than you are."

"What the hell are you talking about Smallville? I could never be as self sacrificing as you." Lois exclaimed.

"I don't think you're being very honest with yourself Lois. And it's not self sacrificing to correct your mistakes." Clark answered soberly.

Lois shook her head and said "I would slap you if I thought it would help. … Clark, we all make mistakes. I have definitely made my share. It's what we make of those mistakes. You somehow feel everything is your fault. You will find a way to convince yourself everything was your fault. Take Oliver's and my break-up, I know you feel responsible. But, in truth it has nothing to do with you."

Clark said "You're saying that if Oliver's plan would have worked perfectly; you still would have broken up?"

"Yes, maybe not as soon. But, once I figured out he had duped me, I would have killed him. As it is, he's lucky. I don't like to be tricked." she said, her ire rising each second.

"I don't doubt that, and I truly am sorry for my part in it." Clark said remorsefully.

Lois kissed him and said "I know Smallville, and if I were in your position I would probably done the same. On the other hand, if Oliver had been truthful; I would have accepted him and understood why he left me in the lurch. Just like I accept you and understand that you had to be less than honest with me at times. Just don't let it happen again."

"I promise no more lies. AndI will accept your judgment. But I still think you are a better person." Clark said.

"You're wrong Smallville, but I can see there's no point arguing with you. I will just say, Smallville with your powers and more importantly your humanity you could become a beacon of hope for the world." Lois said with tears of pride falling down her face.

"Lois, someday, you will be the greatest reporter. Righting wrongs and shining light upon all the injustices of the world. I can tell by how tenacious you are. Chloe may have been the first reporter in the family, but you are the best. I love Chloe to death, but she doesn't have your fire. She did once, but not anymore." Clark said.

"I've noticed that also, ever since the Wingate incident. I think she feels bad about getting me mixed up in it." Lois said.

Clark looked took her hand and waited till he had her full attention, then he replied "That's not it Lois. She has become too embroiled in helping Oliver's team and me. We abuse her, we really do. We use her resources to help us. You wouldn't believe all the secrets she's sitting on."

Lois was extremely curious and asked "What do you mean by Oliver's team?"

"Ollie has put together a team of like minded people to try to fight the good fight. He even asked me. I told him I had to take care of the Zoners first. Then I would consider it." Clark said easily.

"Does everyone on his team have powers?" Lois asked quickly.

"Everyone, but Ollie. There is Impulse, he's faster than me. Next would be Cyborg, as you can guess he's part man part machine. Cyntechnics, a LuthorCorp company, experimented on a man who was legally dead. He has augmented speed, strength, stamina, sight, and can link into computers." Clark stated.

"Leave it to LuthorCorp to try to experiment on people without their permission. Is there anyone else?" Lois interrupted.

"Just AC." Clark said

"Arthur Curry, what's he doing with them?" Lois asked perplexed.

"A.C.'s codename is Aquaman. He is very powerful in the water, he can even swim faster then I can. He was here the first time to stop a LuthorCorp weapons test. The device, Leviathan, was a success but, it killed all marine life in the area. We destroyed it. By the way, Ollie goes by your moniker except he dropped the bandit." Clark chuckled.

Lois laughed and said "So, Ollie's the Green Arrow. What do they call you?"

Clark laughed even louder and said "Ollie took that from you too. They call me 'Boy Scout."

Lois laughed heartily and said "I guess I can't say he never listened to me. But, what does this have to do with Chloe?"

"She's our source for public records and such. She also has run an operation for the watchtower while we were in the field." Clark said.

"Now, I think I understand. She has been so closed off lately. I thought it was just because I was starting to take her spotlight. Instead, she has all these great stories she can't report without outing you all." Lois said quietly.

"I think all the secrets are starting to get to her. Lana and I were no help. We both went to her with our secrets and then were mad when she was less than honest to us about the other." Clark said.

"Well, hopefully I'll be able to help on that front. If nothing else, she can talk to me. By the way, what does Ollie call his team?" Lois said.

Clark looked relieved and said "he didn't have a name yet, but he said he wanted the word 'Justice' to be in it."

"Let's see … Justice Squad, Team Justice, Justice Society, Justice Crew, Team Justice, no … Justice Squad, no….ummm. How about Justice League? What do you think?" Lois asked excited.

Clark laughed and replied "I like it, I'll call him tomorrow and see what he says."

"Why don't you let me ask him? I want to tell him he was right." Lois said smiling.

Clark looked at Lois and tried to read her and finally gave up and asked "How was he right?"

Lois blushed slightly and said "He always asked if, I had feelings for you. He said you were all I ever talked about. That's what he was referring to when you met him. I'm not sure what he was going to say, but I do know his comment about 'masking your feelings in sarcasm' was aimed squarely at me. So, he was right; it was you I was really looking for." She swiftly drew closer to Clark and kissed him passionately. She guided him to the couch; their lips still locked and pushed him down. Their lips broke apart as he fell onto the couch. Lois stared at Clark for a second and dreamily added "I can't believe I almost lost you, because I was too busy denying I had fallen for the Kent charm. Tomorrow, I want to hear about what happened when I was on that lipstick. But, right now I want you to know what you almost lost, pining over Lana Lang."

Lois pulled him in for another kiss and as they broke apart she heard him say hoarsely "Oh, I know Lois, believe me." Clark pulled her close and they kissed again.

The End