Yea so I wrote this on February 23rd 2007 at 9:32 pm haha. It's a little weird with the way I wrote it, but it's perfect if you only want to read Kyle or whoever lines : )
Kyle is sitting on the front porch Waiting for his 4 brothers to finish getting ready for school. He looks out at the road, his mind in a different place. He doesn't notice T.J coming out and sitting next to him.

T.J- You okay?

Kyle- Hmm, what?

T.J- I asked if you were okay, are you?

Kyle- Oh yea, I'm fine, never better.

Jack, Sam and Chris come out, all ready for school. They all get up and begin walking to their school. Everybody seems to notice the change in the usual hyper-energetic fourteen year old.

Chris- Kyle?

Jack- Kyle man?!

T.J- Dude!?

Kyle- H'uh what is it?

Sam- Nothing, never mind.

T.J- You sure your okay Ky?

Kyle doesn't answer he doesn't realize his brothers talking to him of the fact that they are all looking at him. He almost walks right into the path of a speeding car, but Jack holds him back. Kyle still doesn't take notice. They continue walking, glancing repeatedly at Kyle until they enter the crowded hallways of their school.

Sam, Chris and T.J- Bye

Jack- Later, Kyle?

They walk away from each other still looking at the their brother. While Sam's eyes are glued to him, he walks right into a wall, crying out in pain, as many people stop and laugh at him.

Sam- Alright! It's not that funny! I'm sure you all walk into walls all the time when your at home! Geez!

Jack- Give it up Sam, just give it up.

He says helping him up onto his feet, while trying to hold a laugh in. It doesn't work he starts laughing along with everybody else, Chris and T.J join in too. Sam stomps off agin nearly crashing into another wall on his way to homeroom.

In another part of the school- Kyle is sitting in his first period science class, normally his best class, but today he can't concentrate. His head's killing him, he feels sick and has been for at least a week maybe more even. He gets up at the bell, a sharp jabbing pain strikes his head and before he can react, he falls to the floor and blacks out.