Title: Emperor of Servants

Warning: AU, OOC, YAOI, NejiGaara, other pairings yet to be revealed, language, drugs, smex (later chapters)

This story might not be suitable to some readers. If you feel uncomfortable with this story then I urge you not to continue.

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Chapter 1: A Father's Bet

"What kind of a father does this to their own son?" yelled the seventeen year old. He was glaring at his father wishing it was enough to incinerate the old fool. Unfortunately, all he had in return was a stocky laugh from his father and his two business partners from Hirata Enterprise.

The tall and well respected man took a sip of his fine wine imported from Italy and looked up at his irate son who was glaring down at him from where he was sitting. He put down the glass of wine and proceeded to glare back.

"A bet is a bet my son. I have lost so I have to pay the consequences." He smirked as the two other men on either side of him began to chuckle. "A Sabaku never backs down whether or not we lose or win."

The seventeen year old couldn't stand the madness anymore and kicked the end table for all its worth causing a surprised reaction from his father's friends. "Why did you have to involve me into it?" he fisted the hands, "You crazy bastard!"

The teen's father daintily stood up, towering over the other with his height and built. "That is why." He said in a more serious voice. "You have been pestering me these past few months with your attitude, Gaara. I do not tolerate it one bi,t boy." He walked to the small bar in his office and poured himself another glass, "Think of this as a punishment and a wakeup call. You deserve the humiliation and discipline that comes with it."

"I hate you!" yelled Gaara, his face turning red as the locks that grazed his forehead.

"That's nice brat," the boy's father shook his head and laughed, "If it wasn't for your mother's dying wish for me to take care of you, I would of gladly sent you to the orphanage. Hiroshi, please take the boy out of my site before I lose my temper." The owner of the Sabaku Corporation waved a hand, signalling his bodyguard to take the distraction out of his office.

He hated saying such things to his son but he believed it was for his own good. His son was spoiled no doubt about it. He took a huge gulp of wine and shook his head, it was time his son learned the hard way.

"Let go of me asshole!" Gaara yelled at the well built man who was dragging him back to his room. "Let go of me this instant!"

The man never said a word but continued to drag the defiant teen up the staircase. This was a normal event for Hiroshi. He had lost count of all the times he had the duty of dragging the raging child to his room due to the burst anger he always showed his father. Hiroshi sighed, he hated this part of the job; he felt like a babysitter.

He finally let go of the teen once they reached the double doors that led to his young master's room. Hiroshi felt sorry for the little boy. "Gaara next time you should…" but before he could finish his sentence, the red head had slammed the door on his face. Shaking his head, Hiroshi began to walk back to his master's office where he might be needed.

After slamming the door on the asshole's face, Gaara stomped over to his entertainment system and turned the music up to the max. To others, this might have been deafening but to Gaara, it was a way to block out the world around him. He didn't give a rat's ass if it annoyed the hell out of everyone in the house.

Gaara then made his way to his bed and curled up underneath the soft cotton maroon comforter. He wanted to sleep it off but he knew that wouldn't be happening anytime soon. Instead he had to settle by glaring at the wall and wondering why the bastard he called his father despised him so much. It confused the hell out of the teen, thus the reason for his aimless tantrums.

He wanted to cry but crying was something he did when he was younger; something he had no time to do these days. Instead, he decided to throw punches at his headboard trying to vent out the anger until his knuckles turned black and blue. All he had to do was imagine the bastards face pasted on it and the pain on his hands would soon be diminished as he threw the punches.

The teen hated the fact that his brother and sister had to go to school overseas while he had to be stuck in the same house as his father while he got home schooled. He wanted so badly to leave the Sabaku mansion to join his siblings but his father refused saying something about embarrassment and temper. Everything wasn't fair. It was one of those times when he wished his mother, whom he had never met, was still alive. She would make everything better.

Gaara collapsed on his bed in exhaustion feeling that it was enough. He looked at his hands unfazed and noticed how badly he fucked them up. The red head shrugged it off and once again snuggled under the warmth of his comforter. This time, sleep had snuck up on the young man.

"Hello? Temari speaking!" answered the bubbly blonde on the other line.

"Temi, its Gaara," said the sombre voice, "How are you and Kankuro?"

"Gaara, it's nice to hear from you. We're doing okay but what's wrong? You don't sound too happy." Temari worried for her little brother. She knew that voice. That tone of voice meant something was wrong.

Gaara sighed and prepared himself to tell his sister about his findings yesterday, "It's about dad again." He paused and took a deep breath but continued a second later, "He made a stupid bet with his business rivalry Hiashi about something. Dad lost of course so now he has to do something for him."

"Don't tell me dad involved you into his stupid plans?" she slammed a fist on her desk, "Tell me what dad said Gaara."

"Since he lost, I have to stay at the Hyuuga estate for my whole fucking summer. That's not the worse part Temi, they had this crazy idea for me to work for them, like some sort of butler or servant!"

"What!" Temari yelled on the other line causing the younger teen to take the phone away from his ear. "Out of all the bad things dad had done to you, this has to be the worse!"

"He told me it's for my own good, something about humiliation and discipline. He also said I needed to learn how to make my own money; you know, since he's been planning on kicking me out once I turn eighteen. Temi, I don't want to do this but he said if I don't then I'll be sent to boarding school until I graduate. A school far away from yours and he told me he won't tell you guys where I am."

"I'm going to kill dad if I get a hold of him!" she sighed, "But that won't happen until two months. Vacation won't start until then. I fucking hate this!"

"This is going to be so embarrassing. I can't believe my own father would do something like this. Why the fuck does he hate me so much? What he's doing right now is so stupid and wrong. I bet you he did it on purpose so he could laugh at me while I make a fool out of myself."

"Kankuro isn't going to be pleased when I tell him later at dinner. When do you have to leave?"

"I have to leave this weekend. Here I thought I would be spending my summer free from books and duties. I guess I was wrong."

"Don't worry Gaara, when I get back I'll try and force dad to stop this whole thing. He claims I'm his favorite so I hope it'll work. You should be getting some rest; its midnight there now isn't it?"

"Yeah it is but I don't feel like sleeping right now. I don't really know anything about Hiashi and his family, what if they treat me like shit? Dad didn't think about that did he?" Gaara rubbed his temple, "He doesn't care what happens to me. I should have expected that."

Temari wished she could comfort her baby brother right now but of course that was impossible. She was thousands of miles away from him. That was the problem with going to school in the UK, according to Temari and Kankuro, it meant getting away from home life and away from their father but being away also meant being away from Gaara.

"Just sleep it off Gaara. I'll talk to you again soon I hope? Try to call me if you get the chance at the Hyuuga estate. I'm sure they'll let you use the phone once in a while."

"Thanks Temi, I really miss you guys." With that, the teen hung up.


"Gaara have you packed your belongings?" asked Hiroshi, "Your father is waiting for you in the limousine"

Gaara didn't say anything nor glance at his father's bodyguard. He grabbed his suitcase and walked passed Hiroshi towards the entrance of his home where his father was expecting him to be five minutes ago.

"Son, you are late as usual," said Gaara's impatient father, "We don't want to make a bad impression on Mr. Hyuuga on your first day now would we?" Gaara rolled his eyes and ignored his father's question.

After putting his belongings in the trunk, he hoped into the limo making sure to sit as far as he can from his father. Neither of the men said anything to one another during the hour ride to the airport, which was good because Gaara didn't feel like listening to the man's annoying voice for one whole hour.

Hiroshi opened the door once the limo had found its destination. "Come Gaara, I'll be assisting you to your gate."

Gaara turned around and glared at his father. "I'm sorry son but I will not be seeing you off. Have fun during your stay and hopefully you will learn something from this experience." He smirked.

Gaara thought the least his father could do was watch him go but of course his father was a bastard. You're right father; I'll learn something from this. I'll learn to hate you even more.


During the boring flight was when Gaara first figured out where he was actually heading to. According to the ticket stub, he saw that the Hyuuga estate was located in the city of Kanoha. A very populated and busy city filled with high classed pompous idiots next by the ocean. From what little he knew, his little hometown of Suna was nothing compared to the metropolitan.

As he stepped out of the plane, he could already feel the busyness and the stench of pollution radiating around him. It was something he wasn't used to and something he didn't want to get used to. Gaara was about to head to the baggage claim when he noticed several eyes staring at him. He glared back at the men he called 'suits' and continued towards the baggage claim. Gaara knew exactly why they were staring and it didn't really bother him one bit. He was used to it at home so why would another city be any different? Gaara thought his choice of clothing he wore today was rather spiffy. The blood red cut-offs he wore with a matching fishnet shirt complemented his pale skin. The words 'Fuck you!' printed on the shirt added a bit of a zang. Although Gaara's natural hair color was a natural red, the teen decided it wasn't red enough and dyed it into a fire engine color. Now it lay on top of his head with unruly long spikes darting in every direction screaming 'Hey look at me you idiots! My hair is red!' Gaara also had a tattoo he secretly got behind his father's back a few months ago just to piss him off. It was a tattoo of the kanji Ai on the back of his neck. Gaara thought the meaning suited him well.

After getting his things, he took out a folded piece of paper his father handed to him before he got out of the limo. He unfolded it and read,


There will be a man picking you up by the name of Iruka. Stay near the baggage claim because he will be waiting for you there with a sign. Behave yourself when you are in the Hyuuga property. Do not make a fool out of yourself.

Your father

Gaara crumpled the piece of paper in his hand and threw it over his shoulder, not caring if it hit anybody. His hate for his father was not diminishing anytime soon. Sighing to himself, Gaara decided to just go ahead and look for this so called Iruka. If Gaara could, he would have bailed and left the airport the first time he stepped foot out the plane. But unfortunately he had no money in the bank nor did his dad supply him with any before he left. Gaara basically had no choice.

After almost fifteen minutes of looking, Gaara spotted a man wearing what looked like a tuxedo holding up a sign with his name. From the view Gaara had, the man had long brown hair that he held in a ponytail and a huge awkward looking scar stretching from one cheekbone to the next. The man first gave a frightened look as Gaara walked near him but calmed once he noticed it was just a little boy.

"May I help you?" Iruka asked Gaara as he eyed the odd young man in front of him.

Crossing his arms, Gaara couldn't help but roll his eyes, "My name is Gaara. The new hire for the summer. You have a sign there with my name on it. I could show you my ID if you do not believe me."

The man smiled embarrassed, "Hehe, don't worry I believe you." He looked at the boy once again, "You have a very unique style there Gaara. At first I thought you were going to mug me." He laughed.

"Yeah whatever, I'm used to it." He huffed.

"My name is Iruka by the way. I'm one of the three main butlers in the Hyuuga estate. It's a pleasure to meet you." He held out a hand which Gaara just looked at. "Not a people person I see. Well, come along now. Hiashi-sama is expecting us to arrive soon. He's not the type to wait."

Iruka led the young boy out of humongous airport. Gaara swore it was like a maze. Everywhere he looked, majority mostly consisted of suits and old rich bimbo's who milked money out of their wealthy husbands.

"Watch your step." Iruka helped Gaara put away his things inside the hummer limo. Gaara saw a man with spiky gray hair open the door for both Iruka and himself. "Oh, I forgot to mention, that's Kakashi, Hiashi-sama's personal driver."

"Nice to meet you Gaara. Please, watch your step as you come in." he smiled at Gaara and then turned to Iruka to give him a wink. Iruka glared at Kakashi while a tiny hint of pink rose up from his cheeks.

"Don't mind him, he's crazy." Iruka whispered to the red head.

"Why is he wearing a mask?"

"He said it's for the pollution but I don't believe him."

Gaara raised an eyebrow, "So, why would a new employee get picked up in a hummer limo? Wouldn't a taxi be more suitable?"

"Well that's how other people might have done it but Hiashi-sama loves to show off his wealth even to the employees. Besides, he had his rival's son coming to work for him so of course he wanted to show you how much more wealthier he was compared to your family. Sorry if it offends you but that's just how he is."

"Whatever, I don't care." Gaara huffed and continued to stare out the window as skyscraper's filled his line of sight.

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