Okay... so this is a preview for the next story i'll be working on... tell me what u think :)

Summary: Kakashi is pissed that Naruto and Sasuke can't get along to save their lives. But what he doesn't know is that they have every reason to hate each other, being as they used to be best friends.

Once again, Kakashi found himself growing angry, and wondered whether this teaching thing was really worth it. These stupid kids just had to be the only one's to pass the test.

And a test on teamwork no doubt!

Then, why, pray tell, could Sasuke and Naruto not get along!?!

It wasn't enough that they had that stupid rivalry going on and were constantly competing with each other. That was normal for boys their age. Kakashi could handle that.

What he couldn't handle was the obvious hatred and utter loathing they had for each other. And they wouldn't even tell him the reason why they hated each other so much!

Now, Kakashi knew that sometimes, people didn't like each other. They just couldn't help it. But the hatred between Naruto and Sasuke was too strong to be natural. People weren't born hating each other like that. Something has to happen first. Something to make that hatred bloom.

Poor Kakashi was stuck watching the two male members of his team fight about such a stupid matter as ramen. That's right. Ramen. And they weren't just arguing about it. They were fighting. As in punching each other in the face.

That's another thing Kakashi noticed. When they fought, neither boy fought with much skill. It always looked more like a bar brawl than anything. That's just another reason Kakashi knew their hatred was personal.

But Kakashi still didn't know why. He didn't know that Sasuke and Naruto went back several years. In fact, no one really knew. Just a few people here and there. And out of the few people that did know, only one or two of them knew that Sasuke and Naruto used to be best friends. They had been inseparable. And the one or two people that did know that, had absolutely know clue where or how that friendship went wrong.