Ben and Susan were in the kitchen, Ben sitting at the breakfast table reading the paper and Susan preparing a sandwich.

"What are you doing Susan" asked Ben folding up his newspaper

"Making a sandwich for Janie, she's not feeling well today"

"What's the problem, got a test at school, in trouble with the head teacher or something?"

"No, she's got a fever, I've made an appointment for her to see the doctor later today" Susan replied flatly. At that point Nick walked casually into the room saying

"Good morning people of the world, what an exciting day it is today"

"Oh God, why am I burdened with him" Ben retortd at Nick looked up at Susan

"Do not worry father, today is the start of a new Nick, a Nick with a job, a Nick with sense, a Nick with…a purpose"

"What's today's scam then" Ben questioned

"No dad, there's no scam this time, I am a new man with a new plan"

"That's wonderful dear, and what is that"

"Well I don't actually know yet, I'm thinking of my plan right now"

"I knew it, Nick's doing what he does worst, thinking" Ben said sarcastically

Susan walked out of the room and heads upstairs with the now made sandwich for Janie. She knocks on Janie's door and walks in.

"How are you feeling dear, I brought you a sandwich, you should really have something to eat"

"Oh mum, please don't make me feel any worse, but thanks for the thought" Janie replied, Susan glared back at Janie and was about to say something when there is a crash just outside the room. Susan walks out and sees Michael on the floor.

"What happened?" she asked

"I tripped on my shoelace"

"Well it serves you right" Susan said pointedly and walked downstairs followed by a limping Michael.