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Setting: Takes place right after Insomnia.

Pairings: Kaylee/Simon, Mal/Inara

Down the Aisle

Chapter 3: Honeymoon

Simon Tam leaned back against the padded backrest of the horse drawn carriage. He listened to the steady rhythm of hooves against the dust and dirt road, leading to the hotel that was arranged for them for that evening. His fingers were entwined with his new wife, who had become suddenly quiet after he lifted her up and placed her inside the carriage.

Kaylee did not seem to be upset at all. Her fingers were playing with one of her tiara ribbons as if she were a kitten. Her head was rested against his shoulder and her eyes were glancing out the window. The only sound she made was deep and heavy sighs.

"Kaylee?" Simon asked after a few minutes into their trip. "Are you all right?"

"I'm perfectly fine," Kaylee said, without even turning around.

"You are not saying anything. Is there something on your mind?"

"Just the wedding and our reception," Kaylee answered before yawning. "And I am looking forward to tonight." She turned to him and smiled a rather large grin.

"Ah yes, tonight," how long has it been since they had fallen asleep in each other's arms? "My bed has turned into a cold and dark place to be without my bit of sunshine." He brushed his thumb against her jaw and chin.

"Not to mention we can have sex again."

Simon coughed. "Of course. I have also been looking forward to that." He had thought it would be best if they had ceased in making love after he proposed, save it for the big wedding night.

"Been a while since I had you 'twixt my thighs." Kaylee mused.

"Ah,' Simon blinked, a bit thankful their driver wouldn't be able to hear them. "Yes. Has been months since we were last intimate. We are both looking forward to tonight, but I am wondering why you weren't saying anything?"

"I have no idea," she yawned again. "I guess I'm just a little tired."

"It has been a long day," Simon agreed.

"It is going to be an even longer night."

"Perhaps you should take a small nap. It will be a half hour until we arrive."

"A little power nap," Kaylee adjusted in her seat until she was comfortable with her head and shoulders across Simon's lap.

"It is like a palace," Kaylee gasped once the carriage had stopped and she and Simon had stepped out. The Hotel was a tall structure made out of stone and glass. The cement used stones that were as white as moonlight. "I never slept in a place this fancy before."

"I have," Simon said. Like Kaylee, he could not take his eyes off the structure. "During family vacations we would stay at the best hotels. How was the captain able to afford this?"

"Let's not think of money," Kaylee wondered if Simon was going to carry her inside the building, or would he wait until they had reached their room. "I didn't know they had a place this nice on Santo."

"Neither did I," Simon was about to push open the doors when they flew open on their own. "Automatic doors."

"Of course it does." She couldn't wait to see if he was going to carry her inside or not. She had to see what the place was like inside. She nearly ran inside, careful to not to trip and paused when she felt the rush of cool air. "The carpet is purple." She pointed at the floor before she ran inside to the foyer.

Inside was almost as how she had imagined it. There were few sections of hardwood tile along with the carpet and a few padded chairs in circles set around coffee tables. Small trees and flowering plants were kept in brass planters. Small wooden end tables were covered with lacy doilies and small sculptures. Paintings were hung in neat rows on the walls and there were chandlers hanging from the ceiling. They were actually attached and not floating like the one at the party on Persephone.

"Isn't this amazing?" Kaylee said. Her eyes fell on a painting of hot air balloons. "Look at the colorfuls." She pointed at the painting.

"Everything is pretty," Simon nodded. "But not near as beautiful as you." He led the young bellhop with their bags to the desk.

Kaylee wanted to go to the desk with him, but the beauty around her delighted her eyes. She watched as hotel staff walked around along with the other guests, all were fancy folk of decent wealth. She kept a smile on her face as they barely noticed her.

"Goodness," an elderly woman dressed in a gown of burgundy red silk with a velvet black vest paused in her footsteps right next to Kaylee. "What a pretty gown."

Kaylee's smile grew even larger. "Thank you ma'am."

"Looks like a wedding dress," the woman's husband said.

"I bet she just got married." The woman turned to her husband before smiling at Kaylee. "Did you dear?"

"I am a newlywed," Kaylee said. "I am Mrs. Kaylee Tam."

"Where is Mr. Tam?" The elderly man asked

"Doctor Tam," Kaylee corrected. She did not mind how curt the old man was. She had seen the type before. His wife had seen something pretty and shiny and he had no interest in it.

"A doctor," the woman's mouth widened. "I am certain your parents are proud."

"Oh they are."

"Kaylee?" Simon addressed her. He was still standing by the desk, but he had pair of keys, jingling in his hand.

"Our room awaits," she breathed. "Bye, nice talking with you."

"It was nice talking to you," the woman said. "Enjoy your honeymoon."

"I will."

Kaylee was right in one of her guesses. As soon as Simon had unlocked the door to their room he had scooped her up into his arms and carried her across the threshold.

"Do you need any help sir?" The bellhop asked.

"I'll be fine," Simon said as he set Kaylee down. "I just need the bags."

"Yes, sir," the young man carried the two pieces of luggage inside and set it on the thick silver colored carpet.

"Here," Simon placed a handful of bits into the bellhop's hand.

Kaylee barely paid any attention to the exchange; she was too busy examining their room. The walls were painted a dusky rose shade and the furniture was reddish brown, making her wonder if it was actual mahogany. There was an actual armoire as well as a dresser and a round table with fine high backed chairs. Their bed was king size with four posts; the tops had a spiral carved into them. Kaylee's eyes widened at all the different kinds of pillows and what rested on the pillows.

"They even have mints." She pointed to the small squares covered in green foil. "It's almost like Inara's shuttle in here."

"It just needs a little incense," Simon had closed the door. "Tiffany lamp shades." He gently touched the blue and green stained glass shade covering one of the many lamps in their room.

"Everything is so pretty." She approached the table. Next to the flower filled vase was a silver ice bucket with a pair of tongs and two crystal wine glasses. Inside the bucket, along with melting ice was a bottle of wine. A note was taped to the side. "A free gift from the hotel, along with the treats inside the refrigerator." She read it out loud. "Where would they keep the refrigerator?"

"Probably in here." Simon opened the top doors of the armoire, only to discover a source box. "Or down here." He opened one of the doors beneath the source box. A small silver refrigerator was in one of the smaller compartments. "Let's see what is inside." The appliance was small but it contained some of the fanciest foods Kaylee could imagine. There were a few jars of caviar, pate, and crème fresh, a small bag made of wax paper contained a small loaf of crusty bread, pre-sliced. There were a few wheels of fancy cheeses, a few oranges, and a container of rich chocolate for dipping the orange sections in.

"Fancy yummies for later," Kaylee approached the bathroom. "When are stomachs are empty again."

"Of course," Simon closed the door. "What are doing?"

"I'm checking out the bathroom." Kaylee explained. The bathroom was decorated in red and white. With red rugs and toilet seat cover and white towels. The white shower curtain was dotted with red roses. There were was a flower shaped bowl containing potpourri on the counter, on one side of the sink and a porcelain soap dish on the other side, containing white bar shaped soaps and little red soaps carved into the shape of roses. There was also a small basket with bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion.

"The bathroom is just as pretty," Kaylee said as she pulled back the shower curtain. "They have flower shaped soaps." On one of the corners of the tub were folded up washcloths, and a box containing a shower cap. There was also another bottle of wine. "And there is more wine."

"Why did they put wine in there?"

"That is a good question." Kaylee picked up the bottle and smiled when she saw the pictures of strawberries. She read the name written in gold. "Dream Escape, strawberry scented bubble-" She blinked. "It's not wine. It's bubble bath. They put it in a wine bottle. Isn't that clever."

"Very creative." Simon agreed.

"I think I'll take a bath right now." She peeled back the gold foil covering the top of the bottle. "Simon, will you join me?"

The music made him think of Tortuga. It wasn't the same as the guitars, flutes, and hornpipes played in the various taverns and inns, but it had the same flavor. James kept his eyes on the people in the crowd, their faces illuminated by the flame while he sipped from his mug of cider. Some of them were dancing around, performing simple made up dances while everyone clapped along. Even River danced along with them.

The wedding ceremony had been over for hours, and the sun had long set. After the rich foods served at the reception, his new crew and the locals had decided to settle on soup and after the fires had been created some people had speared chunks of a soft and white material on sticks and held them near the flames, allowing them to become golden brown before the bit down on them.

"Story time," a grizzled old man said once the music had stopped. "Who has a story to tell?"

"Make it a scary one," Jayne Cobb called out from the opposite end of the circle. He had released the pretty young woman who selected him to dance with her.

"A frightening tale?" James asked and set the mug down on the ground in front of him.

"Yeah," several voices called out at once.

"I have a few tales of horror for you."

"Uh, Commodore?" Captain Reynolds raised his hand.

"I can handle this, Captain." James dismissed him with a wave. "This is a story set in a place far away, in a place called Port Royal."

"They won't believe you," River whispered. She had taken her seat next to him. She held onto one of the sticks with three of the melting marshmallows. "But tell them anyway. They will enjoy it."

James nodded before he stared into the eyes of the crowd. "It started on a bleak night. A thick fog had suddenly rolled in. I was on a stone fort with the governor when a cannon was fired from the ocean." He told the story of how Barbossa and his crew kidnapped Elizabeth and how he and his crew of the Dauntless journeyed through the Caribbean to rescue her. His audience's eyes grew even wider when he came to the part of undead pirates, made skeletal in the moonlight and finished with his crew shouting huzzah.

"Shiny," a sticky faced child shouted out before the audience applauded.

"Good one," the same gray haired man said. "We just heard a story with zombies. Anyone got a tale about vampires or werewolves, even a good ole fashion ghost story?"

"I got a vampire story," a young man waved his hand, and all the attention was turned to him.

"You didn't tell the whole truth," River removed the last of the gooey treats from her stick. "But to them it was just a story, and nothing more." She handed him the marshmallow.

"As long as they believe it was fake." James accepted the treat and sought out Reynolds. His captain just shrugged before he turned to the latest storyteller. James smiled. He certainly can handle himself in this time.

Complimentary treats, complimentary wine, complimentary bubble bath and even complimentary bathrobes? Simon could not believe how Mal had gone all of his way out to not only find a nice hotel, but one with such treats.

"Simon?" Kaylee had noticed the fact he was deep in thought. Both of them had finished their bath and were dressed in nothing but the bathrobes. He had popped open the champagne cork and she had arranged some of the caviar and crème fresh on a few slice of the bread.

"I still can't believe we are finding all of these surprises." Simon said before he took a sip from his wine. "I wonder if we will have free breakfast in bed."

"Wouldn't that be the best?" Kaylee smiled. She held out another slice of bread and placed it in Simon's mouth. "Although we shouldn't get too excited about it."

He swallowed. "I am still surprised we have this." He raised his glass.

"Maybe they do this for all newlyweds?" she shrugged.

"You could be right. Do you also want to try some of the cheeses, or maybe dip some orange slices?"

"Not right now." She drained her glass.

"What would you like to do right now?"

She didn't have to say anything. The gleam in her eyes matched the smile on her face, and the way she set her glass down. There was only one thing she could possibly want, and the fact she was slowly walking to the bed confirmed it.

"Of course," Simon took his last sip before he set his glass down and followed her.

"Gotta find some more jobs," Mal whispered as he walked around the burned out campfire. Everyone else had already returned to their homes and most of his crew had return to Serenity. They would leave in a few days, right after Simon and Kaylee had finished their honeymoon.

The bill was going to be huge. Mal already knew that when the hotel manager had mentioned the little extras the newlyweds would find in their room. Mal had felt his wallet get thinner every time Kaylee had made a new change in plans, but he tried not to express how he felt.

"You are good at finding more work," Zoe said. She alone had approached him. "One of Alanna's neighbors had forgotten their guitar.

"How did that happen?" Mal could understand leaving behind a mug, or a tin whistle, even a harmonica, but something has large as a guitar?

"He wasn't standing talk or walking straight when he returned home."

That would explain it. "Going to have to go over the finances while the love birds are away. This whole pomp and circumstance put a huge dent in it."

"Did Inara offer to help?" Zoe asked as she continued to search.

"She covered the cost of the gowns," Mal paused when he found a familiar hourglass shape on the ground. "Mrs. Frye did the flowers for free and Inara also insisted on paying for the string quartet."

"Did you allow her?"

"I didn't allow her. She forced me to."

Zoe raised an eyebrow. "I see."

"The Commodore also wanted to help, being as generous as he is." Mal examined the instrument, making sure it was not filled with any crap and all the strings were intact. "I told him he could cover the rental hall for the reception and organist. Everything else is from our finances."

"We are going to need to find new jobs soon."

"About the work. Are you certain you don't want to stay a little longer?" He stared up at her. "Be with your family for a bit?"

"I will be fine. Do another job and come back here for a bit. I can deal with Alanna."

"But can you deal with not being with Hobby?"

The way she folded her arms and stared at him answered that question for him.

"Just thought I'd ask." He held the guitar against his chest. His fingers plucked against the strings, testing them out. They simple chords turned into beginning of a song. He was lost in the music, not knowing how long he played until he raised his head and saw Zoe staring at him with her mouth open. "Just making sure it was still in tune."

"You were playing. You haven't played since Serenity Valley."

"So I was," Mal stared at the guitar before he handed it back to Zoe. "I'm heading to my bunk."

"Good night sir."

"Night," he waved before he headed off towards his ship.

Simon stared up at the ceiling, feeling both spent and disappointed. He had let Kaylee down, and on their own wedding night.

"That was worth waiting for," Kaylee sighed dreamily. "It does kinda feel special and different now that we are married.

"Worth waiting for?" Simon sat up and blinked. "That only lasted a few minutes. It was my fault and I'm sorry."

"You shouldn't have to apologize for something like that," she sat up. "It was good sex and who said it is all we are going to have for the night?"

"Nobody," Simon grinned. "We can do it several times."

"And they will last longer." She returned the smile.

"And each time will be longer than the last." He felt a familiar feeling between his legs.

"Just have to make sure you are rested."

"I think I am." He pulled her towards him, their lips meeting together in a loud smack.


The End