Of course I don't own Dragonball Z. Duh. Hope you enjoy this little short story.

The woman. Why does everyone always want to know what I really think about the woman? They expect me to turn into some lovesick creature and spout off poetry about the baka. She is absolutely annoying. Her hairstyles are bizarre. She's decent looking at best. Definitely good in bed wicked laugh. And....I love her. There. I said it. Is everyone happy now?
I have lived with that woman for years and have given her the blessing of bearing two of my children. What else can I do to say that I love her? I didn't kill her all those years. Doesn't that make it obvious? No. People insist that I get mushy and show open signs of affection for her. snort I would never openly show that much weakness.
So I don't get all lovey-dovey over the creature and everyone accuses me of being brutal and unloving. Are they really that dense? If I were to show any signs that I truly care about Bulma-chan...I mean that woman...then my enemies would attack her just to get to me. And everyone knows that she has the ki level of a blade of grass. To let others know that I love her would be to open her up to danger. And losing her is something that I don't care to risk. After all, who else could repair my gravity machine? Perhaps that brat son of mine could learn how, but I certainly couldn't sleep with him. She's irreplaceable on that level.
So to answer the question, yes I love the stupid woman and those stupid brats that she gave birth to. Of course I would sacrifice my life for them. And if anyone else wants to question me about it, they had better be willing to sacrifice THEIR lives.