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Daughters of Eve


The last bit of golden sun had disappeared over the horizon and sky darkened, taking on gray, pale violent and blue tones. Soon afterwards, there was a chorus of crickets. The Daughter of Hellsing finished her herbal tea and just as the cup reached her lips, soft voice rose from the entrance of the Café Garden, and from the corner of her eye Integra witnessed The Covenant approached, taking each step with deliberate meaning and grace. Almost as if they choose the time and place. Vampire pride of course, mused Integra. Growling under her breath Integra complained openly, not even brothering to hide her rage, "About bloody time. I would hate to think I sent the Paladin away for nothing."

"Nothing?" Alucard quirked playfully with a smile, "If nothing more than the sheer joy of his misery." Thinking back on the musing if not disturbing image of Alexander Anderson sitting down at the Pussy Wagon, surrounded and trapped he could not hide his delight from his Master, who stared at him with mild curiosity. No doubt, deep inside her ice-old exterior, she too found it somewhat, if not a bit entertaining. No doubt that Enrico Maxwell would hear about it and then openly express his disproval to Integra later, but still, it was worth it. One might as well provide vengeances whenever possible. "I imagine that Captain Bernadette will be more than eager to inform of what happened."

Integra hid her eyes. Mumbling, she prayed, "As long as we don't get called to the scene. Lord, I can see the headline—Ravening Priest beheads Local Lesbians." Shaking her head, the Hellsing Daughter could visualize the article in the London Times and the tabloid Trivial Sun. After all, only God above knows what the crazy, lucid and desperately needed anger-management priest would do. On the advantage, Seras Victoria was currently with them and supervising them, and was given expressed order to call her if even the moment of violence was possible. Surprisingly, it hadn't ring since the terrible trio drove away from Hellsing Manor. So far, so good, however in the pit of Integra's stomach she knew it might not be such a wonderful thing.

"Gob forbid it happens, and then, I'll never hear the end of it, and I blame it on you."

"Me, my Master?" Expressing his dismay, the vampire whined with a hand over his heart as if she was mortally wound him with such open and direct accusations. "I did nothing."

Suddenly, it seemed that "nothing" was his new catch-phase and Integra only prayed that it not permanent. She rolled her eyes and wondered why she never locked him up after she found him. From time to time—and sometimes more than often, he was more trouble than he was worth. Removing her hand from her eyes, Integra glared at him with eyes cold as ice dry and accused, "You have always been a rotten liar."

"Would you feel better if I was more proficient at it?" he challenged with a raised eyebrow.

Integra gave him the don't-fuck-with-me look and finished her thought, "You know very well what you did. You suggested it, knowing full well that the Frenchman would only be too eager to follow it through."

Sensing her fear Alucard reassured with a soft and calm voice, "Nothing shall happen."

Again, there was that damn word…but business demanded her attention.

And then, there was the Baroness Carmilla dressed in all her glory—red dress with an hourglass corset, a dramatic descending neckline that outline the fullness of her breasts and a long trail tracing behind her steps. Despite the elegance of her gown, she had taken the necessary precautious by dotingly herself with a steel chest-plate, which shield her heart from unfriendly fire, if they would be any. Pale as death her skin practically glowed in the night. Her fiery hair was elaborately pinned up into a golden diadem and with each movement of her head, the jewels shinned brilliantly in the moonlight and the beads jiggled together creating a strange harmony. Three comrades flanked by her side, equally dressed in their finest garbs and armored, armed no less; however they step no further once they saw the No-Life King standing like a obedient dog next to his human master, no less.

Speaking out of the corner of her mouth Integra whispered, "I have a terrible feeling about this, Alucard."

"The Covenant is not stupid enough to attempt anything." His hand found itself on her shoulder, comforting and protective. Integra Hellsing exhaled a deep sigh and gripped his hand, giving it a squeeze or perhaps she was confirming that it was there, as well as the body attached to it. Alucard hovered near her earlobe and his breath trickled the hairs on her neck as he finished, "I am here."

"Somehow I feel that this is all a charade, some well rehearsed masquerade for some greater purpose, and it is not to align with the Hellsing Organization."

Smirking against her neck Alucard noted, "I would have to agree, Integra. Carmilla is known for her tricks."

"Carmilla!" Integra hissed the name under her ragged breath and glared at him over her shoulder. "Have we become personal with lost acquaintances," she added with a bit of salt, "and former lovers?"

At the sound of this Alucard abruptly removed his hand and asked with a gleam in his eye, "What is this? I have never heard that tone in your voice, not since I brought the Police-Girl home. Is that jealous in your voice?"

Integra released a small laugh and said before greeting her guest, "Don't flatter yourself, besides I would endanger your oversize ego."

Finally, at last the members of the Hellsing Organization and the Covenant meet face-to-face, or more importantly as two women—one as Integra Fairbook Wingates Hellsing and other as, the Queen of Illusions, Carmilla the Bloody Baroness. Reluctantly as if the actions were physically wounding her, Carmilla bend slightly at the knee, bowing and the words cut her tongue as she said the, "Greeting from The Covenant, Realm of the Old Ones, and the true Rulers of the Earth…we are honored by your presence…Sir Integra Fairbook Wingates Hellsing…"

Integra lowered her head but her eyes never left The Covenant and she said evenly, "And you as well Baroness."

The Baroness returned to her full height, a full head taller than Integra. "And…Vladimir," the redheaded maiden replied, lifting her ruby eyes to her once fellow comrade, and once lover. "How far thee has fallen, however I suppose that this is suitable for you…than I would be none the wiser to your tastes, no matter how unorthodox."

"Curious, hearing that from you," Alucard noted. 

"I expected to see you with your…" she paused before adding with vice, "Countess."

Integra corrected, "You forget yourself, Baroness. This No-Life King is my slave and I am his Master."

"Or Mistress," she replied with slight ease. Without invitation the Baroness sat down in one smooth and fluid movement, gathered her hands in her lap and studied the Hellsing Daughter, with flashing red eyes. "I am not associated with frankness, Countess of Hellsing…nor of face-to-face confrontations in many years. Mortal or not, you can make no mistake as to why I am here."

Integra smirked doubtfully, shaking her head in disappointment and perhaps with a segment of anger. Tucking a blond strand behind her ear she replied in the coolest of tones, "You are gravely mistaken, Baroness. Regardless of the formalities of the message to convoy with me," she deliberate paused to heighten her meaning; "I can only assume your true intentions for this visit. Hellsing and The Covenant are not the best of comrades…and I am finding little reason to form such a partnership."

Carmilla hissed a sign under her breath, Ignorant, foolish mortal, and she quickly masked herfrustration with a smile. Using a different approach she ran her finger across her blood-red lips and noted with a hint of malice, "It seems that Iscariot has romanced your loyalty and I hope you did not damage anything of possible valve, Virgin Knight of the Protestant Order." It was quite evident as to what might have been damaged, and when Carmilla saw the Hellsing-Daughter bubbled with rage, she could smile in triumph. A point for me, my dear. Back to business she continued still with the suggested, if not implied sarcasm, "However before alliances are permanently signed…in whatever currency, it might be in your best interest to lead a ear to The Covenant."

Still fuming with anger Sir Hellsing stated in shaking voice, "Very well, you officially have my attention."

"But not mine," the No-Life King replied nonchalantly and quietly to himself. 

"It is quite simple. We wish to offer the Hellsing Organization our partnership," she forced the words out, though she would rather rip out those sapphire orbs studying, examining her with mocked enthusiasm. Eyes are the window to one's soul, and yet Carmilla only saw the reflection of her reluctant self in the mist of endless sea of blue. The Bloody Baroness finished firmly, "That is the condition, Countess Hellsing. Iscariot is not included in the alliance. You cannot afford to be petty with the price of human lives at hand."

"I thought The Covenant had no use for us," Integra said.

"Only when the harvest is ripe," she said with a smile full of fangs.

Watching them, Alucard could only muse to himself, Hell hath known no fury…

"The Covenant has had enough with Millennium," she added with a leer, "and with Iscariot. This rebellion is different from others and we both know that they are larger forces at work here than just the Third Reich. Neither of us can possible afford this strife…for the both of us is the risk of exposure. We cannot be known to the innocent masses. And we are—despite man's active imagination and consuming superstition, we are," she emphasized with a swell of pride, "not raging, blood-sucking demons. Much as changed since our younger days. The Covenant has established laws, and order to our ways. They, like yours have managed to keep us shrouded in myth, and we have no wish to endanger that refuge…however," her voice dropped, "these chipped FREAKS, hybrids are nothing more than babes…drunken with the false promise of glory and banquet. They have not the grace and self-control of the Old-Ones, the Nosferatus."

"Inspiring speech Baroness," he said dryly.

"You are of no interest," Carmilla hissed.

A mechanical laughter filled the air and Alucard taunted, "I know you too well Carmilla, as much I know the curves of your anatomy and the pitch of your voice. We both know that there is more to this than meets the eye. Just, what are you up to?"

The Baroness answered with a hint of truth, "Nothing more than playing out a personal vendetta."

"Against who?"

"Millennium, of course. They tainted us. Embarrassed us. Threatened to expose us. They have separated sire from childe—"

Integra noted with a degree of malice, "The young Laura."

Carmilla smiled, wetting her lips with her pink tongue. "Ah yes…you are somewhat acquainted with my," she paused and then added each word with careful, gloating deliberateness, "lovely…beautiful…talented concubine."

"Were acquainted," The Hellsing Director corrected sternly, "a moment too long."

Alucard patted the Jackal and said with a shimmer of pride, "Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust."

The Queen of Illusion was not so easily persuaded. "No, my girl…you are acquainted. Her scent lingers on your skin, and I imagine that even yet, your neck prickles with her memory…and her touch."

She saw Integra visibly flushed pink and unconsciously gripped her ascot closer. Carmilla beamed with satisfaction, and she could almost taste it but to hum in ecstasy she replied in a low tone, "Know this, I taught her so that she would have pleased me. Both in word and in deed. It might as well been me." Watching the Hellsing-Daughter clench her fist and bite her lower lip, Carmilla felt as though she had tasted the finest blood, of that of a goddess. It was simply exquisite. However the Bloody Baroness as always craved for more, and never could distinguish the border between passion and obsession, or survival and bloodlust.

"Besides Alucard, that must have been frustrating—not to be the first to taste from her veins. Even I am somewhat jealous as well." And her ruby eyes ravished Integra with their hungry gaze, and because of her infamous preference for women over men; her thoughts were only clarified and verified.

Beats of uneasy silenced echoed between the two daughters of Eve but the Baroness felt the need to dig deeper and deeper yet.

"They call you the Virgin-Knight…and for a time, I believed it was because no man would have you—but what a terrible farce. I see now, it is you who will have no one."

The Hellsing-Daughter replied evenly, "I imagine that you will kindly return to the point of your visit."

"Of course. The male sex is pathetic, wouldn't you say? However they do have their uses, no matter how few. My curiosity lies as to why? You are not short of suitors, but as it is, your womb must be filled. I know that love is not unique to humans. Men instinctively desire women, whether there is love nor not. It's preservation of the species, nothing more and nothing less. The question lies as to whom will do the deed?" Though her question was aimed at Integra Hellsing, her eyes and words turned to that of Alucard, as if she was telling him that.

"Perhaps you shall make use of yourself for being male yet, Vladimir."

Alucard laughed. "Undead sperm, O Carmilla? As if my testes produce anything that is remotely swimmingly. I believe we should ask you, my dear—after all, did we not have a tangle in the sheets?"

"Cry stop to your tongue, Vladimir—look you are making the virgin flush red," Pointing toward Integra Hellsing, Carmilla chastised him as if he was a child. "Before you are spoiled with a babe Integra…take a lover—as I hear Enrico Maxwell might to job justice."

Even Alucard seemed displeased by this comment, and that was her signal to take her leave. "Farewell…Integra," Carmilla purred placing a hand on Integra' shoulder and slipping past her and Alucard, who she gave a smile. To herself, a soft mechanical laugh escape her crimson lips and rumbled deep in her throat. "The devil with The Covenant," she hissed to herself, "Curse the Hellsing Organization and Iscariot. I want to know the end to this war, without waiting for it."

The as if she were displaying a rare exhibition in a circus, she waved her hands and parted to the side, further revealing the object—a single strand of hair, from the head of Sir Integra herself.


New Comrade

Lost in a plume of smoke Integra replied evenly, "Come pet, let us go home." What a disaster, she thought. And a complete waste of my time. For a moment Integra thought she would prefer another budget meeting, rather than suffer with the presence and words of the Bloody baroness, or that of The Covenant. An insufferable waste. Nevertheless, on the positive side the question that had boggled her mind had been answered—to whom would she place her faith in, Iscariot or the Covenant? As if it mattered, both were backstabbing bastards and would soon as enslave, if no t kill her when the war with Millennium was done. But in the end, Iscariot would suit. Again she called out, "Alucard…"

The No-Life King stood extremely still with his eyes staring off into the distance, and not at only following the Covenant and their Baroness—but in the opposite direction altogether.

Integra repeated again, "Alucard…"

He did not even register her words.

"Alucard," she said again with her hands on her hips. "If you are ignoring me—"

"I think you have a secret admirer, Master."

"What?" The Hellsing Director blinked, surprised at the comment and demanded, "Whatever are you talking about?"

Alucard lifting up his hand and pointed towards the shadows—there was a young man with a Covenant collar around his neck, dressed in similar clothes that Integra sworn had seen earlier…and then there was the roadmap of scars decorating his body, especially along his wrists. He stood there, and finally stepped forward, closer and closer to them but especially towards Integra Hellsing. His blue eyes were solely on her and did not even register the vampire with the Jackal gun. At last, she remembered him—as it was the bartender, the young Concubine from the Blood-Bar. O

When he spoke his voice trembled with conviction, "I am Stephen Rhoades…" and then dropped to his knees and clutched the hem of her pantleg, placing a kiss on it. Lifting his teary eyes, the young man declared, "At your humble and eager service, Sir Integra Fairbook Wingates Hellsing. I am yours to do as you will…"


Deviant Divination

At the House of the Covenant, Camilla entered her private chambers and at once her servant, Dabney took her discarded items and following with a head bowed asked with a hint of amusement, "The Covenant bas been buzzing with excitement since your return, and everyone is inquiring as to the answer from the Virgin Protestant Knight." Half listening, the Baroness took her new Blood-Concubine, a blond with eyes similar to that of her previous lover Laura—however, this one would not be given as much liberty and managed more closely so she would not stray. Grabbing her by the collar, Carmilla sat her down on the divan and toyed with her shimmering gold hair, ranking through her fingers and parting it like the Red sea.

Clearing his throat he reported, "Besides… Abhartach has demanded your presence."

Carmilla dripped her head down and kissed her lightly, but hearing this, her grip on the collar raised to another level. Turning on him she growled, "I have nothing to say to him or the remaining Covenant." 

He blinked. "Nothing at all?"

"Let Millennium, Iscariot and Millennium kill themselves, dig their own grave and pay for the funeral as well. I want that bitch's head on a silver platter." Bitch, of course referring to Integra Fairbook Wingates Hellsing. It didn't have to be her, but the Baroness was willing to take anyone in her bloodline, if any would survive this war. "If he should come, tell him the same. I am weary from the trip and wish to alone with my pleasures." However, Carmilla roughly tossed the Concubine to the marble floor and inquire with prying eyes, "Where is the girl?"

"You have impressible timing my Baroness, Abhartach…Giuseppe Davanzati and A'Dgosta all desired an audience with the girl."

"Pity for them. My question is of more importance than theirs."

Dabney heaved a sigh, slightly disappointment that he would be the first to receive any of the juicy news that everyone was so desperate to learn—no, there would be no news, for the Bloody Baroness did not to go to get an answer from the lips of the Hellsing-heir herself, but rather from the senses of someone else entirely. He gestured towards the figure sitting on the balcony and said, "Of course. She is here."

It was none other than the Blind Seer, and blind was obvious, for her eyes looked like two orbs filled smoke. Her eyes wonder about without rhythm or reason; however she was not seeing things in the material world but instead, in the Dreamworld. As Alucard noted, she was The Covenant's most prized possession, a Seer. Gifted, or better yet, cursed with the Inner Eye; however, her visions saw only the end of things…

And perhaps a glimpse of the beginning.

The Bloody Baroness stepped forward and cooed with unbelievable kindles, "Yvette…"

"The world is bleeding…Bleeding." Stopping in place the Seer hissed out a ragged breath, and her lithe frame swayed gently in the wind and the chains that bound her chinked musically in the night air. Both milky-white hands buried themselves in her bone-white hair, even as fingernails scraped her think scalp and hot, warm blood trailed down her cheeks like trails of tears. Her eyes rolled in the back of her skull, as her body twisted and twitched as some unseen force violated her conscious with visions that no soul—or lack thereof, should ever see, breathe, feel and hear. Rocking in place Yvette moaned, "Bleeding."

"Shall I remove her from prying eyes?"

Carmilla smirked and said, "No, my friend. She is so sickly pale, perhaps the reflection of the moon ands stars will add some glow to her skin."

Yvette hummed a tune under her breath, some melody and dropped to the floor with her eyes closed and one ear touching the cold stone, as her voice dropped into something otherworldly, "I feel it bleed…So much fear…so much doubt, and madness. We are bleeding and falling…into the abyss."

The Bloody Baroness approached, gathering her robes closer and studying the creature as if it were some strange, never seen before phenomena. She watched her with mute interest. "I have something for you, my Yvette. A present."

She recoiled, mumbling incoherent things under her breath. Gasping she pleaded, "No more. I want nothing, just nothing."

Carmilla promised as she always did, "One last thing."

Sobbing, Yvette lifted her dead glaze toward Dabney and pleaded, "Kill me. Kill me. I want to sleep. Feel nothing. Kill me."

Dabney swallowed and quickly turned away.

Holding the single stand from Integra' head Carmilla taunted with a leer, "One last thing." Sobbing, Yvette reached her hands out, groping the air and plucked the blond strand out of her grasp. The Baroness inched closer. She whispered fiercely against her earlobe, careful not to touch her skin to skin, "Yvette, my Love…what do you see?"

"Lavender and smoke," she whispered thickly.

"Nothing else," Carmilla demanded urgently.

Yvette smiled, "Nothing else."


What the Future Holds

Once the Baroness had disappeared into the private chamber with her Blood-Concubine, Yvette stopped sobbing abruptly, wiped away the well-rehearsed tears and stood to her feet with the hair still in her hand. She leered defiantly at the figure behind the door. "I see your demise, Carmilla. Long overdue," she said with a throaty growl.

Pausing in her anger she glazed at the strand with a strange new expression, one of bewilderment and then one of anxiety. Yvette stroke the hair as she did once with a friend and perhaps lover, —RhoadesO, and clutched it close to her chest.

As vision came to her mind she said in a strong, even voice, "Virgin Protestant Knight…Hellsing-Heir…Daughter of the Hunter…Ice Queen…and Countess…Salvation lies in the future fruit of your womb," Yvette whispered low and mystic. The words were clear, and their meaning foreshadowed the ominous, grim future lying on the other side of the approaching dawn: But then her voice turned cold as ice and carried a degree of malice, "Careful as to who sires it."


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