Through My Eyes

Hiyas. Welcome to my newest story. Through my eyes is a series of one-shots through various characters, be them OCs, or the NPCs from Adventure Quest or Dragonfable. Sometimes they may have interaction with the / other OCs, sometimes it may just be a reflection or past memories remembered, or sometimes it may just be a day in the life of them. Anyways, I hope you enjoy them.

First Up! – Yulgar.

Disclaimer – I own some of 'the parents' at the end. The rest of them belong to Xenolord/ Others, I don't own. But I do partly own Kay, Gale, Sage, and Alex.

Yulgar was gifted. He was a master smithy, a good business man, and he had a pleasant personality. But that wasn't all he had. One of the lesser known things about him, was that he had an amazing photographic memory. Yes, he could remember pretty much anything that he had seen before. Especially the once-in-a-lifetime, special events. Just like finally opening up his shop.
x 18 years ago or so… x

Yulgar smiled as he stood back to admire his handiwork. After months of manual labour, he had done it; he had finished building his shop. 'And' he thought, smirking wryly ' wherever there's a shop, people are sure to gather. Even round THIS patch of dirt.'

Yulgar opened his front door, to the sight of new, varnished and polished tables and chairs, and, his new bar. He walked over to his front desk, sung himself over it, and sat down in his plushy new chair. Crossing one leg over the other, he leaned back, and closed his eyes.

"All that's left to do now is wait."

"Memories." He murmured, as he crossed his legs, and leaned back just as he had before. If you looked closely, you could see his smile through his beard, as he remembered yet another special event.

x 17 years ago …x

Yulgar whistled cheerfully as he polished the hilt of a sword. Business was starting to pick up, and some people were coming to Battleon every single day. A few of his passing customers were even talking about moving to the small town. But that was the key word: SMALL town. There still weren't any shops other than his there.

"Maybe a couple o more shops'll bring in more people." He mused as he put the sword down and propped his head up on his arm thoughtfully. It was quiet in the shop; no one was in there at the moment, leaving him with a perfect time with his thoughts.


Never mind.

Yulgar rolled his eyes, and looked over towards the door to see who had so rudely thrown open his door.

There was a young man; probably 15, about 5 years younger than Yulgar himself. He had short, silver hair, swept over one of his odd purplish-eyes. He wore indigo robes, and was loosely holding onto a staff in one hand. He strode forward, over to the front desk.

"I'm quite sorry about the slamming sir, but could you tell me; is this Battleon?"

Yulgar was stunned by his bluntness. Not that many people went for the direct approach when talking to him. They tended to beat around the bush and never go for the point. It probably had something to do with his larger-than-average body size.

"Sir? Is it?" The shopkeeper snapped out of it and cleared his throat.

"Yup. This is Battleon." He than gave him a suspicious glance. "Why would you like to know?"

The stranger hadn't heard Yulgar. "Alright then, this is perfect." Yulgar arched an eyebrow, and raised his voice slightly as he asked the question again.

The man with the silver hair finally noticed his question. "Hm? Oh…"

Yulgar noticed how he smiled, ever so slightly.

"You see sir, I'm but a mage. Well, not just a mage, but an Archmage." He noticed the disbelieving look on his face. "Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but I'm a prodigy. Or that's what they say." He shrugged. "Anyways, I would like to open up a shop here, so I can sell my wares, and maybe, teach others in the art of magely-hood. Now then, if you'll excuse me sir…" With that, he turned around, and headed back for the door.


He whirled around.


Yulgar stood up, and walked over to him. "My father is sir; my name is Yulgar." He reached out a hand.

The young man stared at Yulgar's outstretched hand, before, he smiled widely and took it in his own, shaking it enthusiastically.


x back to the present x

Yulgar chuckled as he picked up a glass and wiped it. He and Warlic had become very good friends after that. And, even better, more people came to reside in the dirt patch. Before long, there was a thriving community of people. Over time more people had come; Blackhawke, Robina, Valencia, Aria, Artix; many people/ But one of the oddest people would come way after them. 10 years after he had met his first neighbour actually.

x 10 years ago x

Yulgar's beard twitched as he stared out the window. Battleon had finally become a town. There were a lot of people living there, and the town itself was expanding everyday. Business was good for him, Aria, and Warlic. Lots of adventurers were coming now to try and become a class of their liking. And those classes would buy his weapons, which would give him gold, which would mean he could save some and help renovate and expand his shop.

"Maybe even a heavier door to stop the door bursting!"

The door burst open yet again, this time with so much force, that it was nearly torn off its hinges.

"Like that." He gasped weakly as he stared, eyes bulging at the door. A figure came out of the light flooding through the door, a girl, probably 15 years of age, was standing there. She had crimson –red eyes, and sea foam green hair. Her lips were twisted into a smirk.

Yulgar's eyes were transfixed upon the teen. It was only a few minutes later that his voice returned to him. "Uh…w-what can I do f-for you miss?" Yulgar shifted the chair he was sitting in back a few metres. He was hoping that the girl didn't do the thing he did to his door to him.

The girl strutted forward, and reached into her pocket. Yulgar flinched, and covered his head with his hands. When the smithy didn't feel a blow upon his head, he opened one eye (he had shut them in fear) and looked through his fingers. The teen was holding a wallet in one hand, and was giving him a very old look. Yulgar's mouth formed into an O, and pulled his hands away. "So…uh…what would you like?"

The female rolled her eyes, and cleared her throat. "I'd like to buy a drink." She said, as she pulled some gold out and laid it on the table in front of Yulgar. He blinked, and realization showed in his eyes. She saw this, and smirked. "Finally get it, did you?" Yulgar didn't say anything, just jumped to his feet, and scrambled behind the bar counter. She rolled her eyes again, and walked over to the counter.

"What can I get you?" He panted. "Just a soda." She replied. He fixed her a glass, got one for himself, and slid hers over to her.

"Haven't seen you before. You from these parts?" He asked her, as she grasped her drink, and took a sip.

"Sort've." She answered. "I lived near the out skirts of the town."

He gave her a questioning look. "Lived?"

The smirk on her face was replaced with a sad smile. She nodded. "Lived. I lived there until my mother died a few years ago." Yulgar sighed sadly.

"I'm so sorry."

She just waved him off. "It's fine." She said. "It's not as hard being alone as I thought it would be." Yulgar nodded.

"So what're you doing here now? Are you planning to be an adventurer?" He took a few gulps of his drink.

"Guardian." She replied, as she downed the rest of her soda.

The bearded mans eyebrows rose. "Guardian eh? Well, it might take you awhile, but I'm sure you'll become one in a few years or so." He tilted his head back, and poured the rest of the drink into his mouth.

"No." She said as she looked calmly at him. "I already AM a guardian."

He was just about to swallow, when the words fully hit him. He violently spat out the liquid. "Oh, that's nice." She winced as the liquid nearly hit her. Yulgar started taking in deep breaths. He turned, and stared, wide eyed at her. "You're a GUARDIAN!?"

She flicked some stray lint off her shoulder. "I think we've established that." Yulgar scowled at her slightly. "Well, sorry, but…it's just that you're…so…."

"Young?" She grinned. He nodded.

"Well, captain flirt over at the tower said I was gifted, and asked – well, not really asked, but more like demanded- that I join early, so…yeah."

Yulgar stared at her again. "You must be REALLY gifted, cause if you're a guardian, you're probably the youngest one there's ever been." She just gave him a cocky smirk. "That just proves how good I am."

She tapped the side of her glass, then slid it over to him, and stood up. She went for the door. Just before she touched the doorknob-

"Hey kid, wait." She turned around, cocked her head, and placed a hand on her hip. "Yeah?"

"What's your name?"

The smirk reappeared.

"Maria. Maria Despair."

x End Flashback x

Yulgar shook his head and laughed. Sure, Maria went to the extremes sometimes, but she always meant the best. Hey; at least she didn't usually go alone. Normally, she had her sister, and some friends with her.

'Ah yes.' He thought. 'Her friends.'

x 7 years ago (boy there are a lot of flashbacks) x

Yulgar looked proudly at his door. He had finally replaced his door with a heavier door. Maybe now people wouldn't come in and nearly burst his door down as often.

The next thing Yulgar knew, his new door was hurtling towards him.


Or maybe not.

Yulgar found himself flat on his back. Little winged moglins were flying around him. He smiled weakly, and waved at them.

"Hello little moglin friend! Would you like to have a drink with me?" Suddenly, Maria was looking down on him. She arched an eyebrow. "Who are you talking to?"

Yulgar motioned around his head.

"To my little moglin friends! Say 'hi' little buddies!"

The moglins all 'meeped' in unisons, and saluted to her.

"You feeling alright Yulgar?" Yulgar shook his head and the moglins disappeared. "I'm fine now Maria; thanks for asking."

"You sure he's alright Maria?" A dry voice said amusedly. Maria helped Yulgar up. As soon as he was standing he looked over the Despair to see 2 young girls in the doorway. Maria turned to face them. She rolled her eyes, and looked at 1 of them. "Oh, very funny Rayne."

Yulgar looked at the one who he could only assume as Rayne. She was wearing blue jeans (work with me) and a black t-shirt and sweater. She had long black hair, and her eyes were a peculiar cross between chocolate brown and amethyst. Her lips were curved in a sly smile. Next to her, was a slightly shorter redheaded girl.. She seemed more cheerful that the other girl. She had bright, emerald green eyes, and a bright smile to match. She was wearing a light green long-sleeved top, and khakis.

Rayne shrugged. "Hey; can't help it."

"Yulgar, I'd like you to meet some people." Turning around again, she walked over to the pair, and stood behind them. Pointing to Rayne, she flicked her in the head.

"This one." She said, as she placed a hand on the grimacing girl's shoulder "Is Rayne. Anasi. The other one." She ruffled the giggling redhead's hair with her free hand. "is Elizabeth Miura."

Elizabeth waved, and smiled at Yulgar. "Just call me Lizzie." Yulgar waved back at the 2, and moved to his usual spot behind the bar, Grabbing a cloth and a glass, he started wiping it. "So, is there anything I can get you girls?"

They all moved over, and took a seat.



"Soda water, flavoured with a teaspoon of lemon, lime, orange, and/or other citrus fruits. Put in about a spoon of extra shower. Shake it, and-" Rayne slapped a hand of Maria's mouth, effectively cutting her off. Lizzie pulled one hand that was firmly clapped over her ear away.

"She'll just have water."

x End flashback x

He grinned fiercely, and threw his head back and roared with laughter as he remembered that. Maria did have a tendency to go on. Those 2 helped her a lot with that. And so did the others: Safiria, her sister; everyone. He himself had helped Maria develop as a person, and she, in turn, helped everyone around her grow. Ironically, her younger friends the most. They were all just like a big family.

Yulgar looked up, as he heard the chimes above his door sound. Yulgar saw all the aforementioned friends, and waved to them. They were still the same, just older, and with a new addition.

Kay, Gale, Sage and Alex ran around their parents, laughing and smiling.

'Just a big family.' He thought.

Maria saw him, and caught his thought. Putting an arm around her sister and Lizzie, she grinned.

"Were just a big family; we put the fun in dysfunctional!" Yulgar burst out in laughter again, and rested his eyes on the kids.

'I bet that I'll watch them grow up, just like I watched all of them.'

The End.

How'd you like that? It's a whole series of one shots from various characters. Im gonna add more soon! Ja Ne!