Chapter five

Alice's POV

In the lunchroom before Edward and Alice leave to go hunting (before the meadow)

"Alice please?" Edward pleaded.

"Edward," I sighed, "You won't hurt her, in any way. I promise."

"Yes, yes, so you've said," he muttered impatiently, "But I'll be able to trust myself around her more if I go hunting before. Please Alice?" he asked again.

"Alright!" I laughed. "Fine, Edward, if it means that much too you."

"Thank you." He sighed, rubbing his temples.

I reached over and set my hand on his shoulder. "Edward, it'll be okay. I've seen it."

"But your visions aren't set in stone, Alice." He contradicted. "They can change."

"Not this one." I spoke each word separately, hoping to make them sound more definite.

He only looked up at me, hopefully.

The next day at lunch, I couldn't help but watch them from the corner of my eyes like the rest of my family. And also like the rest of them, I didn't miss how hard it was for Edward to get up from the table to leave her.

"Rosalie!" Jasper snapped. "Stop glaring. She already feels uncomfortable enough as it is."

"Well she deserves it," Rose snarled, turning her head back to us.

"Oh Rosalie," I muttered, slightly annoyed. "Can't you just let Edward have this?"

"It wouldn't be a problem if he'd just change her!" She spat.

"You know he won't do that Rose." I sighed. Not yet anyway. I noticed Edward flinch slightly as I thought this. I'd have to control my thoughts better…

"ROSE!" Jasper hissed again. I looked up to see Rosalie's eyes locked with Bella's, Edward hissing profanities at my sister.

Rosalie turned her head swiftly back towards us, tossing her long blonde hair as she did so.

"Rosalie…" I rubbed my temples, hoping Edward had been able to gain Bella's attention again.

I looked up at the clock, and noticed the bell was going to ring soon. I guess it's not or never.

I stood from our table and started to walk towards Bella and Edward. I was soon standing beside Edward. "Alice." He greeted me, his eyes still glued on Bella.

"Edward." I answered cheerfully back.

"Alice, Bella – Bella, Alice," He waved a hand gesturing to each other as he introduced us.

"Hello Bella." I smiled at her as warmly as I could. "It's so nice to finally meet you!" Especially seeing as you're the love of my brother's life, destined to be his one and only! I added cheerfully in my head, mostly for Edward's benefit. In return, he flashed me a dark look.

"Hi, Alice." Bella murmured shyly back.

"Are you ready?" I asked Edward.

"Nearly," he spoke, hesitant to leave her side, "I'll meet you at the car."

So I turned to leave him to swoon a little while longer.


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