Naruto was pissed.

He'd looked everywhere, but his new kunai set - the one he'd gotten made especially for his birthday - had gone missing.

He hadn't left it out, they were far too precious for that. No, someone had stolen them. And he had suspicions of who that person was.


Sasuke looked up, blinked a couple of times, and then looked back down.

"Teme! I know you've been in my room!"

Sasuke immediately froze, and dropped the book he was holding.


"Don't deny it! I know you broke in!"

"I… I did no such thing!"

"Of course you did! Who else was it!?"

"Not me!"

"Yes, Sasuke, you're the only one who knows their way around my house, except Sakura - but she wouldn't do this!"

"Look, it's not me who's taking pictures of you sleeping!"







"You've been taking pictures of me sleeping!"

"Oh," Sasuke paused. "This wasn't about that?"

"No! I wanted to know who stole my kunai!"

"Oh. Psht, why would I want to steal your kunai, dobe?"

"Stop avoiding the subject at hand, you pervert!"

"Oh come on, it was only a few hundred."

"A… a few hundred!?"

"Or so."

"Or so? How many was it!?"

Sasuke shrugged. "I dunno."

"How many, Sasuke?"

"I dunno. check my myspace, they're all there."


"Amd deviantart, livejournal… they might've even made you tube, if you're lucky."


"What? Is it my fault that you look nice sleeping?"

"I do not!"

"Oh, I can assure you, you do." Sasuke winked.

"Argh! Bastard! I hate you!"

"One step away from love, baby."

"…WHAT!? No it's not! That's like, lust or something!"

"What? You don't lust over me, Naru-chan?"

"Teme! Stop it! Don't frickin' tease me!"

"You think this is teasing?" Sasuke lowered his voice. "You don't know the meaning of teasing."


Naruto began to storm off, yelling back as he went. "And take down those photos! Once I've found my kunai, I will be checking that they're off, and they had better be gone!"

Sasuke smirked to himself. He may not have succeeded this time, but he could always try tomorrow, once Naruto had found the photos of him getting out of the shower.

Yes, that would be very fun indeed.