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Ritsuka sat in the run down motel and decided that enough was enough; he really needed to start paying more attention to his mission and less to mucking about in his own personal life. Now taking down Ritsu would prove difficult he knew. Ritsu had so many layers of protection around him that it was unlikely that he would be able to get anywhere quickly. However, this was what he had been sent here for and he may as well get a start on it. First things first, find out where Ritsu had headquarters of his nasty little empire.

Ritsu sat back in his chair, it had been a while since he had heard of anyone he wanted to train, word was that there was fresh blood on the streets, and even if the rumours said that this person was already well trained, Ritsu felt sure he could find something to offer him, I mean after all, who didn't want something from Ritsu. Calling through the heavy door he waited for his second to come through, of course he would have preferred to have that sparkling example of a creature, Soubi, as his right hand but seeing as he disagreed with the way things were run this was the way it had to be.

Ritsuka continued to stare at the dank stained wall as though hoping it would point out the answers to his current problem, it didn't but that didn't stop him staring. After what felt like a day but could have been no more than a few minutes Ritsuka decided that he needed to buck his ideas up. Getting to Ritsu would involve infiltrating his organisation, which meant finding it and the only person he knew that knew Ritsu was Soubi, which meant he had to get him to lead him there. Therein lay his problem. The only possible way would be to follow him, as under no circumstances was Ritsuka prepared to enter into any kind of truce. Now he needed a way to plant the idea of seeing Ritsu into Soubi's head.

Soubi sat in his room, staring at a wall that was much cleaner than the one that Ritsuka was looking at half way across town. He was sorting through the events of the previous few days. It was so strange. Soubi was still burning to know where Ritsuka had been over the past few months. A tiny ray of something appeared in Soubi's chest. Hope.

Ritsuka had decided on a plan of action by mid-morning, he had even started and was now standing looking in on Soubi's house again. Moving around the buildings surrounding it, he tried to find the best possible angle to look inside.

'Spying? One could hardly call it that, investigating; was what it was' Ritsuka thought fervently.

Soubi felt a prickle on his neck; it was the felling he got whenever someone was watching him and turning he was proved correct in trusting his senses as he saw the two young people he had taken in standing at the door.

"Soubi?" the first asked quietly,

"Yes child?" Soubi answered slowly whilst subtly asserting his power over them.

"Well, this person, the only who attacked us, we don't want to meet them again" both shook their heads quickly with fear in their eyes, "so, can you disguise us or something? We don't want to be cooped up."

Soubi nodded and beckoned the children towards him, he changed minor things in their appearance, little enough so they could still recognize themselves but big enough so they couldn't be recognized if you hadn't seen them every day.

Ritsuka settled himself on a different roof to yesterday as he quickly discovered that said roof as perhaps the worst he could have chosen. This particular one allowed him a view of part of the kitchen, most of the living room and Kio's room where he could see Kio sleeping fitfully. Sitting down comfortably he waited for what he presumed would be a long and uneventful day watching the happenings of the people below. About half an hour after he had started 'investigating' the household Ritsuka spotted movement in the living room, the black haired child from yesterday had appeared. Anger welled again inside him, it was uncontrollable his faced creased into a grotesque reflection of his suddenly black thoughts. This time Ritsuka took a few moments to study the intruders face, he looked very similar to how Ritsuka had looked before he died. It bothered Ritsuka more than he would admit that Soubi had found a replacement for him so quickly.


The call resounded through the fairly average sized house, Umasuki was yelling for his sacrifice.

"What?!" came the shout back.

"I'm going out; I'll be back in about twenty minutes, going for skittles".

Soubi thought on it for a second, he didn't need the disguise to fall through because Umasuki was recognized so butted in at that moment,

"Be careful to take the back streets, you're less likely to run into anyone you know there".

A yell confirming that Umasuki would follow said advice followed.

Koukei grinned to himself from inside the bathroom, those skittles we're the only down fall of his beloved Umasuki, he was a powerful fighter and yet, offer him skittles and you had absolute control. Koukei continued to giggle to himself as he got into the shower.

Ritsuka saw the much hated black haired child leave the building; maybe he didn't live there and had just come for the night? The implications that this option entailed brought more rage into Ritsuka's dark eyes. Debating internally Ritsuka decided that watching the house wasn't getting him anywhere and maybe following the kid would. His eyes narrowed and darkened yet further as he prowled along above the shadow below, 'who did this kid think he was? No-one could replace him! How dare anyone try!" yet more anger built inside of him, even though he knew this was not a good idea.

Umasuki hummed as he walked through the backstreets, he wasn't really concentrating on anything except for the fastest route to his skittles and jumped as a figure jumped in front of him.

Rage had finally exploded in Ritsuka. Far beyond what he could handle rationally. This child, who thought he could take Soubi from him needed to be punished!

Umasuki backed away from the dark, ominous figure before him. As he emerged from the shadows he appeared to be a young man but the expression on his face was what caught Umasuki's attention, it told him he wasn't going to enjoy this encounter.

"You think you're better than me huh? Well you're going to pay for that thought" Ritsuka yelled just before he flew at Umasuki. He hit him in the face as deflected the poor defence. Ritsuka hit the boy to the floor and pinned him down with one leg either side of his waist. He pounded on the face that vaguely resembled his own. Beating it down. Away.

Ritsuka hit until he had no more anger to fight away.

Then he looked down.

His jaw dropped in horror at what he'd done.

The broken person beneath him.

Tears slipped down his face.

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