She adjusted her shirt and leaned forward once again. The ink from her quill stained her fingers but she didn't seem to care all that much.

Ginny Weasley was pretty. Underneath it all. She had her dark red hair thrown up in a hasty bun. A pair of sunglasses, bright purple, courtesy of Luna Lovegood, sat on the crown of her head. A smudge of ink ran across her jaw line where she had accidentally smeared it.

If Ginny tried, Draco was sure she could be quite the heart throb.

Draco was fascinated by the petite red head. She was quiet and reserved, but he knew she had a temper to rival Vesuvius. He had, on the rare occasion, been subject to her temper and found it a daunting thing. The erie bit was, he knew if she behaved more in acordance to her instincts, he would be seeing alot more of that temper.

Yet he couldn't help but wonder what she would be like, were she to let herself go.

He wasn't gay, but he couldn't help himself sometimes. He longed to get her and lock her up in a room with Pansy, Millicent and Daphne and see what the self concientious Slytherins would do to her. He imagined Pansy would curl her hair. Millicent would put a few pounds on Ginny's annorexic figure and Daphne would probably have her strutting in less than an hour.

There was no way she would go along with it. Hell, she'd probably break his nose and other parts. He was sneaky, devious and kneiving, but girls were a mystery to him. He really didn't understand them. He couldn't just throw her over his shoulder and then into a closet until she agreed to dress up at least once, just so he could see how she looked. She'd kill him. No, she'd dress up nice, then kill him, probably stepping on the family jewels in the process.

No, Ginny required a different form of stealth. Something only another girl could provide.

He thought about it. There had to be some way to get her to pretty up. If he could do that he'd be one up on smug Potter.

It was an irritating game and he often tired of it. But he was determined to win. For Seven years now, he and Potter had been fighting for control of the school. Both had their supporters, Potter more than he.

They fought in Quidditch, Potter again being victorious. They fought in class. That was usually a draw. Draco was exceptionally smart as were Pansy and Millicent, despite outward appearences. Daphne was passing, but nothing too extrodinary. Blaise was high in his class, only a few points below the book worm, Ginny.

Draco glanced at the younger girl again. Her sun glasses had fallen to her nose but she didn't seem to notice.

He left silently and easily found Pansy. The blonde was lying on the lawn, sunning herself in the September sun.

"What do you want?" She sighed as he stepped between her and the sun. She was dressed in a bikini and her skin was bronze from a summer spent by her father's lake.

Millicent looked up from the book she was reading, where she sat under a tree. "Yes, it must be quite an auspicious day indeed for the great Draco Malfoy to visit us without need of sex. Then again maybe our dear has taken a perchance to elevensies."

Draco gave her a mock scowl. She smiled prettily at him. Millicent was heavy, true, but she was still pretty. Hers was a more realistic beauty. Pansy was your Barbie doll sitting on a shelf. Daphne was pretty in a supermodel way.

No, Millicent was real. She was a the type of girl, once you knew her, you would take her home to meet the parents.

"When have I ever had sex with either of you?" He asked.

Pansy grinned. "No, that's right, you're a virgin!"

He glared at her again. "Knock it off."

"But Seriously, what can we do you for?" Millie asked, stretching.

"I have need of services such that only you can provide."

"Oh?" Pansy drawled with a vague air. But he could see her interest was piqued.

"I'm sure you girls are familiar with Ginny Weasley."

Millie yawned. "Who isn't?"

"I want you to make her the bell of the ball."

Pansy raised a blonde brow. "Excuse me?"

"Convince her to pretty up."

"Any reason?" Millie asked with a knowing smirk.

He scowled at them. "Don't be snide. Will you or won't you?"

Pansy looked thoughtful. "And what are we getting?"

"What ever I can conveinently procure for you. If you suceed."

"Very well. I guess that makes it worth our while."

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