Hey! It's me, on Wicked one more time!

The cats of StarClan looked down on the dead body of Tigerstar.

"He's really dead…" Bluestar meowed quietly….

--Cats of StarClan--
"No one mourns the Wicked
Now at last he's dead and gone
Now at last there's joy through out the land…
Good news!
Good news!"

"I'll always be with you…life or death Leafpool…" Leafpool felt her mentor's fur brush hers.

"Don't leave."

"Who can say if I've been
Changed for the better

--Leafpool and Cinderpelt--
"Because I knew you…"


"No one mourns the Wicked!"

"Because I knew you -"

--Leafpool and Cinderpelt--
"I have been changed…"

"No one mourns the Wicked

Everything goes black.

Well…its over. It's actually over! Thank you to all of my reviewers who waited patiently while I was grounded and who reviewed and loved it! Even those who didn't like the way it was, but still liked it, thank you! Also, thanks to the people who read it and for just being cute! Lol!