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Bold Text - Sakura's Thought's


Its a Promise

"Oi Sakura! Hurry up!" Ino called.

Little Sakura stumbled towards the ball as it continued to roll away from the playground.

"I-I'm coming!" she shouted shouted as the petite girl continued to chase after the rolling ball. Sakura's vision was focused on the rolling ball, not paying any attention to her surroundings, only that little red ball she was chasing. Suddenly, the red ball stopped, and now in her sight was a red ball, and... someone's foot? Sakura's slowly stopped running as the ball was in reach. Sakura closed her eyes and fell to her knees, panting. After a few seconds, she regained her breath and some of her strength. She opened her eyes and look towards the ground, but she saw no red. Where'd the ball go? Ino's going to kill me if I lose it...

"Here," a voice in front of her said. Sakura looked up, a boy just a few inches taller then her held out the red ball in his hands. Sakura took a moment to observe the boy. His raven black hair stood out in the sun, beside him was a woman that looked almost exactly like him. (A/N: In girl form! xD Can't have Sasuke's mom look like a boy!)

He's so…What's a word to describe him … pretty? No... Cool? Yes, I think cool is a good word to describe him.

Sakura's cheeks suddenly flared up, noticing she had been staring at the boy for a long time. Blushing she hesitantly took the ball from his hands and gave a short bow. "T-thank you," she quietly said.

The women beside the boy smiled as she bent down to their level, "Made a new friend?" The raven haired boy blushed and quickly looked away, not replying to the women. The women smiled again as she put a hand on his head and slightly ruffled his already somewhat messy hair. "Well class should start soon, have fun honey." The women said before planting a kiss on his cheek.

"Mom!" He complained as he pushed the women away. Mrs. Uchiha simply smiled again as she walked away.

"Try not to get into trouble!" She waved from the corner of the street.

The bell rang, indicating for the new students to hurry into class.

And so, Sakura's first day of school started.

Sakura Haruno, currently 6 years old attending her first year in school. Her appearance matched her name. Her hair color matched her name, Sakura (A/N: Cherry Blossom) perfectly. While her jaded green eyes matched her last name Haruno. (A/N: of Spring)

Konoha Academy; Sakura's new school was an elite first class private school. Her family lives far away and could barely pay the fee for her to attend to this school. However both wanted the best for her and was willing to pay with their savings for her to attend to Konoha Academy, however, they were only able to cover enough for Sakura to have one year in Konoha Academy.

Sakura had recently befriended two girls named Ino, and Hinata. As well as another girl named Tenten she said talked to before the bell had rang. The only boys she knew was the boy that handed her the ball and blond haired boy she caught staring at her a few times. However, she didn't know either one of their names, so they didn't count too much.

Other then those 3 / 5 she knew nothing about anyone else. The class was full of strangers.

Sakura sat down between her two new friends, Ino and Hinata. The boy she had met earlier sat in front with the blond haired boy.

I should've got his name.

"Hey!" Ino said as she tried to get Sakura's attention. "Isn't he cute?" Ino asked, pointing to the raven haired boy. Sakura just stared, she didn't reply, but in the back of her mind she had a feeling she'd be good friends with him.

"Alright class, settle down. Class is about to begin" A man said. The class silenced. "My name is Iruka, your new teacher. First, I'd like to say, welcome to Konoha Academy. Second, try not to get into trouble, I'd rather not keep anyone in after school on the first day." Iruka said, staring at a certain blond haired boy sitting in front. "Other then that, please come up one by one to pick up the school supplies you'll need today," he said with a smile. Each student lined up in a single file and Sakura followed.

She picked up one of the boxes stacked on the table and quickly sat back down in her seat. "I'd like you to open the box once your seated," Iruka said. Inside was crayons, 2 pencils, an eraser and a small piece of paper. "Now, I'll be going around the classroom to tell you a random number. I'd like you to write down the number as well as with your name on the piece of paper you have inside the box. Then come up and drop the paper inside this container," Iruka said while holding a small brown box.

Little Sakura waited as her teacher slowly moved around the room whispering a number into each student's name. Back in her old town, she was the smartest in her grade. Her old class could barely even remember how to spell their own name. But here... Everyone seemed to be just as smart as her. This school must be really good at teaching. No wonder why mommy and daddy wanted me to come here. Sakura looked around. There seemed to be more boys then girls in the class, from what Sakura could count, there was 7 girls and 15 boys; with the total of 22 students in the class. In her old school, the classes usually consisted of 35 students per class.
Looking up, Sakura saw her teacher, it was her turn. Iruka bent down and whispered the number '7' in her ear. Sakura gave a small smile and nodded as she quickly wrote down the number and wrote her name. S-a-k-u-r-a. There. She slowly got up, making sure I wrote both the number and her name down before dropping the piece of paper into the box. Sakura slowly made her way back to her seat and sat down. "Pst, hey Sakura what number did you get?" Ino whispered. "7, you?" she replied. "Aw! I didn't get the same number as you! I got 10..." She pouted. Sakura also gave a small frown.

What was this number thing for anyway?

"Hey, Hinata, what number did you get?" she asked. Hinata jumped a bit. "e-eight..." her voice was like a whisper, but that was normal, she was never loud to begin with. So none of us got the same number... The teacher still never told us what it was for... "Alright class, did everyone put their number in the box?" Iruka asked. "Yes," the class said in unison. "Good, then I'll begin."

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Chapter 1 - Its nice to meet you too

"Hi there… Y-you looked bored… So, I-I was wondering, w-would you like to p-play ball with us?" She asked quietly to the sitting boy. Avoiding eye contact, she held a small red ball in front of her, waiting for his answer while her cheeks flared up.

"Hmm?" He replied, not taking his black eyes off of his book.