AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey! It's been awhile since I've written anything, but here I am again. In the Batman world, one thing I'm really fascinated with is when the criminals of Gotham realize that Nightwing was Robin. I think in the comics they just knew and don't go into a story line like that, so I make up for it by writing a few myself.

Any way, the characters are not mine, though I wish I could own Dick Grayson. They are owned by Bob Kane and DC Comics.

Once and Future Robin

By Red Blaze 16

Chapter 1

Rain falls like tears from the sky over the darkened landscape known as Gotham City. But it's not the darkened skies, nor the rain that keeps people inside their safe, warm homes.

Not long after noon on this dreary day, the newspaper boys called out from the corner shocking news. Two of the most dangerous criminals in all of Gotham broke out of Arkham Asylum: Joker and Two-Face.

Most citizens of Gotham try to forget about the danger lurking out on, but for the dwellers of Wayne Manor, these two criminals are foremost on the minds of those who live there. Down in the Batcave, the secret underground hideout for the city's protector and guardian, Batman is planning on ways to make sure that the Joker's and Two-Face's time out of their insane prison are cut short.

"Teaming up?" asks Nightwing, from the shadows. "Half these team ups are solved by those who are on the team."

"I know," replies Batman, never shifting his gaze from the Batcomputer and the search he is performing as he tries to figure out where the dangerous duo are.

"And Tim is out of town with his father?" asks Nightwing, stepping up behind his former mentor.

"Yes," replies Batman.

"So, it's up to you…and me?" asks Nightwing, finally gaining the attention of Batman.

"You have your own city to protect," says Batman, taking his eyes from the computer long enough to look at his former partner.

"I need a change of pace," replies the younger man, shrugging his shoulders. "And you don't have Robin here, so I figured I could help out here."

Nodding his head, Batman says nothing in return.

"Any ideas where they could be?" asks the younger man, feeling like he is pulling teeth, trying to get answers out of the older man.

"A snitch for the police said that he saw someone near Joker's description by a bayside warehouse," answers Batman, shifting his chair away from the 'computer and finally giving his full attention to his former partner.

"Well, either the guy saw Joker or he didn't. Not many people are town who look like the Joker and aren't," replies Nightwing. "So are we going to check it out? There's a lot of places to search in that area."

Nightwing, without waiting for an answer, moves toward his motorcycle that he had left near the Batmobile.


Stopping just before he would swing his leg over the bike, the younger man looks back at Batman.

"If you find them, radio me first before engaging. There are two of them and only one of you," states Batman.

"I can handle it, Bruce," replies the younger man with a little attitude. "I'm not a kid any more."

"I know that," replies Batman, moving toward the Batmobile and not looking at the younger man. "That's why my warning was as short as it was."

Nodding his head in acknowledgement, Nightwing gets on his bike and heads out of the Batcave, with Batman and the Batmobile close behind.