"I believe I learnt some new…words," says Dick to Batman once in the 'cave and waiting for Alfred to take a look at his injuries.

"Oh?" asks Batman, stepping up to the 'computer and beginning to data enter the newest case into a file.

"Yeah. I guess Two-Face could give a nut shot, but not take one. He was sure cussing on that floor and rolling around."

"I'll be sure to add that into the files," replies Batman.

"Ah, a joke!" replies Dick, grinning as he watches Alfred walk down the stairs from the manor into the 'cave.

"Master Bruce has been known to crack one or two a decade," replies the butler, as he takes the first aid kit.

Just as Alfred gets to work on Dick's shoulder, they hear the sound of running feet. Glancing toward the stairs, they see a young man running down them.

"Tim!" calls Dick, waving his uninjured arm.

"What happened?" asks Tim, glancing between Batman and Dick.

"Well, we had a little excitement in the form of a team up," replies Dick, shaking his head.

"Don't those always end with the criminals messing it up?" asks the boy.

"Don't I know it," replies Dick. "If Two-Face hadn't been so focused on flipping his coin and stopping Joker from shooting me…"

"It doesn't matter," replies Batman, spinning away from the 'computer and glancing at his former partner. "What matters is they are back where they belong."

"Amen to that," replies Nightwing, as he looks down to see how Alfred is doing on his shoulder.

Seeing that the man is done, Dick jumps down from the table he is sitting on.

"If you don't mind, I think it will catch some shut eye here before heading home," says Dick, heading for the stairs.

"I believe your former room is waiting," replies Alfred.

Nodding his head, Dick heads for the stairs to take him to the Manor. Watching him walk up with stairs, Batman keeps his eyes on the younger man till Dick closes the door to the 'cave.

"Rest well, son," whispers Batman, before turning back to the 'computer.