A tiny little drabble I wrote after watching Judas On A Pole. I hope you like it. Jemb xxx

It was over…for now. Brennan was safe at home, emotionally exhausted but in one piece despite everything. And that left Booth to go home and think about what had happened over the last couple of days. But as he lay on the couch sipping a cool beer with a football game on the TV, he found himself not thinking about Max Keenan and the murders, but about a seemingly insignificant moment amongst the chaos.

"I assume that the only way Booth can get his car back would be that he solves the case on his own and we'd help" Zach said. Booth had immediately told them he couldn't ask them to do that but Brennan spoke up quickly, ignoring his words of protest.

"Anyone who wants to help Booth, raise their hands." Booth had looked at them all and a small smile crossed his face as one by one the squints each raised their hands.

Despite everything he had been through with them, it was that moment that finally showed him that he had been accepted into their world and they were all willing to put themselves on the line for him. A warm feeling spread through Booth's body as he settled back into the couch and turned his attention to the game. After all, it was his team playing.