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Eva was enjoying a casual walk through a lush green cliffside on her home planet, Earth, while thinking about a particular special person, whose name is Prince Aikka.

'I wonder what he's doing right now?' She ponders about what the Prince could be doing at the moment. She strolled down a rocky gravel path that sloped toward a body of water along a strip of land.

Eva feels the ocean breeze once she was on the strip of land. She inhales the cool air while she thinks, 'Aikka would definitely like our oceans here.'

As she continues to stroll around the small area of land, she comes across a dark and eerie cave that have somewhat of a mysterious appeal to her.

Eva glances left and right to see if there were any strangers around before she hears her gut tell her to go in and see what was inside.

'This is pretty.' She inwardly notes once she enters inside of the cave that seem to glow light blue once the sunrays bounces off of the crystals that were embed in the slabs of rock.

Eva extends one of her hands out until her hand touches the sides of the cave. The bright light starts to recede the farther she descends inside. It was then that she notices a pinwheel of bluish white light, which resembles a portal, appears out of nowhere. The strong pulling sensation that she was feeling earlier is because of this portal.

'What's this feeling?' She wonders as she lifts her right hand toward the light before it completely sucks the girl inside of the portal.

"Whoa!" Eva was screaming aloud while floating through a cylindrical pathway of yellow light. She eventually starts to pick up speed toward a bright white light that blinds her vision.

After a couple of minutes inside of the portal, Eva finally lands on lush green grass with a pond directly in front of her.

"Ouch,that was a rough landing!" She mutters after she shifts her lower body so she could dust herself off.

When Eva peers upward at the pond, it mirrors her reflection. She stares at a young woman, who appears around the age of 24 or 25 years old. There were crimson eyes staring back at her with a star tattoo on one cheek, the woman's hair was black and tip with a crimson red color.

'Is this me?' She questions as she raises her hand, rubs it up and down her face. She confirmed that it was indeed her.

"Queen Eva, there you are! You should be more careful out here on your own. You're expecting another baby soon! We don't want anything bad to happen to you and the baby." A guard calls out to her after he approaches and helps her off the ground.

"I'm having a baby?" She shockingly inquires to the guard with a confuse look on her face.

"Yes, you are expecting in five more months." He provides an answer to her question.

"And I'm a queen too?" Eva poses to the guard when she remembers he calls her Queen Eva instead of Eva.

"Yes, you married the king of Nourasia." The guard discloses to her with a raise eyebrow toward the woman, who was his queen. "Now if you will follow me, I will take you back to the castle."

"And who exactly is this king that you speak of?" She curiously poses to the guard sincd she attempts to figure out what was going on.

"Don't tell me you forgot your husband name?" He responds in shock at the queen's lack of knowledge about her personal life.

"Yeah," Eva admits in a guilty tone and a small shrug of her shoulders.

"No more outing for you, my queen. Besides you're married to King Aikka." He states as they draw closer toward the castle's ground.

"No way, you're kidding me!" She shouts out loud by mistake with her hand over her mouth.

"I don't kid, my Queen." The guard retorts in a cold manner once he rotates to face her.

"I'm sorry, I kind of forgot." Eva quickly comments in a soft tone.

"Guard open the gate, it is I, Captain Rick of the Imperial Court Knights." He announces once they finally approaches the gate.

"Rick, is that you?" She inquisitively poses to the guard after she steps closer to get a better look at him.

"Yes little mouse, it is me." He confirms his identity to Eva while the gates swing opens, which allows them to past through the gate.

"So you're the Captain of the Imperial Court, huh?" She inquires to the older man name Rick.

"You already knew that little mouse. I guess letting you get some fresh air might have twisted your brain just a little." Rick replies while the pair walks up to the door and opens it for her.

'Man...I live in a freaking castle?' She mentally exclaims when Rick directs her to the throne room.

"King Aikka, I found Queen Eva by the pond." He announced to the worried young man, who seemed to be lost in deep thought with concern present on his face.

"Good job Rick! I know I can always count on you to find her for me." Aikka compliments the man as a look of relief washes over his face.

"Anytime your majesty," Rick says while he bows at the waist, turns around and takes his leave from the throne room.

Aikka faced her and asked in a concerned tone, "Why did you not tell me you were going to the lake?"

"I'm sorry Aikka, I should have told you," Eva partially-lied to her husband.

"It's okay. Just as long as you're fine." He comments after he releases a sigh while he reaches out and encloses her in his arms.

'This feels really good.' She inwardly thought as she sliently relished the sensation of being in his arms.

They remain in that same position until two little children bust through the door with shouts of, "Mommy, Kiera, won't give me back my toy!" A little boy with dark chestnut hair exclaims.

"Kieran wouldn't give it back!" Kiera, the girl with light chestnut hair, retorts.

"Calm down you two! Why don't you let mommy give you a ride in her star-racer.?" Eva proposes an alternative for the twins.

Both of their eyes light up with excitement at the news, "You would mom?" Kieran happily asks.

"Yeah sure, why not now? Go on and get ready." She instructs them while she pushes them out of the throne room.

"Do you want to have a little race, Aikka?" Eva challenges to her husband as she glances over her shoulder to look at Aikka.

"Eva are you challenging me to a race?" Aikka questions her with emphasizes on the word "race".

"What makes you think otherwise?" She retorts with a smirk present on her face before she departs from the room.

"Where are you going? It's this way." He mentions to her as he points to the left toward the storage.

"Well hurry up then I want to leave with you." She quickly states to cover up her little slip up.

The couple left for the track. They finally spot Kiera and Kieran near two rather large storage bins.

"Where is my racer?" She questions Aikka after she searches around for her racer.

He signals for Kiera to open up the storage's door. She was tugging on a metallic bead chain, which reveals Eva's star-racer behind the door. Eva ambles up to her racer and runs her hand across the cold metal. She silently enjoys the contact from a familiar object.

Eva removes her hand, faces her husband, and poses to him, "Where is your bug-thing?"

"He's in the other one." Aikka responses when he signals for Kieran to open up the other storage bin.

"What are we waiting for? Let's get our racers!" She eagerly proclaims after she separates away from her husband and walks in the direction toward her star-racer.

He strolls over to G'Dar and pets him with both of his hands, "It seems as if my wife's little adventure outside of the castle renewed her sense of adventure."

The large beatle shakes its head in joy, which causes Aikka to laugh at the insect's good will, "Well then are you ready to prove that we still got what it takes?"

Aikka grabs ahold of G'Dar reins and leads the blue beetle out of the storage. He watched his wife hoover out of the storage bin and lined up with him at the starting line.

"Whose riding with mommy?" Eva pops the question to her set of twins once she opens the cockpit of her racer.

Kieran and Kiera stares at each other when the sound of wings gently hums before the ground shakes once G'Dar lands next to them.

"Dibs on daddy!" Kiera quickly shouts before she takes off toward their dad, who waits for one of them to board G'Dar along with him.

"That means I'm with mommy!" Kieran declares before he boards inside of his mother's racer.

"Mom, why is there a bunny on the racer?" His question causes a smirk to appear on Eva's mouth, "I'll tell you later about my races when I was on Oban. How about we focus on beating your father and sister in this race?"

Kieran simply nods his head up and down before he proclaims, "We got this!"

"That's my boy! Now strap in and get ready to leave them in the dust." Eva instructs him before she adjusts her own position on her modified pilot seat.

Aikka helps Kiera up on G'Dar, before he discloses to his daughter, "You made a wise choice Kiera."

"I know we can easily beat mommy and Kieran." Kiera reassures her father of their strong probablity on them winning the race.

"Excellent. Now hold on tight. G'Dar isn't so easy on new riders." Aikka warns his daughter before he feels his daughter tightly wraps her small arms around his waist.

'Just like how I was when my father allowed me to fly with him on G'Dar.' He recalls the fond memory in a daze, which causes a smile to appear on his face.

Eva sensed that Aikka was distracted so she took it upon herself to start the countdown to begin the race. "3...2...1...Go!"

The only thing that could be felt was the extreme gust of winds left behind by the the two racers.