Eva emitted a sigh but the stress still affected her body after she processed what her son and daughter revealed about Princess Mai.

'So she thought that she would just waltz right on in here and just take my husband away from me?' She inwardly weighed before she felt her husband took his place in their bed.

He loops his arm across her shoulder, gently pulls her in to his chest, and listens to his wife irritably ponders, "Why does she want what I have?!"

Aikka knew his wife had a very hard time being able to process what their children had told them a couple of minutes ago.

"On Noursaia, princesses are a dime a dozen but princes are extremely hard to find. Not only that but a women wants a loving and dotting husband."

The red haired woman stared at him once she heard him said that, "So you are just the hot ticket then? How lucky am I to have you?"

He directs his sights toward his wife before he answers her question, "How lucky am I to have you?"

That caused a wide smile to appear on her face before Aikka felt a kick from her stomach, "They seemed rather eagered to come out in to the world."

Eva winced at the pain she just felt, "So am I, so am I. " She repeated once she felt Aikka gently rubbed her stomach, which helped to ease the pain.

"What are we going to do about Princess Mai?" She worringly demands about the thorn currently in her side.

"We will continue on as if we don't know anything about her true intentions for this family and our kingdom." Her husband firmly states as he displays his resolve to his wife about the days to come.

"I will be with you every step of the way." Eva claimed before she placed her head on his chest. She silently enjoyed the sound of his heartbeats.


Kieran and Kiera was warmly welcomed back to the group that they were proud to call their friends…well that is all except for one.

"It's good to have you two back." Raul greets them first since he was the first person to acknowledge them by their names Kieran and Kiera instead of twins or the children of the Royal Family.

"Same here." He responds after his twin engages in a friendly hug with Raul.

"So what has the group been up to?" Kiera curiously inquired about the activities that they had missed due to the incident between her and Morose.

"We have been aiming at moving targets now." Raul supplies an answer to her question.

The twins exchanged looks with one another, "Are these the regular targets or something like the hunter and deer game?"

"Regular targets. I have a feeling we won't be playing that game for a while." He asserts to the twins. He had cut his gaze over to Kiera, who merely smiles at the notion.

"So did my enemy come back while we were gone?" She suddenly demands to know about the presence of Morose, who was still not present at the moment.

"I think she has two more days before she can come back to train with us." Raul assumes while he kicks a rock across the ground's surface.

"Nice kick there." He compliments his friend of his action, who quickly chimes in with a "Thanks".

"Good," Kiera answers before she finishes her sentence, "that gives me a couple more days away from her."

"Shush you two, Master Canaan is coming!" Raul suddenly warns the twins once he hears footsteps in the distant.

He was placing one of his fingers over his lips causing them to seal their lips and end their current conversation.

"If everyone is finished with their warm up exercises, it is time we start on today's lesson." Master Canaan announces once he approaches the minors that he acknowledges as his students.

'It feels good to be back.' The twins share the exact same thought with each other as a small smile appear on each other's face.


Natalie and Minato, alone together in the tearoom, had hot cups of tea that Canaan had some of his servants brewed for them.

There was a comfortable silence in the room until the master departed from the couple. He had to start his lesson of the day with his students.

"Why did you tell the twins about our past?"

Minato sips his tea before he responds to her question, "At the time, it fit the situation that Princess Kiera had experienced."

The raven haired woman shakes her head at the blonde's logic of the situation and admonishes, "It was completly inappropriate and irrelevant! Not to mention, you didn't ask me whether or not I wanted to disclose that information to the twins."

"What's your problem?! You're making a big deal about something that has already taking place years ago." The obisidian eyed knight states to the green eyed solider.

"You just don't get it, do you?!" Natalie implies to Minato after she completely downs her drink.

"What is it that I don't get, hm Natalie?" He curiously fires back at the young woman in front of him.

"I at least thought you would have told me upfront that you viewed me as a rival! Instead of finding out once we're in our freaking twenties!" The blonde voices. He was being extremely careful not to raise his voice at her. However, that was starting to become harder by the minute.

The raven haired woman could not believe what the the obisidan eyed knight just said, which earned a retort, "You aren't as innocent as you are making yourself out to be Minato! You knew all to well, how badly I wanted to become a Knight of the Round. Yet, you failed to tell me that you were about to train with them."

'Is that the reason why she refuse to talk to me?' Minato inwardly presumes to himself.

It was true that he already knew that she really wanted to share the same title as him.

Albeit, he had learned from personal experience that the organization was not too keen on females being permitted in their ranks.

Nevertheless, from his own personal opinion, Natalie could just as easily defeat some of the knights that currently holds a position.

"I didn't find out that Master Namikaze had already began my campaign to secure one of the available seats. I was more than eager to continue our visits with you and Master Rick for a long time but that wish wasn't fulfilled. Instead, I was immediately enrolled in one of their training courses to become a knight." He sincerely admitted to her since he felt obligated for her to know that he was just as surprised as she was.

The green eyed solider felt a lump developed in her throat that left her unable to respond to what she was just told.

"During the training course, I felt awful that some of the boys our age wasn't even on the level as you were. I hated how you were cheated out on your opportunity to become a knight alongside me."

Natalie still did not supply an immediate response to his question like she normally would. She just stared blankly out in front of her.

"So can you forgive me for being insensitive to your dreams?" Minato genuiely inquires to her. He was finally able to lift the burden he had held on to for about seven years.

The expression on her face was one of awe, "All this time…wasted on a childish grudge that we held for each other."

The raven haired beauty rotated toward him and uttered the words she truly wanted to tell him ever since they met up again, "I forgive you."

There was a quietness that settles among the pair that the sound of Canaan could be heard outside as he issued out instructions to his students.

"So is it fine if we can start over rival?" He poses, which causes a small smile to appear across her face, "I don't see why not rival."


Jordan decided that the best way for him to conjure up a well thought out plan was to remain in one place. It will allow him to fully concentrate on formulating his plan for Princess Mai.

Once he managed to even out his breath, closed his eyes and conjured up an image in his mind. He was now face to face with a rather large wooden bulit house that was fit for someone of a high status.

The Avatar spots a man that stands on the outside portion of the house. He then walked around the house once the sound of music had randomly stopped and started at different intervals.

When the man slid the door open, the music immediately ceased. Jordan's interest was peaking while wondering, who the man was addressing in the room.

"You played absolutely wonderful my dear." The man complimented whoever it was behind the shoji door. Jordan had assumed it was either his love interest or a child.

"Thank you daddy! I want to play for you and mommy." A little girl's voice can be heard, which confirmed that the man was a father to the little girl in the room.

He noted that the man hesitated with his answer but it did not seem to bother the little girl at all. "Daddy will arrange something."

The little girl expressed her sheer delight once she heard that her request would finally be fulfilled. She eagerly resumed concentration on her instrument while her father chose that time to leave his daughter alone.

Jordan approached the man who appeared very familiar to him even though this was the "first" time that they met. 'He looks like someone I know. But who?'

During his inner thoughts, he made out a woman with long curly red hair that reminded him of the red roses that bloomed on Earth.

The woman was visibly estatic to see the man in front of her. She would have nearly ran him over, if he had not offered his hand out to her.

'That must be his wife…' The Avatar mentally assumed.

He noticed that the man observed his surroundings, dropped his hand and the woman eloped him in a hug.

"My lord! It's good to see that you are in good health!" The woman spoke in a whispered tone.

'I wonder what they're whispering about over there?"

The man leaned forward, gave the woman a peck on the cheek, and responded in a whispered tone, "I told you that we can't do this in front of her."

The woman gently slapped her head with the bottom of her palm, "I am so sorry my Lord. I was just excited to see you. It has been a week since we were able to see one another."

He rests the palm of his hand against her cheek as she lovingly grabs his hand and rubs her cheek against it.

"I miss you as well. I too silently long for another night to spend in your arms."

"Just wait a little bit longer my love. We will have another night shared together very soon." He claims in a hush tone. She nodded her head to show she understood the agreement.

"Until we see each other again my beloved." The woman whispers under her breath to him. She walks pass him in order to fulfill her other household duties.

The man cuts his eyes over to his daughter as she continues to play her sheet music. He decided to turn in the opposite direction that the woman came from.

'...was he having an affair?' He inwardly presumed as his eyes wondered over toward the little girl.

She was completely unaware of what was going on outside of where she studies her music.

Jordan unexpectedly felt as if someone had cranked up the heat. He could feel extreme heat radiate against his back. He rotated around to spot the same wooden house now in a fiery blaze.

"You stupid bastard! How could you lie to me? You're still in love with her!" The same woman with red haired from earlier angrily screams.

She held a extinguished match and a cannister that aimlessly dangled from her hand.

The building appeared as if it had collapsed in on itself. He spotted the man from earlier now trapped underneath a heavy wooden pillar.

"I do! I still do love you!" The man purposely screams loud enough so that the woman could hear him.

"No, you don't! If you did, you would have told me to keep our child instead of convincing me to get rid of it!" She bitterly shouts before another addition of the house collapses around them.

Another voice could be heard that was filled with absolute rage, "What's the meaning of this?! How could you do such a thing to me when I loved you unconditionally! I even gave birth to our bundle of joy without you there! Now, I come to find out that you are sleeping with one of our housemaids!"

"I'm sorry that I messed up your family my lady but I helplessly fell in love with your husband! I can't control who I fall in love with!" She desperately yells out her response.

The flames greedily licked at the wooden house until its hunger was ultimately fulfilled.

"I can forgive you…but this ugh! I wish you could have perished in here without me!" The man's wife exclaimed at the woman, who had set their house on fire. She then drops the can from her hand.

'What have I done? I only wanted him to suffer not the lady…' She mentally weighs to herself.

'You had no other choice but to eliminate her as well or she would have kept you from him.' A voice in the back of her head justifies her actions.

'So this lady acted on a crime of passion…' Jordan concluded before he caught movement in the corner of his eyes in the far off distance.

A shadow had unexpectedly emerged from the house. The red haired woman was crying a river of tears while pounding her fist into the ground until her hands were becoming a bloody mess.

She releases a scream of anguish that causes goose bumps to materializes on Jordan's skin. He then cautiously proceeds over in the direction of the shadow.

"Where are we going? Where's mommy? Where's daddy?" The little girl inqusitively demands a response for the location of her parents.

"My lady," A male voice gently calls out.

The golden entity was watching a young man carefully scaling down the steep slope with the little girl in his grasps while covertly maintaing their stealth.

"You must remain quiet. If you don't, we will be spotted and killed." He softly advises, which prompts the little girl to cover her mouth with one of her hands.

Once they were a good distance away from the home, the illumination of their home being burnt down stood out to the pair.

They stood at the base of the mountains until they saw the fire no longer burned a bright color but rather a dim hue.

Jordan closely trailed them down the mountain side and realized that they had their backs toward him when the servant had spoke to the little girl.

"Your parents are dead, Lady…"


Author's Note:

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