Unsuspected Love

Summary: Sasuke returns to Konoha with his brother and Kisame 5 years after he left. When he gets there, he wishes that he never left. Sakura has married Sai, and Hinata divorced Naruto. What will happen when Sasuke meets up with Naruto, will secrets come out?

Chapter One:

Leaves fell from the tree and he watch them fall to the ground while listening to Itachi and Kisame ramble on about useless things. Sasuke wasn't really paying attention to it, because his mind was set on thing, getting to Konoha in one piece without running into Orochimaru. It took him 3 years to trick the snake into getting rid of the curse and then he ran away and ran to his brother for help. Sasuke was half way dead, if it wasn't for Itachi being generous he would be dead. He owe it to Itachi for helping him out for the past two years, he owes it to him a lot! It wasn't long after until the village of Konoha came into view, Sasuke sighed in relief.

"Sasuke why are you so quiet? We're almost there. Are you feeling well?" Itachi asked putting his hand on his brother's shoulder. Sasuke shrugged and trudged on to see Iruka and Kakashi talking. Sasuke smiled a sad smile memories flashing back to the old days.

"Oi, Kakashi-Sensei long times no see!" Itachi said, Kisame waving to the copy cat ninja, Sasuke left in sweat-drop.

'They are such Dobe's!' Sasuke thought staying behind his brother kind of trying to avoid any unnecessary conversations, but to in vain Kakashi had saw him.

"Hey Sasuke, welcome back to Konoha and I see you're still well." He said walking over to the teenager.

"Thanks Kakashi, I'm glade to be back. Can I crash with you for I while?" Sasuke asked.

"Sure you can just follow me this way." Kakashi said, Sasuke following as Iruka took Itachi and Kisame to Tsunadae's office. Half the time Sasuke stayed behind Kakashi and kept his mouth shut that was until he ran into the back of Kakashi who had purposely stopped walking.

"Sasuke something is wrong and I hope you'll be able to tell someone about it." Kakashi said placing a hand on Sasuke's head. Sasuke looked to the ground arguing with himself whether he should tell anyone or not. Kakashi said and began pulling Sasuke his arm around his shoulder.

"When they told me I'll be watching over you after your parents died, I always hoped that one day you could look up to me as a dad and tell me things that you would not tell anyone else except the one you love." Kakashi said leading Sasuke up a flight of stairs.

"What happened to me at Orochimaru's is something I'll always keep in the back of my mind and never bring it out…ever again." Sasuke said following Kakashi into this apartment, shutting the door behind him.

"You should go rest up from your journey. In about three hours I'll wake you up for the party Tsunadae is throwing. All your old friends will be there. You can use that room." Kakashi said pointing to some back room, Sasuke nodded and walked off. In the room Sasuke didn't bother turning out the lights and just shut the door behind him, leaned against it, slide down to sit on the floor and began crying.

"Why…WHY WOULD ANYONE LOVE ME!" Sasuke cried digging his nails into his skull. It didn't take long for Sasuke to fall asleep, he was asleep by the door. Kakashi had teleported in and laid Sasuke on the bed watching the young Uchiha with worried eyes.

'What happened to you Sasuke? This is so unlike you, it's like your broken inside.' Kakashi said leaving his room and picked up the phone.

"Tsunadae I need to speak with Itachi is he's still there. Something is wrong with Sasuke." Kakashi said

'Alright….' Tsunadae said passing the phone to Itachi who didn't so much as complain.

'Yes Kakashi-Sensei?' Itachi answered.

"What happened to Sasuke while he was with Orochimaru?" Kakashi asked sitting down on his couch.

'I…I'm…I'm not positively sure. Yes I've also noticed that he isn't acting the same. He was acting like that when he came for my well. To be accurate he was worse when he ran and hugged me. I never knew he had found me or was there until he hugged me. It was like he had no chakra. When Kisame and him turned against the Akastuki, he didn't use any ninjutsu's and got hurt very badly. I ended up turning against them to save his life.' Itachi explained sounding as if on the verge of tears.

"How badly was he injured?" Kakashi asked.

'Mixed with the wounds he got from when he was with Orochimaru…pretty bad. I had to get him to the Sand Village for surgery or he would never fight again. His spine had shifted when he hit a wall. He's alright now he just can't fight to a full potential. Please keep an eye on him for me.' Itachi said then handed the phone back to Tsunadae, Kakashi heard Itachi yell something then punched the wall.

'He had told me the same thing before you called. Kakashi, I believe the only people who can help Sasuke now is his old team. Bring him to the party.' Tsunadae said worriedly into the phone.

"Don't worry I planned on it." Kakashi said and hung up, he next went to the kitchen and began doing the dishes when he heard a scream from Sasuke's room and ran there only to see that Sasuke was having a nightmare…a really bad one at that.

Sasuke's Dream

Sasuke was running down a white path everywhere he was looking was just darkness. Every time he would look back Orochimaru would be there close behind him. Sasuke kept running until the next time he turned he saw the snake was gone and just stood there.

"Is he gone?" He asked himself aloud.

"Guess again." Came a menacing voice from behind him. Sasuke turned around and screamed as Orochimaru shoved him into an invisible wall.

"SOMEONE HELP ME!" Sasuke screamed.

End of Dream

Sasuke shot up awake shaking in fear crying and screaming, Kakashi ran over and hugged him trying to calm him down.

"Don't worry Sasuke, he can't get you. Orochimaru can't get to you anymore." Kakashi said as Sasuke's cried turned into hiccups.

"I don't think I can sleep anymore. Where's the shower?" Sasuke asked shaking a little still. Kakashi sighed and showed Sasuke to the bathroom.

"Don't be too long alright?" Kakashi said and walked off back to the kitchen. It was only natural for Kakashi to worry and Sasuke knew this as he starred up into the shower head the water blurring his vision. How was he going to face Sakura and Naruto after he hurt them countless of times is what ran over his mind over and over. Sasuke turned of the shower and looked himself over the shower. Scars, bruises and first to third degree burn scars covered his chest down to his wrists and ankles.

"Who would ever love me when I look like this?!" Sasuke said drying off and got into a new pair of boxers and out his clothes from earlier back on walking out to the kitchen ruffling his hair in the towel to find Kakashi setting two bowls of ramen on the table.

"Hope you're hungry!" Kakashi smiled, Sasuke smiled back the two sitting down and eating talking about old times. A girl with long golden blonde hair stood on the roof of another building watching with a smile.

"I can't believe it he's really back!" The girl said as Shikamaru walked out coming up behind her and hugged her.

"Who's back Ino, you're so weird?" He asked, nuzzling her neck.

"Uchiha Sasuke, that's who Shikamaru, now lets go get ready for the party!" Ino said dragging Shikamaru with her. Before Sasuke and Kakashi left for the party they cleaned their dishes. Sasuke found a hat that looked to be a train mans hat then followed Kakashi out.

"Why are you wearing that? You know that's not going to do much!" Kakashi said stealing the hat.

"I don't know I guess it's an old habit that I've yet to grow out of." Sasuke said looking up to the sky which consisted of stars now. They reached the party in no time at all running over to Tsunadae, Shizune, Kisame and Itachi.

"Feeling any better Sasuke-Chan?" Itachi asked hugging his brother afraid of getting a usual answer.

"I'm just fine Aniki-Kun I was never feeling bad!" Sasuke said trying to pull away from his brother. Itachi closed his eyes and sighed sadly then let his brother go giving Sasuke a teasing smile to hide his true worry.

"If you keep doing that I'll never live with you!" Sasuke said acting like a 8 year old again, which Itachi truly smiled to.

"Sasuke-Kun?" Came a familiar voice.

Thanks for reading I hope you liked and sorry to ppl who thinks it's a bit to OOC just so you know Sasuke will go back to normal and will be a couple with Naruto so get over it! With the attitude of Itachi, sorry fan girls and guys who like him cruel and mean…He's staying brotherly! Well please review I don't care if you flame just don't make it too harsh since this is my first yaoi other than my DNAngel but that doesn't count because I hade help with my boyfriend! And sorry if this message is a bit mean!