Chapter Nine:

Chapter Nine:

"Ah Sasuke-Kun don…" Orochimaru began to say.

"DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME THAT! I BELONG ONLY TO NARUTO!" Sasuke screamed at the snake sannin smashing one of his fists into the wall, Chidori, never vanishing. Everyone laid there watching in shock. Itachi was the first to snap out of it using a kunai to stab the to snake around him. After he was loose he set everyone else free.

"Neji you're the fastest of us all get back to Konoha and tell Tsunade where sound is and tell her we need serious back up. Sasuke can't fight yet but we all know he's going to!" Itachi ordered, Neji nodded in understandment then ran off Lee went with him as back up. Naruto sat on the ground watching Sasuke in horror. Sasuke's eyes were wide in panic and it made him look a bit insane. Orochimaru just scowled at the Uchiha boy before vanishing; in hopes to land a punch of surprise the snake failed and was punched in the gut by Sasuke getting sent flying into the wall across the room.

"I won't be used by you anymore…I WON'T BE YOUR DAMN PET ANYMORE!" Sasuke yelled doing hand signs, Itachi yelled at Shikamaru and Chouji to run grabbing Naruto all of the running out.

"Damn it to hell!" Itachi cursed when they exited the underground village as a massive explosion set off sending them into the trees.

"Sas…suke." Naruto said slowly walking towards the now destroyed area seeing it just covered in rubble. His eyes widened in horror at the site before him.

"SASUKE NOOOO!!" He yelled beginning to run out but was caught by someone.

"No Naruto, it's too late!" Itachi snapped holding onto the boy, Naruto thrashed about trying to get out of the older Uchiha's grip trying to get to his Sasuke. After a while the blond gave up going limp and just cried.

"Sasuke…I'm sorry…I'm so sorry!" Naruto cried into Itachi's chest. Itachi stood there feeling numb as he hugged Naruto feeling nears running down his cheeks.

'Foolish Otouto…why did you…Oh god Sasuke I'm sorry for not being able to protect you!' Itachi thought lifting Naruto into his arms after the blond had passed out and began his way back to Konoha the other two following silently behind him. They reached Konoha right as Neji was running out with the Akatsuki's and Tsunade but hey had halted when seeing them.

"Itachi?" Kisame asked watching Itachi hand Naruto to Tsunade, she asked no questions just ran off to the hospital the Yondaime following after her.

"Itachi, un?" Deidara asked, Kisame was barely able to catch Itachi when he collapsed in hysterics. No one said anything as the rain began to fall, Itachi composed himself a bit after wards then headed to the hospital where he knew he'd find Tsunade. And there is where she was, she sat on the edge of Naruto's hospital bed smoothing his hair out Minato, The Yondaime, sat in a chair looking stressed.

"He already told me everything, I think Sasuke was probably raped again and that is why he might've snapped." Tsunade explained Itachi took a seat in a chair not even hearing her.

'He's gone…my only family left…is gone.' He thought leaning over and buried his face into his hands trying to hide that he broke down again. Tsunade stood up and knelt in front of Itachi before hugging him comfortingly.

"There was nothing you all could do. He was so deep into depression, no one would of expected anything more from you. Itachi, you tried to help him, we all did. But I guess our best wasn't enough." Tsunade explained, she had to leave Itachi's side to aide Naruto when he began screaming for Sasuke in his sleep. Itachi silently left the room and just went back to his and Kisame's apartment going to their room. He found a note sticking out of his wallet.

'Took 20 yen for ramen so Naruto and I can eat; I'll pay you back later.



Itachi fell to his knees punching the floor, Kisame ran in and hugged onto the Uchiha man refusing to release him.

"Don't you ever leave Kisame! Don't you ever leave me damn it!" Itachi hissed clutching onto the blue Akatsuki. Kisame just sat there rocking Itachi until he finally fell asleep. After about a week the new pertaining Sasuke's death traveled to the other villages rather quickly. Everyone mourned quietly even the rain seemed like it wasn't going to stop anytime soon. Naruto and Itachi were hit the hardest, but neither one of them consulted in each other to heal. Itachi still couldn't believe that Sasuke his only flesh and blood was dead. And well, Naruto was in denial, he kept saying that Sasuke was still out there…hurt and waiting for him. Under reasons of safety Tsunade had condemned Naruto to the hospital ordering Anbu's to never take their eyes off of him.

The blond was allowed a normal life he just had to have escorts watch him from a distance and keep a household at the hospital. Normally he would just sit at the same dock that Sasuke always had, or he was at Ichiraku's playing with is food absentmindedly not even eating it.

"Naruto?" Hinata asked taking a seat next to him at the dock holding her umbrella over both of them. Naruto rarely to never carried one.

"Hinata do you believe in miracles?" Naruto asked, it was the first time he's spoken in a week.

"Yes, I suppose I do. The question is though Naruto…do you?" Hinata answered, the two sat there in utter silence.

"They found Orochimaru's and Kabuto's also a bunch others charred body, but they couldn't identify anyone as Sasuke's body. What could that mean?" Naruto asked keeping his gaze on the water disgusted by his reflection.

"It means his still alive. He's probably trying to make his way back to you. How about this! Come to the Love Festival with all of us. Neji and I want you to come...everyone believes it'll be good for you." Hinata smiled, Naruto looked to her then smiled back.

"I'd love, well I better go tell Tsunade so she can get me a Kimono." Naruto chuckled dryly then ran off. He reached Tsunade's office in no time, his father was there as well.

"No you're not going in search for Sasuke." They both immediately answered.

"No I was going to ask to see if I could borrow a kimono for the festival tonight." Naruto said quietly, everything went quiet after that.

"Of course my son; just go talk to Deidara." Minato smiled, Naruto ran off in somewhat joy.

"He's still depressed, it's just a mask." Minato said afterward sitting in a chair.

"No sign of Sasuke anywhere! What is that damn child thinking? Itachi's become insomniac and won't do ANYTHING! He's a fucking vegetable, Naruto's mister optimistic saying he'll come to me just watch! I can't take it…I won't take it anymore." Tsunade cried, laying her head on the desk. Suddenly Shizune walked in.

"Um excuse me you two, but someone's here to speak with you." Shizune explained wearily.

"Ah of course send them in." Minato smiled, Shizune bowed and let the person in. They had a pure black cloak on the hood completely hiding their face, Shizune left after that. The two Hokages noticed the person was shaking because of the cold but because of fear.

"Who are you?" Tsunade asked coldly causing the person to flinch.

"Tsunade calm yourself I believe this person means no harm." Minato scolded, Tsunade rolled her eyes.

"How's Naruto and…Itachi?" The person asked, the room went silent a gust of wind from the window blew and the person did nothing as the hood blew off.


At the festival Naruto was riding on Kakuzu's shoulders bored and wishing he never came cause all he was doing was crying. Sakura and Hinata had tried everything but, all that was around them reminded the blond of Sasuke.

"Hey guys look who I dragged out of the closet!" Kisame joked walking up with a blank Itachi on his back, no one said word.

"HEY GUYS!" Tobi yelled running up out of breath.

"You're never going to guess who I saw with Tsunade and Minato at the Hokage tower just now!" Tobi said.

"Spit it out Tobi!" Ino snapped growling.

"…Sasuke…" He said, both Naruto and Itachi were gone in seconds. The two ran into the tower and up the stairs before Shizune could stop them but she did warn Tsunade. Sasuke immediately hid under the desk afraid of the inevitable. Naruto and Itachi ran into the room moments later out of breath and with pleading eyes.

"WHERE IS HE?!" They both yelled the loudness cause Sasuke to jump and hit his head, he then froze.

"Sasuke?" Itachi asked, Naruto let the older brother, besides family came first. Sasuke sat under the desk hugging his knees pulling the cloak over his had hiding a scarred face.

"Sasuke, it's alright they won't think different of you." Minato announced, Sasuke in a flash was in dark corner of the office hood over his head. Itachi looked to his brother who sat huddled in the corner. Naruto was the first one over to him grabbing Sasuke's shoulders.

"Sasuke…what happened?" Naruto asked, Sasuke sighed slowly standing up, he froze though when everyone else ran in.

"Don't worry about them. It's just you, Itachi and me in here." Naruto said, he heard Sasuke sigh again and the young Uchiha pulled the hood off his eyes tightly shut. He heard gasps come from everyone.

"I guess it's my punishment for loosing it." Sasuke shrugged opening his eyes and then was slapped by Naruto. Everyone went quiet.

"I guess I deserved that." Sasuke smiled looking to Naruto then was hugged.

"Don't you ever scare me like that again!" Naruto snapped, Sasuke sighed in relief hugging the blond Itachi joining in with the hug.

'I guess in the end Orochimaru really was killed. My face was scarred from all the rubble that fell onto me, but it matters not. I have Naruto and that's all I need…Oh yea my pregnant brother to…Don't know how but I wish not to find out since somehow…Naruto's pregnant as well.'

The End

Crappy ending yes but I liked it…And if you want a sequel then someone who gives me a good enough idea I'll let them do it. Because I ain't doing one!