Sanji Himura Presents

An Evangelion/Iron Man crossover

Iron Willed


As a man of many talents, industrialist and inventor Tony Stark has lived the good life, for what it was. Mortally injured from a mine that was in the minefield that protected the headquarters of guerrilla Wong-Chu, the piece of shrapnel that no doctor could pull out without killing him was a reminder that he wasn't invincible, nor that he had a silver spoon in his mouth. Teaming up with the spiritualist Ho Yensin, he built a chest plate that preserved his life, expanding it into the first suit of Iron Man, transforming himself into his greatest invention. After escaping from Wong-Chu's grasp, he later expanded the armor into many incarnations for many uses, and eventually creating the War Machine armor that his closest friend Jim Rhodes constantly used.

But he was getting old, and with age comes slowness, reflexes are not as sharp, and he was becoming more fragile. With the shrapnel coming ever so closer to his heart, the time has come for him to choose a successor to the mantel of 'The Invincible Iron Man'.

His telepresence suit will only keep going for only so long and that will eventually be destroyed, either by gunfire or on a dangerous mission to the bottom of the sea.

Tony Stark turned his hover wheel chair away from the New York skyline that he was looking at. The technology for the chair itself was studied and reconstructed from Charles Xavier's own chair that was given to him by an alien race that was one of many he encountered and could have forgotten. Moving to his desk, three folders were waiting for him. Three infant boys were described in the paper in the folders, complete with a genetic markup that was unknowingly taken at birth. The folders themselves were a sight to behold. Red and gold aligned the folder, and with the folders closed from prying eyes, Stark could think about his successor in his own thoughts.

The folder on the left belonged to a boy in Ireland. He knew the grandfather as the second Guardsman, and managed not to kill him when he confronted the Mandarin in China. However, given the instability that the Guardsman armor proved on him, Stark tried to set aside this candidate.

The second folder belonged to a boy in Russia. The parents of this candidate has a strong sense of national honor, however investigation also proved deadly. In essence, they had no past.

The third folder contained a file that was as large that was sizable compared to the other two. The father, a vagabond that was rather cocky, but had a silver spoon in his mouth much like he was before he got blown up. The mother was smart and kind, working for a research organization called GERIN. Both appeared to have loved one another, and their son's DNA was sent to him this morning. Strong genetics and he has potential for greatness.

Tony rubbed the sleep out of his eyes before picking up the phone to make the most valued decision of his short life. "Pepper," he said with a ragged and strained voice before hanging up. Looking at his desk, he quickly moved the other two folders off his desk, making his decision.

An old lady, her appearance suggested that she was no older than 50, made the long trek to his desk.

"So you have made a decision, have you Stark," no other words were spoken, nor needed as Pepper Potts picked up the folder that would create the second Iron Man. Quietly leaving him to his own devices, Pepper carried out his last wishes as it relates to Iron Man.

Tony Stark sat in his chair as the shrapnel made the short distance to his heart, killing him. His eyes closed, as if he was ready for it.

Author's Notes:

Yes, this is for real. A genuine Eva\Iron Man crossover. I will say that the story will ignore the Civil War completely. Why? Because this story will take place using the old(60s-70s) story line(except the presence of the telepresence suit, witch appeared in Iron Man #290).

Next Time: Fourteen years later, the successor to Iron Man's mantel will finally get told the truth about everything that has been going on around him, and a given chance to do something about it.


Total Content Word Count: 649