I unfortunately have to end this here because I'm running out of ideas. Sorry it wasn't that long!

Chapter 6: The demon

"Hey, Sammy." the demon said as he came into the light. "I've been waiting for you." And with that he grabbed Sam around the neck and vanished.

Sam suddenly found himself in the clearing from his vision and he looked around the see a bloody Megan and Dean tied to a tree.

"What have you done to them?" Sam asked through clenched teeth as he stood up.

"They're fine," the demon said walking around Sam. "which is more than I can say for you." He stopped in front of Sam and smiled.

"What do you want?" Sam asked with a glare. The demon stopped smiling.

"I need you to find something for me." he said with seriousness. "It's called the corpse vial."

There was a groan from the tree where Megan and Dean were tied. "Don't listen to him, Sam." Megan gasped. The demon's eyes turned to slits as Megan and Dean began choking.

"Stop it!" Sam cried. The demon paused and looked at Sam. "I'll do it." he said resignedly. He hung his head as the demon began to laugh. Megan and Dean stopped choking and hung limp against the tree.

The demon grabbed Sam and they vanished to a cliff. Sam looked around and noticed a large cave in front of them. The opening to the cave was surrounded by strange symbols.

"Follow the path." the demon said sternly, pushing Sam towards the entrance. "Find the vial at the end and bring it back."

"That's it?" Sam asked skeptically, "Why couldn't you do this yourself?"

"Those symbols stop me from entering." he said simply, "Only the one can enter." Sam sighed and entered the cave.

The path was dark and moist, like the inside of a mouth. Sam continued down the path, feeling like someone or something was watching him.

Eventually he got to the end of the tunnel and in front of him stood a glass vial; it was sitting on top of a pile of bones. Sam shivered and climbed the pile until he got to the top. He looked around before grabbing the vial and running.

He met the demon out in front of the cave and showed him the vial. The demon smiled at it hungrily and grabbed at it. Sam took his hand away.

"I want to see my brother and Megan released safely first." he warned. The demon scowled but transported them back to the clearing. Sam went over to Dean and felt for a pulse. It was faint, but it was there.

"Now give me the vial." the demon said threateningly. Sam looked at him.

"Let them go first." the demon laughed.

"Do you think I'm idiot?" he asked.

"Give me the vial or they die." as he said this he began choking Dean and Megan again.

"Fine." Sam said as he pulled out his knife. The demon instantly released Dean and Megan. "Catch this if you can!" Sam said as he threw the vial straight up in the air. He presently began untying Dean and Megan as the demon ran for the vial. But he was too late and it cracked on the ground.

The demon gasped as a vortex opened up in the ground. Sam helped Megan and Dean out of the clearing.

"I'll get you for this Winchester!" the demon cried before he was sucked into the vortex.

Sam looked back at the spot where the demon had stood only moments before. "Let's get you too cleaned up." he said.