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Title: Heat
Rating: M for Mmmmmm...
Characters: Neji, Hinata
Word Count: 279

"Oh, Nii-san," Hinata whispered huskily. "It's so big..."

The shy heiress regarded it for a moment with wide eyes and eager hands as her tongue slipped out, just the tip of it tasting slowly, almost reverently. A low moan left her, one that Neji, sitting atop the edge of her bed, had dreamt of hearing.

He watched spellbound as Hinata leaned forward, capturing the creamy liquid between parted lips and drawing it into her hot and waiting mouth. Another moan slipped out, this one more wanton than the last, as she obligingly swallowed the precious milky white drops. Neji could feel a burning heat shoot straight to his toes.

"Mmm, Nii-san, you don't know how long I've been waiting for this," she cried hoarsely, tucking some errant strands of navy-hued locks behind her ear as she worshipped his gift more vigorously. Neji groaned, wiping the sweat from his brow.

"Slower, Hinata-sama," he choked out. "And shh, no talking."

"Mmm... But it's so good," she rasped erotically, as she licked and slurped fervently.

The room was silent, save for her hedonistic cries of self-indulgent bliss. After a while, the thoroughly sticky and sated Hyuuga finally lifted her doe eyes and saw her cousin, eyes screwed shut, face-aflame, fanning himself.

"You look uncomfortable, Nii-san. Are you hot? Did you want some?" Hinata asked, pro-offering what remained of her vanilla ice cream cone.

"No, thanks," Neji mumbled, trying to make the strain in his voice (and the tent in his pants) less evident. He realized that after watching Hinata, it would take more than ice cream to cool him off. Maybe something within the realm of an ice-cold shower.

Damn her tonsillitis.

LOL, the only good thing about having your tonsils removed is the ice cream... But hell, how is ice cream NOT erotic? The romantic aspects of this fic are depicted from Hinata's obvious love for the cold treat. If you've noticed already, I tend to use ice cream as innuendo pretty damn frequently. XD

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