Chapter 8

Meeting Tiffany's Parents

About two hours pass by and Tiffany looks at the clock on the wall and it shows 5:39 and she says," Oh crap! I told my mom that I was gonna come home early, I need a ride." Then Chucky says," Alright babe, lets go, Eddie you wanna come?" Then Eddie says," Well yeah, my van is still getting worked on." And Chucky grabs the remote and turns off the T.V., next he rolls up the blue prints and gets up off the couch and goes back into the hall way and puts it into the box and picks up the box and puts it into the hallway closet, next he goes back into the living room and walks up to the door that they came through earlier and he opens it and outside it is dark and Chucky goes outside and Eddie and Tiffany follow behind and Eddie and Tiffany get into the car and Chucky locks the door and he walks to the driver's side of the car and he opens the door and gets inside and he closes the door and puts the keys in the ignition and ht turns them and the car starts and Chucky pulls the gearshift to reverse and he puts his foot on the accelerator and the car backs out of the carport and onto the road, next Chucky puts his foot on the break and pulls the gearshift to drive and he puts his foot on the accelerator and the car goes down the road and Chucky says," So where do you live?" And Tiffany says," Willowbank." Then Eddie says," Willowbank? Damn that's a rich neighborhood!" And Tiffany says," Yeah, but the neighbors are such asswipes." And Chucky continues to drive. A few minutes later Chucky stops the car in front of a house with siding that has dark marks where on the sides of the windows where shudders used to be and Eddie gets out of the car and closes the door and walks up to the passenger side of the car wear Tiffany is sitting and pokes his head through the window and says," I'll see what I can do tomorrow see ya." And he pulls his head out of the window. Then Chucky says,"Yeah." And Chucky puts his foot really hard on the accelerator and the car zooms off onto the road and Eddie walks to his house. Meanwhile Chucky is driving Tiffany to Willowbank, and few minutes later Chucky gets to the neighborhood and turns on the street and Chucky says," So what house is it?" And Tiffany says," It's on Peterson Drive and it's a huge white house." Chucky spots Peterson Drive and he turns the steering wheel and the car turns on the street and Tiffany spots the house and she points at it and says," That's it." And Chucky turns the steering wheel and the car goes to the side of the road in front of the house and Chucky pulls the gearshift to park and Chucky turns the keys in the ignition off and Chucky says," So your mom wanted to meet me?" Then Tiffany says," Yeah, she always wants me to do stuff that I don't want to do, I seriously don't like her, but lets go." And Tiffany gets out of the car and Chucky gets out also and they both close there doors and they both walk up the side walk and they get to the door and Chucky pushes the doorbell and the doorbell is heard from inside the house, next the door opens and a man with short brown hair, wearing glasses on his face and he is wearing a sweater and khaki pants, and he sees Tiffany and says," Tiffany your mom said something about meeting someone." And he looks at Chucky and puts his hand out and says," I'm Tiffany's father, you can call me Mr. Jim." And Chucky shakes Mr. Jim's hand and Mr. Jim says," Come in, it's pretty cold outside." Chucky and Tiffany walk inside and Mr. Jim closes the door and Mr. Jim says," Well you two have a seat until your mother comes down." And Chucky and Tiffany walk to a loveseat and sit down and Mr. Jim sits in a single seat and Mr. Jim says," So what's your name?" Then Chucky says," Well, my real name is Charles Lee Ray, but people call me Chucky." And Mr. Jim replies," Okay then, I'll call you Chucky, so who is your father?" Next Chucky says," His name is Richard Ray, and he works at the nuclear plant." And Mr. Jim says," Hmm, what about your mother?" Then Chucky says," She died." And Mr. Jim says," I'm sorry." Next a woman with black hair comes from downstairs and Chucky gets up from the loveseat and the woman walks up to Chucky and says," Hello, I'm Mrs. Victoria and you must be Chucky." And she shakes Chucky's hand and sits in a chair that is next to Mr. Jim's chair. Next Mr. Jim says," How do you know?" And Mrs. Victoria says," Tiffany called me up earlier today and told me about him." And Mr. Jim says," Oh okay, so Chucky where are you from?" Then Chucky says," I've been living hear since I was a little kid." Next Mr. Victoria says," Well, we just moved here from Trenton, New Jersey and we still haven't gotten some of the things unpacked." Then Mr. Jim says," So Chucky what are you planning after high school? Military, Law School, Medical School, any of those?" And Chucky says," I'm not sure what I want to do now." Then Mrs. Victoria says," Well do you have a job?" And Chucky says," Yeah, at the John's Theatre, it's not far from here." Then Mrs. Victoria says," Okay, well that sounds great." And she gives a cheesy smile and Mr. Jim looks at the clock on the wall and it shows 6:15 and Mr. Jim says," Well Chucky it was nice meeting you." And Tiffany looks at Mr. Jim and everybody stands up and Mr. Jim shakes Chucky's hand and Chucky and Mr. Jim walk to the door and Mr. Jim opens it and Chucky says," Well, it was nice to meet you." And Chucky walks out the door and Mr. Jim closes the door and Chucky says," Those damn fuckers!" And he walks to his car and walks to the driver's side and opens the door and gets inside and starts the car and drives off. Mr. Jim walks away from the curtain and says," Thank God he is gone." Then Tiffany says," Why did you just get rid of him just like that?!" And Mrs. Victoria says," Honey we're trying to protect you." Next Tiffany says," From what?!" Then Mr. Jim says," From him, he looks like he would be a serial killer and end up in prison." And Mrs. Victoria says," Yeah he creeps me out." Next Tiffany replies," But I love him!" And Mrs. Victoria says," No you don't, you only just met him, and were not going to let you throw your life away with some long haired idiot who will end up getting you pregnant." Then Tiffany says," Why are you doing this to me?!" And Mrs. Victoria says," We're doing this because we love you sweetie, now you can go to the prom, but only if it's with a clean cut young man that we approve of." Next Tiffany replies," I will never forgive you for this, I hate you!" And Tiffany runs upstairs into a room and slams the door. Mr. Jim says," So, Vicky did we do the right thing, by not letting he go with him?" And Mrs. Victoria says," Yes Jim, she doesn't need him, he's bad news for her." Then Mr. Jim says," I remember when Jerri was that age." And Mrs. Victoria says," Yeah, she tried to bring home Joe." Next Mr. Jim says," Yeah, and now she is engaged to Mark." And Mr. Jim puts his hand on Mrs. Victoria's arm and he rubs his hand up and down her arm.