He could tell it was morning by the sounds the birds were making; they were only this loud between sunrise and ten. Judging by the light that was filtering through the trees around him it would have to be the latter.

Sam Winchester groaned as he opened his eyes and took in his surroundings.

He was lying on his back in a clearing, judging by the stiffness in his muscles he had probably lain that way for several hours. He rolled over slowly, muscles protesting loudly at the strain.


The good news was: Dean was there, breathing deeply as he lay face down in the dirt. The bags with their weapons were also there with them, but that was it.

The bad news was the fact that they were laying in the middle of a fairy ring. The mushrooms and toadstools arced out gracefully around them in a mockingly perfect way.

Sam pounded his fist into the earth. No,no,no,no,nonononono…

"NO!" Sam screamed to the heavens, praying it wasn't true.

Dean's eyes snapped open as he launched to his feet, he spun around in a quick circle, searching for the danger.

"What?!" He barked missing the problem entirely.

Sam looked up at him blinking slowly, his body slowly shaking with, laughter?

"Dude, Sammy, what's wrong?" Dean ordered looking down at his little brother. Sam just laughed harder, but now Dean could tell the difference. This wasn't 'I'm laughing because it's funny' laugh, it was more of an 'I'm laughing, because if I don't I'll be crying' sort of laugh. Oh shit, this is gonna be real bad, isn't it.

"Look at your feet," Sam choked out pointing loosely finally getting the laughter under control.

Dean looked down at his feet to see the stomped on remains of part of the fairy ring. He had never seen one in person , until last night that is, but it didn't take a genius to figure it out.

"Frickin' Fairies," Dean cursed loudly before sitting down on the ground, hard. There was a moment of silence "So what do you think they did to us?" Dean asked as he picked up part of a toadstool and threw it at Sam's shoe. Sam sighed heavily.

"Last thing I remember was a lot of white light and singing along with a considerable lump on the back of my head," Sam muttered throwing the toadstool back at Dean hitting him in the pant leg.

"So, either we're in fairy land, another time, another place, or another dimension," Dean ticked off on his fingers before chucking the toadstool again and hitting Sam in the shoulder.

"Judging by the trees and underbrush around here I would guess that we were transported to another place, these types of evergreens aren't found in any part or America," Sam rattled off gesturing around him.

"What about Canada, geek boy?" Dean asked picking up another mushroom and throwing it at Sam. Sam ignored him and furrowed his brow thinking hard as he looked up at the massive trees.

"Northern Europe maybe, looks similar to something I studied at Stanford, but not quite the same," Sam finished frowning. Dean looked at his brothers face, confused geek boy was not a good thing, not good at all.

"How do they look different?"

"The trees look older than they should, modern logging should have taken care of any old growth forests like this. That is unless were so far from civilization that no one has ever seen these woods," Sam shrugged and he pushed himself to his feet. Dean followed suit and heaved himself to his feet and grabbed his bag.

"So geek boy," Dean sighed as Sam slung his pack over his shoulder, "Which way will lead us to civilization?" Sam spun in a slow circle taking in key factors for the problem.

"Well, we seem to be up on the side of a rather large hill and there's another hill over there, so I figure we go down into the valley that they make and try to find and follow a water source," Sam muttered pointing in general directions before starting off down the hill.

"Frickin' fairies," Dean muttered hiking his pack into a better position and trudging after Sam.